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    [​IMG] The U.S. winegrowing communities sustainability mission is alive and well with Ford EVs – E-transit and Lighting, charging, and telematics services.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Jan. 26, 2022

    Ford Pro and the Electric Vehicles of the Future

    They are here today.​

    Ford Pro and the Sonoma County Winegrowers, a group of more than 1,800 grape farmers in Northern California, are launching a pilot program that will add Ford F-150 Lightning Pro pickups, E-Transit cargo vans, and Ford Pro Intelligence products and services to three pilot farms in Sonoma County, one of the world’s most renowned wine regions.

    The heart of the mission is to demonstrate how electric vehicles and web-based fleet management tools can have a positive impact on the agriculture industry in terms of increasing productivity, improving sustainability and lowering the total cost of fleet ownership anywhere from 10% to 20%.

    The pilot program is launching with Bevill Vineyard Management and Vino Farms in Healdsburg, and Dutton Ranch in Sebastopol – which collectively represent about 4,000 acres in the vineyard-rich Russian River Valley. Young anticipates the program will expand in the coming months to include other farming operations in the county.

    About 60,000 acres across Sonoma County are dedicated to growing wine grapes, and another 120,000 acres are used for other diversified agriculture, such as apple orchards, dairy farms and cut flowers. In 2014, the Sonoma County Winegrowers launched an initiative to represent one of the nation’s leading winegrowing regions in terms of sustainability, with a target of reaching sustainable designation for nearly all of its vineyard acreage in the county.

    Karissa Kruse, Sonoma County Winegrowers president and internationally renowned sustainability champion, said she believes electric vehicle adoption and efficient fleet management are the next steps in sustainability.
    In addition to the vehicles, farms can consult with the Ford Pro team for the duration of the program. Pilot farmers will have access to Ford Pro Intelligence1 software, home and depot charging, Ford Pro Telematics Essentials and Ford Pro E-Telematics and energy management – all to help reduce operating costs and more efficiently manage gas- and electric-powered vehicle fleets.

    Farmers Most Valuable Tools – Their Vehicles

    Ford Commercial History

    A century worth of Commercial vehicle innovation.​

    A year in the life of a Sonoma County winegrower can be sliced into two portions – roughly nine months to grow and three months to harvest. Occasionally, as in 2017, the uncertainties of Mother Nature condense the harvest to a four-week sprint. No time for vehicle downtime.

    Ford Pro Intelligence gives farmers access to important data on every vehicle – whether gas-powered or electric. The web-based service offers always-on access to vehicle health reports and other data designed to help limit vehicle downtime while lowering operating costs. All across the county, on farms large and small, winegrowers rely daily on their trucks to haul everything from fertilizer and fuel tanks to water and portable bathrooms. Some vehicles log upward of 50,000 miles a year, traveling between properties from Cloverdale to Petaluma.

    Naturally, operating these vehicles is one of an organization’s largest expenses. At Dutton Ranch, which runs a fleet of about 70 work vehicles, fuel costs average about $5,000 per month. The prospect of reducing that monthly expense is critical to operations moving forward. Electric vehicles, coupled with the solar power that many Sonoma County ranches already generate and store, represent an important way to help offset rising fuel costs.

    The technology connects wirelessly – helping businesses manage fleets with real-time vehicle insights. Information includes maintenance schedules, charge event monitoring, vehicle tracking, state of charge, range, charge history and logs, charging/battery settings and alerts, and departure preconditioning to help maximize range and save battery life for the road to get the job done.

    As veterans in sustainability practices, the Sonoma County Winegrowers have impacted other vocations regionally. Representatives in trucking, logistics, grocery stores and other specialties have taken notice, and Kruse hopes her organization continues to help lead the charge.

    Ford, meanwhile, is among the automotive leaders in sustainability – the only full-line American automaker committed to doing its part to reduce CO2 emissions in line with the Paris Climate Agreement and working with California for stronger vehicle greenhouse gas standards5. Ford is targeting 100% renewable energy for its global operations by 2035 and being fully carbon neutral worldwide by 2050.

    From the Sonoma County venue, we learned that 40 percent of commercial vehicles are Fords and Ford Pro is all about small to large business productivity improvement.

    Ford Pro is a suite of programs/services to improve productivity and profitability. A true turnkey solution.

    Ford Pro uses the cloud platform to share data. Companies will be working gas/diesel and now battery electric for years to come. Ford Pro can help manage all of them.

    Electric? Fleet manager used to handle vehicle from cradle to grave. Now, they need to understand electrics as an asset the way they do gas/diesel.

    Ford will lead the commercial arena for climate protection via the small to large businesses.

    Francis Ford Coppola’s Inglenook Vineyard and it's use of Ford Pro


    Inglenook consists of 1700 acres of which 250 are for growing grapes. The rest is dedicated for the processing and bottling of the wine. All on-site. There are two vintages of wine are in cave storage. When complete, the wine is bottled and moved to temp and humidity control area if necessary.

    The vineyard was certified organic in 94 and has had an all-electric fleet outside of the few pickups. All I can add is that Francis and all the growers I spoke with are very excited to purchase several F-150 Lightnings.

    The #1 Commercial vehicle in the U.S. is Transit. E-Transit can use most of the same upfitter hardware as it is a simple drop in on the same platform and within the same shell. It was designed to support a range of small to large businesses with 8 different configurations including a stake or cab only for a box on the back. The E-Transits cargo volume is the same as the ICE Transits. The low roof is usually for a small business where the owner takes his or her vehicle home at night. The high roof is for standing inside and huge cargo volume.

    The traction battery is waterproof, crashworthy engineering, and NVH tested like everything in the Ford Lineup. 266 hp and 317 lb-ft of torque and includes an independent rear suspension.

    A force multiplier is Pro Power onboard with 2.4 KW through 2 outlets and is available on the F-150 Hybrid, F-150 Lightning, and E-Transit.

    The E-Transits downside? Only 126-miles range from the low roof and 108-miles for the high? CCS DCFC limited to 115 KW max.

    The high roof is only rated at 108 miles of range and there are no current upfit for larger batteries. Here is Ford’s thoughts as to why. The average Transit is driven just 74-miles per day so the low roof E-Transit’s 68 kWh pack for 126-miles of range keeps upfront costs down. Just $43,295 to start.


    What does E-Telematics provide? Real time data for all modern Ford Commercial vehicles that helps solve or checks up on a given vehicle into a fleet.

    From a fleet managers perspective, you click on the vehicle and instantly know what its charge is, what charger it is attached to or needs to be attached to, and how long it needs to charge...

    Reimbursement charging: When an employee takes vehicle home and charges, a fleet manager can see how many kWhs the vehicle took. It turns into a 1-click solution to hand employee a reimbursement statement and $s added to their check.

    The 2022 E-Transit Drive

    Driving the tall body, there is not much road feel and low ratio steering does not help. It offers a great ride and in no way did it feel top heavy. The electric drivetrain makes it more responsive than the gas equipped Transits in fact!

    2022 Ford E-Transit High Roof First Drive

    108-mile range - 10% SOC consumed over 17.5-miles of city driving.​

    Jim Farley, Ford CEO, remarks at the Dutton Ranch: The Standalone business called Ford Pro started last Spring. Businesses large and small face some tough decisions going forward. Growers in particular feel climate change with changes in growing seasons... Most OEMs leave customers on their own for the purchase, upfit, and vehicle fleet management. Ford is integrating data collection from the vehicle(s) through Ford Pro Intelligence Telematics SW. By digitally enabling the vehicle, the vehicle assets can improve productivity and profitability. Ford's commitment is to deliver to their customers like they do to theirs. Ford should grow to $45-billion USD in revenue by 2025. Ford Pro is leading Ford's bet on a connected future. New manufacturing facility in TN to produce 100s of thousands of electric vehicles.
    • Dutton operate 54 vehicles, all tied together through Ford Pro. Some non-Fords.
    • Ford Pro offers a one-stop shop that improves productivity
    • Since Ford Pro instituted, 25 percent increase in vehicles on the Ford Pro SW system
    • Works across gas, diesel, and electric vehicles
    • 10 to 20 percent lower TCO
    • Broadest vehicle line up in North America
    • 10% of van sales are delivery
    • Half the Commercial vans in North America are Ford
    • Pioneering electric vans
    • Walmart ordered 1,100 E-Transits
    • Fleets of 50 vehicles or less can be supported by Ford Pro
    • Ford is investing to win at this inflection point
    • Ford Pro expected to earn $5.5-billion USD by ?2025?
    • Small business financing from 10 to 25% by 2025.
    • Helping to grow a stronger and greener economy.
    • E-Telematics for the entire lineup of BEVs, free for 3-years.
    • Ford telematics essential is free for the life of the truck.
    • Essentials allows access to vehicle Diagnostics. Free.
    • E-Telematics - Essentials plus tracking, and all vehicles. $20/vehicle per month
    I had to rush this story as I have to hit the road for a 2,150-mile trek back to San Diego in less than an hour. I will clean it up in a few days.

    Speaking directly with 4 local growers and Francis himself, they cannot wait for the all-new, all-electric, Ford F-150 Lighting. I mean they all want it yesterday as most already have a large solar array to power their winery's and adding a fleet of all-electric F-150s only reduces their already low carbon footprint and provides an even lower long term cost of ownership. I mean "THEY CANNOT WAIT". ;)

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    Ford Pro Adds All-New One-Stop-Shop Charging Hardware for EV Customers Of Every Type

    Ford Pro is aiming to create a smooth transition for commercial customers into an electric future by providing a one-stop shop for fleet operations and investing in key areas of the business. The latest is the launch of six new home and depot chargers to its end-to-end portfolio of charging solutions.


    In a market crowded with consumer-grade products, many are demanding complete solutions designed to meet the needs of commercial fleet operations. Ford Pro revealed a wide range of charging hardware – from home chargers to large-scale depot charging systems – all backed with integrated installation, software, service and Ford Pro FinSimple financing.

    Ford Pro Charging hardware launches alongside the all-new 2022 Ford E-Transit shipping to dealers now and the all-new 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro is slated to start arriving this spring, providing compatibility for customers who may operate other electric vehicle makes with secure OEM data.

    Charging Made Easier

    According to a recent survey conducted by PSB, the shift to electrification is causing anxiety among fleet managers, with nearly half finding the setup of charging infrastructure to be a significant challenge for their companies, and a nearly equal number concerned about finding optimal charging solutions.

    To address these concerns, Ford Pro helps customers implement complete electric vehicle charging from start to finish, a turnkey solution offering a full-service team of experts with decades of experience in commercial project development and installations. Ford Pro Charging seamlessly integrates hardware and software solutions precisely designed to manage their electric fleet charging requirements.

    Once the charge systems are up and running, Ford Pro will continue to support commercial electric vehicle customers with Ford Pro E-Telematics and Ford Pro Charging software solutions so fleet managers can better track their fleets. This includes software for smart charging, pre-conditioning, remote monitoring, reimbursement management for home charging, and reporting to help save on energy costs, maximize vehicle efficiency and uptime.

    Rightsizing Your Charging Solution(s)

    From the 11.5 KW Ford Pro AC Charging Station to the 180 KW DCFC systems, Ford Pro has created a diverse lineup of chargers to support a wide range of fleet customer uses. Charging options include:


    Beyond specific charging installations, customers using public charging also get access to the BlueOval Charge Network – EA, EVGo, and Chargepoint – with more than 20,500 charge locations, 70,000 plugs, and more than 7,300 DCFC CCS Connectors.

    For customers who experience charging needs when power grids go down or infrastructure is under construction, Ford Pro Charging is there to help as well. Ford Pro Charging can connect with a large network of suppliers for mobile charging solutions to help solve unique commercial charging needs.

    To learn more about the all-new F-150 Lightning Pro, E-Transit or Ford Pro Charge solutions, visit the Ford Pro website.

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    Hi All:

    A friend was speaking to his friend about the 2022 Ford E-Transit High Roof. Apparently after reading this, he purchased it!

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    Hi All:

    While at the F-150 Lightning Short Lead, I was speaking to the Director of Corporate Communications Europe and he said, "Ford of Europe has over 200,000 orders for E-Transits and the order book has been closed. We will be lucky to be able to supply 20,000 this year." :(

    Here in the U.S., as the world’s No. 1 seller of commercial vans, Ford’s all-new electric E-Transit sales were up 62.3 percent in April over March. With a total of 1,575 E-Transits sold this year in the U.S., E-Transit has a massive order backlog here in the U.S. as well.

    2022 Ford E-Transit

    Made for Napa Valley Wine Country where this vehicle would do well.​

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    Hi All:

    As the world’s No. 1 seller of commercial vans, Ford’s all-new electric E-Transit sales were up 62.3 percent in April over March. With a total of 1,575 E-Transits sold this year in the U.S., E-Transit has outsold the combined sales of other commercial electric vans, which totaled 42 vehicles through April!

    2022 Ford E-Transit


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    Ford Pro Launches All-New Fleet Management Suite, Offers Bundled Solutions for Small Businesses

    Ford Pro announces a suite of fleet management solutions designed to help make mountains of paperwork and endless spreadsheets a thing of the past for small business owners moving into a digital age. Ford Pro Fleet Management Software, the suite’s flagship product, is the latest tool added to the Ford Pro Intelligence* suite of fleet management solutions, expanding on the one-stop shop of vehicles, software, charging, service and financing.


    The affordable, always-on flagship software program – available on a subscription basis for as low as $5 per month per vehicle – gives office admins, business owners and fleet managers a new tool to combat drawers and file folders brimming with paperwork that tracks important metrics on every vehicle in their fleets. Built on software from provider Fleetio, the cloud-based, easy-to-manage system fully digitizes cost-related data and puts total cost of ownership at their fingertips.

    Powerful intelligence for small businesses

    The three primary fleet management products in the suite include:

    Ford Pro Fleet Management Software
    • Provides a flexible tracking system designed to monitor fuel usage costs and work with virtually any payment method a business might use
    • Tracks important data on vehicles of any make, both Ford and non-Ford, as well as gas and electric models
    • Optimizes vehicle cycle management
    • Enables drivers to automate maintenance and repair tracking at more than 55,000 in-network repair facilities across the United States
    • Is optimized for fleets of up to 150 vehicles
    Ford Pro Title and Registration
    • Helps business owners save time on registration and licensing management
    • Provides a single point of contact to renew vehicle registrations
    • Helps business owners manage vehicle title-related concerns such as transfer from state-to-state
    Ford Pro Driver Risk Management
    • Helps owners track crucial information on their fleet drivers
    • Reports include comprehensive Motor Vehicle Record checks and monitoring, license expiration dates and violation point customization
    Broadening fleet management solutions

    The web-based system is available to individual drivers in a mobile app format, enabling them to input data while on the job. The program integrates with Ford Pro vehicle software such as Ford Pro Telematics™* to give business owners an even broader view of important fleet vehicle information. Telematics is designed to help optimize fleet efficiency by tracking crucial information such as driver habits, real-time vehicle location and downtime.

    Available add-ons to the base Ford Pro Fleet Management Software product include an equipment tracker, which helps keep tabs on costs associated with equipment such as lawn mowers, trailers and other power equipment, and a Garage Management System††, which helps owners manage parts and inventory.

    Ford Pro, the global business and brand within Ford Motor Company, offers a one-stop shop of vehicles, software, charging, services and financing for commercial customers to accelerate productivity.

    ††Garage Management System requires a fee. Terms and conditions may apply.
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