Honda: Fight for Equal EV Tax Incentives - Let us look into this a little deeper...

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    Hi All:

    Honda’s Message to Consumers: Fight for Equal EV Tax Incentives


    At Honda, we believe in freedom of choice for American consumers and fair treatment of all American autoworkers, with all of us working together to fight global climate change. That's why we're asking for your help to ensure equal treatment of consumer tax credits for the purchase of an electric vehicle (EV).

    Honda associates have been building cars in America for nearly 40 years. And Honda is already America's most fuel-efficient, lowest-emissions full-line automaker, according to the U.S. EPA.

    But our actions to address climate change don't stop there. We have announced plans to make 100% of our vehicle sales electrified by 2040. And we plan to build EVs at our plants in the U.S.

    Currently, consumers can receive up to a $7,500 federal tax credit when purchasing an EV. Experts agree these credits are essential to convince American consumers to buy EVs on a scale needed to address the climate crisis.

    Unfortunately, a new proposal in Congress would provide an additional $4,500 credit only for consumers who buy EVs made by three legacy Detroit automakers.

    <-- While the now stillborn “Build Back Better” infrastructure bill included an additional $4,500 over the $7,500 current Fed Tax Credit still available to some OEM’s, the wording did not exclude any automaker, only those that are not unionized and build in the U.S.

    Don't Honda and Acura customers who want to purchase an electric vehicle deserve the same credit as customers buying one from a Detroit automaker?

    <-- Are any of your vehicles built at a Union plant? If not, then that is on you, not on the Federal Govt. or the consumer.

    Don't Honda's American autoworkers deserve the same treatment as every other U.S. autoworker?

    <-- Sure. If your U.S. plants are unionized, no problem. Without, more profits from lower wages flow to Corporate coffers and that “AINT” into the U.S. which is supplying the tax credit. What EV have you released to the public so far anyway? The 2024 Prologue is not even to prototype stage yet but more of a concept.

    2024 Honda Prologue

    We value our customers, and we value our associates who build vehicles for them.

    Please encourage Congress to provide fair and equal treatment of all consumers and American autoworkers as they consider proposed changes to the consumer EV tax credit.

    I added my own commentary to their plea to make sure that factual underlying issues were brought to the forefront.

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    Just non-Union corporations trying to make money WITHOUT including their workers who build companies. Lots of companies think tax breaks (including the union tax breaks) are theirs to have. The proof the ownership of those tax breaks belong to the customers, is customers can buy from any Union company with customers’ money AND those federal Union tax breaks honoring the history of working people & their formed Unions. Those Unions were developed, most often with the opposition of company-led bigwigs & the goons they hired to beat, torture & kill Union workers with ALL WEAPONS NECESSARY. Federal tax breaks to Unions raise that Legacy of company brutality & Union membership strength to sweet rememberance. It is good to know that the Union tax breaks are so high, as to make non-Union companies cringe with remorse that their own history was written in the blood of their still-born Union workers.
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