Halloween &…… SNAKES!

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    My wife put out decorations for her favorite holiday…..Halloween. She doesn’t go overboard, like the cemeteries & 12 foot tall Spookasaurus’s some yards have. However, she does have an enlarged print of one of her paintings, on a tarp that hangs from the garage door, as well as skeletons, bones(real bones), pumpkins(white & warty ones, too) & spooky masks she lays on the 3 foot high shrubbery.

    BuuUUTTTT, this year something happened that fell right in with the mood of Halloween! My wife’s mom was walking along the shrubbery line, looking at some of the spooky masks. AND LOOKING CLOSER, she saw a fairly small mama Garter snake & one young snake curled up under one of the masks on top of the shrubbery. She got my wife & me to come see the snakes. We marveled they were in the top of the shrubbery & did not disturb them. This morning we were all disappointed, when the snakes were no longer under the mask. But, snakes gotta do snake business, for sure.

    Anyhow……Happy & Spooky Halloween
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