Hyundai Home Brings Clean, Affordable Solar Energy Directly to Customers

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    [​IMG] A turnkey home energy generation, storage, management and vehicle charging in one all inclusive solution to charge your BEV will be reality soon.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Nov. 16, 2021

    Hyundai Home energy ecosystem on a tiny house charging an Ioniq 5​

    Hyundai is setting up an all-in-one integrated clean energy ecosystem called ‘Hyundai Home’. Hyundai Home offers future customers an opportunity to access solar energy and electric vehicle charging from their home with top-rated home chargers, solar panels, and energy storage systems through a one-stop marketplace platform. The Hyundai Home experience delivers sustainable smart solutions through a personalized purchase process with dedicated concierge to walk customers through the Hyundai Home journey. The Hyundai Home is set to launch in select markets in 2022. Pricing will surely depend on system size, features, and installation…

    Hyundai will streamline the home-electrification experience, rather than offering a menu of products from a variety of brands and leaving it up to the homeowner to identify and oversee the integration and management of a system. Hyundai will select the best products from the best partners, and guide customers with a dedicated concierge representative to create a Hyundai Home solution optimized for each customer’s individual energy needs. Customers will enjoy this Hyundai Home dedicated concierge and one of the best warranties in the industry just as they do for Hyundai’s line-up of road cars.

    Hyundai Home will provide future customers reliable, emission-free energy production, storage, protection from outages and powerful home charging, and the peace of mind that comes from dealing with well-established, reputable providers. The system will work with any EV or PHEV model. For more information on Hyundai Home, please visit Hyundai Home.

    Hyundai Home embodies Hyundai’s mission, Progress for Humanity, ensuring universal mobility and accessible sustainable living for everyone. Hyundai’s IONIQ brand of electric vehicles will provide owners with advanced design, versatile interiors, impressive range, and ultra-fast charging. These advanced features will serve customers looking for the perfect vehicle to enhance their life’s journey. The Hyundai Home and entire IONIQ family of dedicated BEVs are strategic parts of our effort to reach complete carbon neutrality by 2045.

    Hyundai plans to introduce 23 BEV models and sell 1 million BEV units worldwide by 2025. IONIQ 5 is but one of many new ones to come.
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    Or you could just live in a Hyundai Palisade. Giant car , or tiny house ?
    No property taxes , but you need to find a semi-legal place to park it.
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    Aren't we missing a few panels to charge the car with? Like about an acre's worth? I always see this with promotions of solar powered car chargers. They give the false impression that this can be done practically without a huge expense in panels and other equipment.
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    There are a whole lot fewer panels needed by Gord(averaging 4500 to 5000Miles per Megawatt?), than when EV racers (averaging 120 Miles per Megawatt) power around courses a hundred times to get back to where they started (100 times in a row). The vast majority prove that they aren’t good race drivers & would be better off, NOT trying to collapse Electrical Grids.
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    I'm pretty sure that 'house' in the photo is just a demo unit. You know, for a pretty visual, since what Hyundai Home concept isn't exactly an easy visual. It is just a one stop shopping site for EV chargers, PV panels, and home batteries, as oppose to what a home owner has to do now in order to even research that for the house. As someone that hopes to get a BEV and home solar in the near future, this is great.
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    Hi Jay:

    Hyundai erected that Tiny House in their Corporate HQs drive as a prop pic and it is indeed not representative of a std. install. Hyundai's direction appears to be a turnkey install with them sourcing everything from the panels and inverters to install and a 10+ KW home L2 charger.

    Most homeowners install an 8 kW system with maybe 35 to 45 kWh of generation per day. That would supply 25 kWh for their home and 15 kWh for the car. 15 kWh for an Ioniq 5 is enough to drive ~ 60-miles/day or 22,000 miles/year.

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