Kia and Currently Mobile Charging Service to “Recharge” EVs

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    Kia is partnering with Currently mobile charging service to provide its EV owners with an on-demand concierge service now available in three important California markets: LA, San Fran, and San Jose. Based on customer reception of this program, future expansion to cities around the country will be considered.

    The program aims to make full EV ownership more convenient and reduce potential for range anxiety. From now until April 30th, participation is offered at no cost to customers in these cities for an opportunity to use the app-based mobile charging service when requested. To utilize the program, Kia EV owners will need to download the Currently app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play and create an account. The service will then allow drivers to set time and location for a Currently technician to arrive and charge their vehicle up to 3 times every week for 2 months. Owners of these vehicles should review the terms and conditions on Currently’s website for additional details.

    As Kia expands its portfolio of electrified vehicles, the automaker is constantly searching for new ways to enhance the ownership experience and expand consideration amongst new customers. This association with Currently will help make the buying decision clearer for those looking for more sustainable and suitable mobility options.

    Currently is the first mobile charging service operating in the US. Currently subscribers choose the time, location, and amount of charge they would like to receive, and a Currently Delivery Technician delivers the charge via mobile charger. Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, and Dallas are now being served by Currently with plans to expand into other cities in 2022. Currently.
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