2022 Kentucky Derby Winner “Rich Strike”

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    Wow!!! 80/1 odds “Rich Strike”(replacing another horse scratched from the field) wins the Kentucky Derby, beating all the rich big wigs (who were probably corrupt). “Rich Strike”, a claiming horse in September 2021 for $30,000, started in the 20(21?) horse field & was at times 3rd or 4th horse…..FROM THE BACK. The pace at the front of the field was the fastest(?) early pace ever. Beginning a steady advance through the “pasture” of horseflesh, at one point “Rich Strike” had a clear space among all the surrounding horses…..& continued to advance. In the clear space, new Kentucky Derby jockey Sonny Leon maneuvered “Rich Strike” to the fence on the inside & continued to advance. By this point, the fast initial pace sent all(?) the lead horses backward. Only 2 horses remained who looked to be the only candidates to be able to win. Finally, “Rich Strike” ran out of clear space, as he moved up on another horse on the fence. Subtly, Sonny eased “Rich Strike” just outside the horse in front of him on the inside…..& continued to advance, moving between 2 horses. “Rich Strike” was easily seen to be moving with quicker strides than all the other horses & moved past the horse on the fence. Now in 3rd place, Sonny re-established “Rich Strike” on the fence with a pace that never faltered. Tho the lead 2 horses were pacing quickly, “Rich Strike” handily eased up to the leaders with 200 yards to go. “Rich Strike” continued forward & won the race by 3/4ths of a length.
    For $30,000, “Rich Strike” won its lucky new owners $1.8+ million, is the 2nd longest odds horse to win the Derby & is the only horse remaining who can win the Triple Crown this year.
    I love it when rich people lose & poor people win!!!!!!!!
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    How many of those "poor people" actually won ? Habitual gamblers usually don't say how much they LOST in a year.
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    Actually, they weren’t “official” gamblers dealing only in money. They were people dealing in horses. They saw something special in “Rich Strike” that no one else saw, to put down $30,000 in the claiming race. They also obtained a good trainer. From looking at the racing film, Sonny Leon looks to be one great jockey with a gentle, subtle touch. He did a superb job riding “Rich Strike” to victory. Hope he can build a great career. Yeah, people who can put multiple facets together to become winners aren’t habitual gamblers. They are called Winners. Hope they can do more!

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