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    Rental cars here in Hawaii are almost impossible to come by. The major rental companies have zero availability most of the time, and the only alternative seems to be Turo for over $150/day.

    Luckily, my wife knows someone who was willing to rent her second car to me this week for a lot less.

    It's a Scion IQ. It's tiny--reminiscent of a Smart Car in overall size and shape.

    I'm glad I was able to rent it, as I've been interested in them for a while. And now that I've driven it, I am no longer interested.

    It is a competent little car, but not really any fun to drive. The motor is pretty anemic, but it does get out of its own way due to its light weight. The CVT doesn't do it any real favors, either. The aero is fairly poor; it loses speed down pretty much any hill with a freeway-type speed limit. And Hawaii has a lot of uphill and downhill sections, as you might guess. The air conditioning in this example is only moderately functional, which isn't so good for someone coming to a hot and humid environment from a somewhat cooler and much dryer Northern California area.

    I have been unable to reset the cumulative fuel economy gauge. It was pretty much at 30 MPG when I picked up the car, and dropped down to about 28 with my first few trips around. I then brought it back up to 30 MPG, and with a longer trip got it up to 33. That is pretty unspectacular.

    It parks very easily, and we could just about fit two of them in our carport space. But we are not going to, as neither Da Boss nor I have any interest in getting one.


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