Ford Reports U.S. Sales of 915,820 Vehicles, down 8.1% in the First Half 2022

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    [​IMG] The Blue Ovals EV sales totaled 4,353 in June, a 76.6 percent increase over 2021.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – July 1, 2022

    2023 Ford F-150 Lightning

    Taking a short break with the Lightning while overlooking the vastness of Austin, TX Hill Country.​

    In its first half sales report, Ford indicated its total U.S. share in June expanded to 12.9 percent as its sales outperformed the industry. Overall industry June sales were down 11 percent. Despite ongoing industry semiconductor chip and supply constraints, Ford is hinting at a more positive outlook going forward.

    Overall, Ford including both Ford and Lincoln sold 915,820 vehicles in the first half of 2022, down 8.1 percent from the 996,661 sold through the same period of 2021.

    In June, Ford pickup sales including F-Series, Ranger and Maverick were up 26.3 percent vs June of 2021. Ford’s total pickup share gained approximately 7 percentage points over last year – at 29 percent in June. This is the

    highest share of any brand in the total pickup segment.

    Sales of Ford electric vehicles in June jumped 76.6 percent from a year ago, totaling 4,353 for the month. Going into July, both F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E dealer stock is finally showing an increase in supply - higher than last month, positioning both for a stronger July sales month.

    Ford’s combined portfolio of EVs including the F-150 Lightning, Mustang Mach-E and E-Transit are picking off competitors at a rate over 70 percent. In June, Ford brand is second only to Tesla in U.S. EVs.

    Mustang Mach-E achieved first half sales of 17,675, up 36.2 percent over the 12,975 sold through the same period of 2021.

    Maverick achieved excellent first half sales of 38,753. There was no Maverick available in 2021.

    F-Series achieved first half sales of 299,345, down 17.3 percent from the 362,032 sold through the same period of 2021. Highly elevated fuel prices surely took a piece of the F-150s @$$ this year.

    All-in, let us hope Ford can find the raw materials and supplier parts to increase those HEV/PHEV/BEV sales going forward.

    U.S. Big 8 OEM First Half 2022 Sales Results
    1. GM Q2 2022 YTD Sales of 1,095,247 vehicles, Off 11.7% Yet Market Share Improves
    2. Ford Reports U.S. Sales of 915,820 Vehicles, down 8.1% in the First Half 2022
    3. FCA/Stellantis Reports U.S. Sales of 813,742 Vehicles, down 14.8% in the First Half 2022
    4. Honda Reports U.S. Sales of 506,207 Vehicles, down 39.3% in the First Half of 2022
    5. Nissan Reports U.S. Sales of 362,447 Vehicles, down 33.7% in the First Half of 2022
    6. Hyundai Reports U.S. Sales of 343,867 Vehicles, down 15.6% in the First Half of 2022
    7. Kia Reports U.S. Sales of 333,340 Vehicles, down 11.9% in the First Half of 2022
    8. Subaru Reports U.S. Sales of 263,795 Vehicles, down 17.9% in the First Half of 2022
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    Ford’s Q2 Earnings More than Triple

    [​IMG] Ford’s 2022 Q2 results were upbeat to put it mildly.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – July 27, 2022

    2023 Ford F-150 Lightning

    Good choice for work and fun. ;)

    On Wednesday, Ford reported that its adjusted operating income more than tripled with EBIT of $3.7 billion vs the $1.1 billion from a year ago as margins improved significantly to 9.3% from 3.9% a year ago.

    Its top and bottom lines beat analysts’ expectations with revenue of $40.2 billion vs the $34.32 billion expected and adjusted EPA of: 68 cents, vs the 45 cents expected.

    That revenue result of $40.2 billion was up 50 percent vs $26.8 billion reached in Q2 of 2021. It also reported adjusted free cash flow of $3.6 billion, compared to negative free cash flow of $5.1 billion a year ago.

    Even accounting for the Blue Oval’s downtrodden Rivian holdings being marked down by $2.4 billion, Ford’s net of $667 million beat the $561 million achieved in the same Q2 of 2021.

    Regarding full year guidance, Ford’s CFO John Lawler said that despite inflation headwinds, Ford is standing by its previous guidance of an adjusted EBIT of $11.5 billion to $12.5 billion for the year, which would represent 15% to 25% growth.

    Within the report, Ford stated, "Other inflationary pressures continuing to affect a broad range of costs – now expected to total about $3 billion for the year, up roughly $1 billion from what the company envisioned a quarter ago."

    Ford sold 2,296 F-150 Lightning all-electric pickups since it went on sale in late May, with total EV sales in June hitting 4,353, a 76.6% rise versus a year ago.

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    Hi All:

    From F's excellent Q2 to its 5-year stock price chart.

    The Yahoo Finance Ford Chart is hyperlinked. ;)

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    Ford Reports July 2022 Sales

    [​IMG] Ford’s EV sales were up 168.7%, led by Mach-E (+74.1%) and F-150 Lightning - best-month since launch.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Aug. 3, 2022

    2022 Ford Mach-E

    It is not rocket science. Or maybe it is. ;)

    Ford is America’s no. 1 brand in July as EV sales outpace segment and the F-Series is the world’s #1 pickup.

    On improved inventory flow, Ford for the second month in a row is the only major automaker to produce sales gains. Ford July sales grew 36.6 percent, vs. an industry down 10.5 percent. July 2022 sales of 163,942 were up 36.6 percent over the 120,053 sold in July of 2021. July of 2021 sales were down 31.8 percent, so it was an easy comparison month. That said, YTD sales of 1,079,762 were down just 3.3% compared to the 1,116,714 sold through the same period of 2021. That is an excellent result vs the rest of the industry as Ford’s market share hit 13.9 percent, up 1.0 percent from June.

    Sales of Ford Hybrid vehicles increased 35.3 percent in July, placing the Ford brand second in hybrid vehicle sales only to Toyota. F-150 Hybrid sales totaled 4,364 vehicles, while Maverick Hybrid sales totaled 2,153 trucks.

    F-Series (incl. Lightning) sales in July reached 63,341, up 21.1 percent compared to the 52,314 sold in July of 2021. YTD sales of 362,686 were down a more normal industry falloff of 12.5 percent vs the 414,346 sold through the same 7-months of 2021.

    The supply constrained F-150 Lightning (electric) was picked up by 2,173 new owners last month and 4,469 in its first two months of sales.

    The Mustang Mach-E reached a more substantial 4,970 new owners drives, up 74.1 percent over the 2,854 sold in July of 2021. YTD sales of 22,645 are up 43.1 percent over the 15,829 sold through the same period of 2021.

    Ford’s overall share of the electric vehicle reached a record 10.9 percent compared to 7.3 percent in Q2 and 4.4 percent in Q1 of this year. Combined, Mustang Mach-E, F-150. Ford now ranks as America’s second bestselling EV brand behind just Tesla.
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