Electrify America (EA) Announces EV Charging Network Backed by 100% Renewable Energy

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    Hi All:

    Electrify America DCFC in Jamestown, ND

    Pricing detail.​

    It does not look that busy as their has been 6 of 6 available all morning and two, $0.37/KWh is a bit steep on Pass while Pass+ offers users a discount to $0.28/KWh. Pass+ adds a $7 monthly charge for those that charge more frequently.

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    Hi Wayne,

    A while ago, I figured out some cost points at different per minute rates and charge rate. It was interesting to see how per minute rates compared to per kWh, and when the charge curve drops below the cost effective level.

    Hope this is useful to someone. The current per kWh rates I'll likely see are in the neighborhood of $0.40/kWh!

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    Man, I’m sure glad I’m retired. As I’ve said over & over, I’m patient, have no schedule to keep & will delightedly charge on L2 charging, that often is FREE. Yeah, yeah, I know. I’ll be only able to charge at a savings of $1 (maximum?) per hour. To most people those savings are just not desirable for go-go travelers. However, a number of L2 charging sites are fairly near areas I WANT to be, for walking & exploring.
    AND of course, to people used to ICE & fossil-fuel costs, $1 per hour couldn’t pay for fuel for the paltry petrol cost-distances envisioned. However, EVs can travel 100 to 130 miles on $3 worth of electricity. Yes, I’ll be happy.
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    Electrify America Debuts First Upscale Indoor DCFC Station in San Francisco

    [​IMG] Could this be the future of DCFCing?

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Feb. 7, 2024


    Located two blocks from the Bay Bridge, the indoor charging station provides easy access for EV drivers visiting the South Market (SoMa) neighborhood. It features 20 350 kW hyper-fast chargers. While waiting for their vehicles to charge, customers can make use of the dedicated temperature-controlled lounge areas with food and beverage vending options, complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi and restrooms.

    With a focus on the customer experience, the all-new indoor charging station offers EV drivers 24/7 access, round-the-clock monitoring and security, and a lounge area providing customers with comfort and convenience amenities, in addition to 20 of Electrify America’s next-generation chargers.


    In 2022, Electrify America introduced "The Charging Station of the Future, Today" concept to create comfortable spaces to enhance the EV driver experience.

    Electrify America already has outdoor flagship charging stations in Baker and Santa Clara, California, that have ten or more chargers. The station on Harrison Street is the first station in the Electrify America network to reflect its strategy to build larger stations to meet the growing demand of EV drivers. Electrify America will continue this transition with new flagship charging facilities planned in metro areas nationwide.


    Harrison Street Electrify America Station Facts
    • First-of-its-kind indoor charging station
    • 20 Hyper-fast (350 kW) chargers
    • Two temperature-controlled lounge areas with food and beverage vending options
    • Complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi
    • Open 24/7 with round-the-clock monitoring and security
    • Two restrooms with baby changing stations
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    Hi All:

    While I waited for over 18-months from the initial announcement that the first station in ND would open - Jamestown, ND, the second opened up just a few weeks after with little fanfare and even less notice.

    Electrify America DCFC in Grand Forks, ND

    Just $0.37/kWh on the basic plan and $0.28/kWh on the Pass Plus too. ;)

    From what I am reading online, they are quickly upgrading their underperforming cabinets with new power modules and it is moving the reliability and consistency needle more than just a little. I cannot wait to check them out in person!

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  6. xcel

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    Hi All:

    Moving forward, in May of 2023, the Electrify America network celebrated its fifth anniversary of its first installed and working high speed DCFC charging station. In those five years, the company has grown logarithmically paralleling the industry as thousands of BEV owners come to rely on the company’s hyper-fast charging experiences.

    At the start of 2024, their North America network had over 900 stations and 4,000 total chargers in the United States and Canada and experienced year-over-year increases expressed by the doubling of the number of charging sessions each of the last three years.

    They expect 2024 to be one of their best years as with continued expansion and updates to their network including the very latest charger hardware, open larger charging stations to meet the demand for public DC fast charging and expand Plug&Charge payment technology. The following infographic highlights their progress.


    Let us hope the reliability and charging performance continues to improve as the upgraded HW is installed.

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  7. Trollbait

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    The enclosed charging just feels like a waste of building materials. Space for twenty cars isn't a small structure. Covered spaces for shade and PV mounting can give most of the benefits. A lounge space can add revenue potential, but can be stand alone. Fully enclosed could be of benefit in places with harsh winters to protect the chargers.
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  8. litesong

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    Space for 20+ foot long, 7 foot high, & wide vehicles would take a large structure. Space for 20 of my old 12 foot long, narrow & not tall Ford Festivas, not so much. Even the room needed for sub-14foot long Chevy Bolts, not too bad. People who buy big vehicles, seldom think about the problems big vehicles cause.
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    Electrify America’s Commercial 350 kW DCFC Infrastructure Expands By One

    [​IMG] Milestone HD DCFC Charging Infrastructure Project including Microgrid with energy storage and solar enhances commercial charging resiliency and sustainability.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Feb. 27, 2024


    Electrify America and NFI just announced the grand opening of NFI’s state-of-the-art DCFC facility in Ontario, CA. Supporting NFI’s fleet of 50 heavy-duty all-electric trucks, the project advances the electrification of drayage operations between the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The new charging facility will feature roughly 7 megawatts of charging capacity shared across 38 chargers, with 350 kW rate DCFCers for trucks so equipped.

    NFI collaborated with Electrify America and Southern California Edison to energize its electric charging depot at its warehouse facility in Ontario, California, completing a crucial milestone in the electrification of NFI's dedicated port drayage services. NFI's newly inaugurated electric truck maintenance shop at the site is also operational.

    NFI’s battery-electric fleet is used to run routes from Ontario to the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, performing drayage operations and delivering products to warehouses in Southern California – for customers spanning from manufacturing to retail. Its fleet of Freightliner eCascadia and Volvo VNR Electric trucks typically runs two port pickups per day, per truck, for an average of 220 miles driven between being recharged.

    When fully completed later this year, the depot will be coupled with nearly four megawatts (nearly eight megawatt-hours) of onsite battery energy storage and approximately 1 megawatt of solar power, helping to promote vehicle-grid integration and reduce stress on the grid by shifting energy usage to off-peak times. The charging depot will also feature microgrid functionality – allowing for charging resiliency for fleet operations even when utility power is otherwise unavailable. The capability of the cumulative charging, energy storage, and solar power capacity at the charging depot exceeds the reported peak load of the Empire State Building at roughly 10 megawatts.

    Electrify America and NFI’s new initiative will continue efforts to address the negative impact of emissions.

    In addition to NFI and Electrify America’s investments, the project is funded by the Joint Electric Truck Scaling Initiative (JETSI) between the California Air Resources Board, California Energy Commission, Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee, Port of Long Beach, Southern California Edison, and South Coast Air Quality Management District.
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  11. litesong

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    Its good to see that VW is finally doing more than the bare minimum at VW EV chargers, that US EPA said VW had to do to keep thousands of VW employees out of jail.

    At least, VW SAYS they are, whether VW does or doesn't.
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