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Discussion in 'Toyota Prius Family' started by thunderstruck, Oct 9, 2021.

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    Not sure if I'm using the right method to see what Prius' are out there or not. Given current geopolitical circumstances I've been kicking around the idea of getting another Prius. I've been using but can't find much of anything with 250 miles of me. Are they that hard to come by in the midwest region at the moment or am I using the wrong way to find them? I need to trade my GTI in so need a dealer that is in this region. I know they have a bunch of ships waiting to unload, don't know if they are full of cars or Club K launchers.
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    Hi Thunderstruck:

    Buying a new car now is almost financial suicide as the chip shortage has created a shortage of all car and truck models from every brand. With sales volumes down, dealers are taking advantage and charging full or in many cases, more than MSRP on much of their available lineup. I can only hope you can wait this one out but it could be another year before the supply constraints are in the rear view.

    Buying used is nuts now too. A low mileage Prius is going to b priced higher than a new one! You "may" still be able to pick up 21 Prius Primes for MSRP in the clean states and with the $4,509 Fed TC, it brings them down to less than a new Prius plus you have a lot more capability but you will have to travel for that one...

    Good Luck

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    There's a tax credit? I though those had been phased out many years ago. There's only one Prime in this area. I see a few Ioniq's but after reviewing my mileage log from the one I had I'm leaning away from it. Unless Hyundai switches from that stupid DSG and moves to a CVT it will never be a Prius killer.
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    I use the same method to see inventory, but I do see some in your area. Are you just not seeing the trim or colors that you prefer? I see 20 within 150 miles, 50 within 250. I searched for new.

    In Massachusetts, there are also dealerships that never show up in my cars dot com searches. This is probably true in other areas.
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    A lot of the ones I'm seeing are in transit when I go into details. And there was one in Louisville that applies paint and fabric protection so they were ruled out.
    Edit:Aha, the Prime here is an XLE which means no Android Auto. Toyota really needs to start listening to customers and what they want.
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    Guess it will have to wait. Found a nicely loaded Camry hybrid at Cronin Toyota in Indiana, which is actually only 50 miles away. Unfortunately the person on the phone told me they had added paint protection and some kind of windshield film that added $1500 to the price. You'd think for 38.3K they would not play games like that.
    Here's something I ran across that explains the port delays in Cali.
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