2013 Elantra vs. 2016 Elantra, Wheel Wells

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    May 18, 2022:
    Gas prices ARE coming down. If they come down further, I want to take a drive to Eastern Washington with my gas cans. However, the lowest gas prices are in Western Washington, whereas Eastern Washington traditionally had the lower prices. If I planned right tho, with my full tank now, I could drive to Eastern Washington on the Scenic Washington state Loop & upon returning to Western Washington, fill at the low-priced $3.85 Western Washington gas station. That’s a PLAN! Hey, gasoline, come down in price some more.
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    Are you interested in saving gas or burning it ?
    You retired guys have lots of free time.
  3. litesong

    litesong litesong

    Edwin, I’ll take that as a joke. :D I’m sorry you aren’t retired like me.

    Many people think of the city, town, or home they possess as their residence. When I was 7 years old & had my first bicycle, I considered my county & the next county as my place of residence. Our family never had much money, but that bicycle, later, a 10 speed, & my feet, let me explore MY LAND. When I got a car & later a motorcycle, Washington state & Oregon became MY LAND. At one point, the whole western US, was becoming MY LAND. My job compromised my health & earned income from an early age, but MY LAND remained MY LAND, to explore with the finances I could scrape together.
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