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Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by billy, May 23, 2022.

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    billy Well-Known Member looking good. I bought this L ECO model new at Rodland Toyota in Everett, WA. Already have 221,000 miles....driving as a document courier 7 days a week. Now putting on 2,150 miles per week average.

    Previously I had done lots of city rideshare work, but no more. In city, I could average 84 mpg in warmer months. Now my lifetime MPG has gone down to 80.45, as I am mostly on the freeway. I have returned to many of the freeway hypermile methods I used years ago with my Honda Insights. And in this Prius, I spend a lot of time coasting in neutral.

    50 lbs air in the stock tires, slowing down to 55 MPH most of time in right lane, looking WAY ahead to the next stoplight using momentum driving, sometimes high speed pulse & glide, and following every tip from the fabulous Wayne Gerdes.

    These techniques greatly help to reduce the impact of the super high gas prices....
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