GM and Honda Set to Codevelop Affordable EVs Targeting the Most Popular Segments

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    GM and Honda announced plans to expand the two companies’ relationship by codeveloping a series of "AFFORDABLE" BEVs based on GMs next-generation Ultium battery technology.


    GM and Honda are working together to enable global production of millions of BEVs starting in 2027, including a compact crossover, leveraging the two companies’ technology, design and sourcing strategies. The companies will also work toward standardizing equipment and processes to achieve world-class quality, higher throughput and greater affordability. The compact CUV currently experiences volumes of more than 13 million vehicles annually.

    GM and Honda also will discuss future EV battery technology collaboration to drive down the cost of electrification, improve performance and drive sustainability for future vehicles.

    GM is already working to accelerate new technologies like lithium-metal, silicon and solid-state batteries, along with production methods that can quickly be used to improve and update battery cell manufacturing processes. Honda is making progress on its all-solid-state battery technology which the company sees as the core element of future EVs. Honda has established a demonstration line in Japan for all-solid-state batteries and is making further progress toward mass-production.

    GM and Honda have developed a close working relationship over many years, including several projects in recent years focused on electric and autonomous vehicle technologies. In 2013, the two companies began working together on the co-development of a next-generation fuel cell system and hydrogen storage technologies. In 2018, Honda joined GM’s EV battery module development efforts. In 2020, GM and Honda announced plans to codevelop two EVs, including the Honda Prologue, to be launched in early 2024, soon followed by Acura’s first EV SUV. The two companies have an ongoing relationship with Cruise and are working together on the development of the Cruise Origin, one of the first purpose-built fully autonomous vehicles designed for driverless ride-hail and delivery.
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