Porsche’s Q1 Update: By 2030, 80+ Percent of Production Will Be All-Electric

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    [​IMG] Based on the exceptional demand for the Award winning and record holding Taycan, Porsche is going all in with all-electrics. :)

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – March 18, 2022

    Porsche Taycan Turbo S at Niagara Falls


    Here is a ridiculous thought experiment about power, energy, and how far you can drive an electric vehicle on it. :D :D :D Please check my math at your earliest convenience to make sure.
    • Niagara Falls generates a total of 4.9 GW of Power between the US and Canadian Power Stations
    • There are 8,760 hours in a year
    • Over a year, 42.924 TWh of Energy is generated
    • 42.924 TWh = 42,924 GWh = 42,924,000 MWh = 42,924,000,000 KWh
    • A Porsche Taycan takes 85 KWh to charge from flat to full and provides 225-miles of range
    • Niagara Falls 42.924 TWh output over a full year could charge a Taycan 505 million times or enough to drive 113 billion miles
    • The distance from the Sun to Pluto is 3.7 billion miles
    • A Porsche Taycan could be driven from the Sun to Pluto and back 15 times with the energy generated in just one year from Niagara Falls ;)
    Stuttgart, Germany -- Over the past year, Porsche has again become one of the world’s most profitable automobile OEMs with new all-time high sales revenue and operating profit.

    Sales in 2021 were $36.6 billion USD, $4.8 billion more than the previous year, representing growth of 15 percent (previous year's sales: $31.8 billion USD). Operating profit was $5.9 billion USD, exceeding the previous year's figure by $1.2 billion (up 27 percent). Porsche generated an operating return on sales of an almost unheard-of 16.0 percent up 1.4 percent over 2020.

    Net cash flow grew by $1.66 billion USD to $4.1 billion USD in 2021 over the $2.4-billion USD in 2020.

    Porsche has increased its efficiency and lowered their vehicles break-even point providing the ability to invest in the future of the company despite the tense economic situation experienced by all OEMs globally.
    In 2021, Porsche delivered 301,915 vehicles worldwide, up 10.9 percent over the 272,162 sold in 2020. This is the first time in company history that 300,000 Porsche’s have been sold in any given year ever!

    Delivery figures for the all-electric Taycan more than doubled to 41,296. This sales result is even higher the iconic
    911 sports car, although the latter also set a record with 38,464 vehicles delivered.

    Porsche Taycan Powered by the Sun


    In addition, Porsche had announced its intention to be carbon-neutral by 2030.

    To achieve these ambitious goals, Porsche is investing in premium charging stations together with partners – and additionally in its own charging infrastructure. Further extensive investments are flowing into core technologies such as battery systems and module production. In the newly founded Cellforce Group, high-performance battery
    cells are being developed and produced that are expected to be ready for production by 2024.

    In 2021, Porsche increased its deliveries in all global sales regions. The highest-volume individual market was unfortunately China. With almost 96,000 deliveries, sales were up 8 percent compared to 2020. Porsche grew rapidly in North America as well. In the U.S., sales reached more than 70,000 vehicles, up an even more impressive 22 percent.
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    Not going to check your math, but man what a good looking car.
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    Yes , it is. But those wheels ? !
    3 out of 4 pimps in my neighborhood think it's fly.
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    You know the pimps in your neighborhood!? & to think…..they confide in you! You’re full of wonders! :eek:
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