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    President Joe Biden already test drove the new(still wrapped) Ford electric truck before it’s unveiling tomorrow. Rachael Maddow interviewed the chief engineer, Linda Zhang, of the F-150 E. Rachael stated the acceptance of the F-150 electric truck as capable in all categories as normal reciprocating trucks may be the greatest moment of acceptance of electrics in our motorized society. Rachael showed a video taken (a year ago?) with 42 F-150s lined up in one line next to 11(?) railroad cars. They hooked up the F-150E to all the train cars & pulled all of them with the E-truck! Then they loaded all trucks next to the rail cars, onto the rail cars, the total rail cars & trucks weighing 1 million pounds…..& pulled the whole kit&caboddle along on the tracks!
    Well….tomorrow we’ll see how the acceptance(or not) will start.
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    That "endorsement" may turn off a lot of prospective buyers. But I'm sure Ford knows what they are doing.
    Just like when they announced they were going to quit selling "cars" in North America. Smirk.
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    President Joe Biden’s endorsement will get larger segments of society buying the electric F-150. I don’t like trucks, but President Biden’s endorsement put the electric Ford as my GOTO truck....& that includes Tesla’s CyberTruck.
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