Chevrolet’s 2024 Equinox EV!

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    [​IMG] The General finally looks to be targeting the mainstream buyer!

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Mar. 1, 2022

    2023 Chevrolet Equinox EV

    A fantastic looking front end!​

    Chevrolet is getting ready to expand its already robust near-term future lineup with yet another EV announcement. This time, the Equinox EV will be released in the fall of 2023 as a 2024 MY compact CUV.

    The most interesting item regarding this announcement is that it is a compact CUV that everyone seems to be in love with and it should become available with a $30,000 MSRP! Like all GM pronouncements as of late, take that retail with a grain of salt. With the $7,500 Fed TC having sunset a while back, $30k for this looks to be a stunning deal. Except the $30k model will probably be an unavailable stripped LT trim with 225-miles of range while the RS (shown) will be $75k with 350 to 400-miles of range if it follows the Silverado EV pricing announcements.

    2023 Chevrolet Equinox EV

    This interior looks modern, appealing, comfortable and very driver centric.​

    The Equinox EV will be launched with both “fleet and retail” versions, including LT and RS trims, and will be yet another shell placed on GM’s Ultium Platform.

    2023 Chevrolet Equinox EV

    The Equinox always had a nice look rear end. This one is no different. ;)

    The announcement of the Equinox EV comes on the heels of Chevy’s reveal of the 2024 Silverado EV and confirmation of the Blazer EV SUV, which will be available in the spring 2023. Let us hope GM gets this one right as I would love to have one in my drive for a week or more. ;)
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    It's not a "real" car until it shows up on the dealership lot. You might get in a bit if trouble
    for holding a gun to the dealer's head ( the only way he will order those less profitable models).

    Excuse me while I go to Bill Kay Nissan to get my $500 deposit I gave them last summer for a "stripped" Leaf.
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    If by some chance I find that unicorn at a Chevy dealership for $30K , I might buy one.
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    I remember checking inventory for the Trailblazer in the elusive "L" trim, with MSRP $19995. Little leaf-blower motor driving only the front wheels through a fan belt, any color you like as long as it's white or silver, and little else. Although there was no interest in purchase, I wanted to see how many of these widely advertised unicorns were floating around. At the time I looked, there were two in the USA, and neither were near any populated area. Best guess is they were ordered for local businesses to use as delivery carts, and everything shows as dealer inventory until the deal is closed.

    Based on that experience, I suspect two samples of the $30k EVquinox will be available at Chevrolet of Somewhere In A CARB State, resplendent in Summit White appliance paint with Dead Mouse Gray burlap seating surfaces, ready to roll off the lot on their silver steelies adorned with plastic hubcaps.

    Of course, that commercial-spec stripped vehicle would be perfect for me. Basic paint that can be touched up with white-out, license plate frame stating, "As you can tell... I really like strippers" affixed to the dark gray matte plastic bumper surface, interior plastics that look like formica so you don't worry about minor scuffs, and only one drive wheel wearing the cheapest,skinniest LRR tire the manufacturer could find.
    And if I can find one, I'd get a window decal that says, "Don't bother stealing me. I only have 20 miles of range left and I take four hours to charge at a station that's 30 miles away".
    Another must-have for any EV I would own: Get a decal made to stick on the rear hatch. It'd be a simple pair of hand-prints and text underneath that says "EV Range Extender... Push Here".
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    And who doesn't like strippers ? I think my mate might frown upon the license plate frame.
    Also , I'm really not that fussy about color, but I don't want white. Is that a racist thing to say ?

    And my Prius has plastic wheel covers ( on alloys ) , so that's not an issue. And regardless what a LOT of Americans say......
    225 miles of range is plenty for Edwin.
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