Lucid Motors and Their High End, High Efficiency, High Performance, Lucid Air Lineup

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    I bought it at $25. I can't afford an Air , but I could afford 100 shares of stock.
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    Hi Edwin:

    I posted this report - along with a number of others of course, in a LUCID share holder group on FB as well.

    Some additional thoughts in reply's I have posted over there that have me concerned for the company's financial well being.

    FB User ...

    Wayne: There should be 0 in the inventory but I suspect those 365 vehicles are missing some critical component and cannot be delivered until the parts arrive...

    The bigger problem is that yearly guidance. Lucid now has just 6-months to build and deliver 6,000 to 7,000 Air's to meet their new latest guidance. It took 6-months to build 1,450 and deliver 1,039 AIRs but in the the next 6-months they are going to build and deliver almost 6,000? The chip shortages are coming to an end for the OEMs but they have all gone to extreme lengths to maintain a future parts supply chain. Ford and GM have darn near purchased entire supply company's output to keep their EVs rolling down the line. Lucid does not have that kind of cash or credibility.

    With just $4.6 billion on hand, they are going to need those 6,000 vehicle sales at $170k a pop or they run out of cash sometime in late 2023? 6,000 in sales volume brings in just over $1 billion in revenue over the course of 6-months and they are apparently bleeding $800 million every quarter to keep the lights on. Without going back to the shareholders for cash and diluting shareholders ownership or borrowing at Corporate junk bond rates for an essentially bankrupt company, this spells trouble with a Capital "T".

    Since Saudi Arabia owns 61 to 62% of the company, I suppose they can back stop LCID with forgivable cash loans to float them for another year or two at 0% in some form or fashion but I am not sure if that is even legal?


    FB User: Rawlinson promised he had secured the chips necessary to build out the 20 to 22k cars per years prior to last quarters guidance fall to 12 to 14k vehicles.

    Wayne: It is not just chips that are in short supply. Even if Rawlinson secured chips, he may not have been able to secure seat materials, or interior plastics, or God only knows what else Lucid may be short of. I hope they can straighten out the supply problems soon or another problem arises.

    Another even larger problem. If the 37k reservation holders get a hint that Lucid may not be a viable entity within 18-months, do you think they will be willing to part with $170k for a vehicle without a company behind that purchase to support that purchase going forward?

    I believe anything can be solved given enough time and money but the money is going to run out quick.

    My fingers are crossed for Lucid to make it but the clock is ticking and the tick tock of the clock is getting louder and louder.

    PS: I am not a former or current shareholder so I have no skin in the game one way or the other. I am simply enamored with the EV platform and the story behind the Lucid brand.


    FB User: What about Nio, there production is improving?

    Wayne: A Chinese company with the backing of the Chinese Government. They, the Chinese, play by different rules to protect their national interests. ie. There will be no shortage of chips or parts as the Government can allot them what they need and short an American or European company that need that same part supply. Tesla is probably finding that out now.

    You have to give Musk credit here. He stated just a few weeks ago that Lucid and Rivian were in the possible throes of bankruptcy if they did not immediately and drastically cut costs. And apparently it was not just boastful talk either.

    Lucid has stabilized in the $18 range this morning, down 10% from its close, so maybe the worst is over for the company?

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    Hi All:

    Lucid Introduces its Midnight Edition Like Trim with a New “Stealth Look”

    The Stealth Look will make its public debut during Monterey Car Week at Motorlux in two weeks.


    Earlier today, Lucid announced it has released a blacked out “Stealth Look” option, a new exterior design for the Air with a darker personality.


    The $6,000 upcharge Stealth Look will be an option on the Grand Touring Performance, Grand Touring, and Air Touring.


    The “Stealth Look” changes to 35 exterior components including the mirror caps and distinctive cantrails framing the Glass Canopy roof with a darker finish. Elements of the lower body trim, as well as the trim around the Intelligent Micro Lens Array headlights and one-piece blade taillights also feature the new darker satin finish.


    With “Stealth Look”, many exterior components that would be finished in platinum are now finished in polished finish. These include the front nose blade, C-pillar flags, and lower door and fascia trim. Elsewhere, the “Stealth Look” adds black gloss and satin graphite accents to further enhance the Air’s appearance.


    Stealth Look also includes unique wheel designs and finishes for each wheel size:

    • 21-inch Aero Sport Stealth wheels, with satin black wheel inserts
    • 20-inch Aero Lite Stealth wheels, with satin black wheel inserts

    Stealth Look can be paired with the full palette of exterior colors: Stellar White, Infinite Black, Cosmos Silver, Quantum Grey, and Zenith Red.


    The “Stealth Look” is planned for introduction in Q1 of 2023.


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    The Saudi princes will have to have one stealth model of each color...
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    Hi Bill:

    They, the Saudi's, currently have 10,000 of the 37,000 pre-orders on the books ready to fill their garages. That is a lot of garages. But then we are speaking about the country of Saudi Arabia, not an individual, city, county or Corporation.

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    Hi All:

    After the terrible Q2 downward revisions, the stock price has held at the lows of the reporting date. If there is a positive sign from all of this, LCID may have reached its support floor. The Saudi's could be buying the hell out of it to hold its price too but regardless, a floor is a floor.

    Aug. 12- 2022 -- Lucid Stock Price Graph


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    Hi All:

    A MB EQS, Hyundai Ioniq5, Lucid Air, Porsche Taycan, Mustang Mach-E, and Rivian R1T charging or waiting to charge in Orlando, FL.​

    Lucid Group Files Form S-3 Shelf Registration Statement

    NEWARK, Calif., Aug. 29, 2022 -- Lucid (LCID) announced that it has filed a "universal shelf" registration statement on Form S-3 with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC"). The registration statement would allow Lucid to raise up to an aggregate of $8 billion in primary capital in one or more offerings over the three years after the registration statement is declared effective by the SEC. These capital raises could include common stock, preferred stock (including in the form of depositary shares), warrants, debt securities (including convertible debt), purchase contracts, and/or units (which are typically a combination of two or more types of securities). <-- In other words, Common share dilution is probably coming in the near future.

    If Lucid decides to raise capital in a future offering using the shelf registration statement, Lucid will describe the specific details of that future offering in a prospectus supplement that is filed with the SEC. However, Lucid is not selling any securities from the shelf registration statement at this time. Lucid believes that a shelf registration on Form S-3 will provide greater flexibility to raise capital in the future.

    In addition, Lucid's registration statement on Form S-3 would register the resale of existing securities that are currently registered on Lucid's Form S-1 shelf registration statement. Lucid recently became eligible to use a Form S-3 registration statement, and Lucid's Investor Rights Agreement requires Lucid to convert the existing Form S-1 registration statement into a Form S-3 registration statement now that Lucid is eligible to do so. The securities that are being registered for resale by the selling securityholders include shares of common stock that are held by certain of Lucid's affiliates that are party to Lucid's Investor Rights Agreement, shares of common stock that Lucid sold in its PIPE private placement in connection with Lucid's de-SPAC transaction in 2021, the private placement warrants that were originally issued to Churchill Sponsor IV LLC and remain subject to a lock-up agreement, and shares of common stock that Lucid may issue to holders of the private placement warrants upon the exercise of those warrants. The selling securityholders may not use the S-3 registration statement to resell their securities until the S-3 registration statement is declared effective by the SEC.

    The registration statement on Form S-3 has been filed with the SEC but is not yet effective. These securities may not be sold nor may offers to buy be accepted under the Form S-3 registration statement prior to the time the Form S-3 registration statement becomes effective. This press release shall not constitute an offer to sell nor the solicitation of an offer to buy the securities that are proposed to be registered on the Form S-3, nor shall there be any sale of such securities in any state in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities law of any such state. Any offer of securities will occur solely by means of the prospectus included in the registration statement and one or more prospectus supplements that would be issued at the time of the offering.

    August 31, 2022 - LCID Stock Chart


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    Not good news for Lucid shareholders.
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    Meet the Lucid Air Sapphire

    [​IMG] The world's first luxury electric super-sports sedan.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Sept. 18, 2022

    2023 Lucid Air Sapphire

    No compromise performance… And those wheels will be covered by much better looking std. aero covers.​

    Lucid introduced the Sapphire, Lucid's new ultra-high-performance brand, led by the new Lucid Air Sapphire, what ultra-high-performance luxury is from this point forward.

    Beneath the sleek exterior lies a three-motor powertrain featuring a new twin motor rear-drive unit and a single motor front-drive unit. The two rear motors layout did not encroach upon the already excellent rear seat legroom or trunk according to the manufacturer.

    The electric motors incorporate Lucid's microjet stator cooling and wave winding while the dual motor rear-drive introduces new heat exchanger technology and heightened coolant flow rate. The battery system is also upgraded for higher power and more precise thermal logic.

    As expected, Lucid Air Sapphire's three-motor powertrain delivers an outrageous 1,050 HP in the already super powerful Air Grand Touring Performance. The Sapphire brings over 1,200 hp to the table making it the most powerful sedan of any powertrain design in the world. I would not want to be straddled with the insurance premium after purchasing one of these but at $249,900 to start, does it matter? ;)

    The Lucid Air Sapphire will accelerate to 60 mph in less than two seconds, from zero to 100 mph in less than four seconds, and the standing quarter mile in under 9 seconds. These figures are achievable with no extra-cost equipment upgrades or protracted preconditioning routines. Additionally, massive carbon ceramic disc brakes come standard, providing the Sapphire with stopping power to match its performance.

    Standard on the Sapphire.

    The Black Stealth are nicer. :)

    The Sapphire features stiffer front and rear springs, unique damper settings, stiffer bushings, and a unique tuning for ABS, traction, stability control, and electronic power steering. Standard carbon ceramic brakes provide better than normal stopping power and contribute to Lucid Air Sapphire's endurance in high-performance driving. This advanced chassis setup is conceived to maximize the benefits of the torque-vectoring capabilities of the three-motor powertrain, as well as the wider, more aggressive wheels and tires. The car rides on ultra-high performance staggered Aero Sapphire wheels, with specially developed Michelin PS4S tires, sized 265/35R20 at front and 295/30R21 in the rear. These unique wheels also feature “removable carbon-fiber aero disk wheel covers” <-- What all OEMs should move to although in simple plastic, which further optimize the aerodynamic efficiency of the car.

    The twin rear-drive unit can effectively pivot the rear of the vehicle, providing torque to the rear wheels in opposite directions to promote either turn-in or straight-line stability. In tight corners, the system can apply regenerative braking on the inside wheel while powering the outside, greatly enhancing vehicle turn-in rotation and with much quicker response times than rear-wheel steering systems.

    The benefits for drivers are wide-reaching, with improvements to turn-in, cornering balance across all speeds, corner exit, and high-speed stability and disturbance rejection. The driving experience differs across drive modes to give multiple characters in conjunction with steering, suspension, powertrain, and brake settings.

    Inside and out, the Sapphire is Improved

    The Sapphire’s aero has been tuned to provide more downforce while somehow reducing and reducing drag, which affects both performance and efficiency.

    A new Sapphire Blue exterior paint exclusive to the Sapphire will be the only color offered.

    The Stealth appearance upgrades as posted previously are also standard. Lucid Introduces its Midnight Edition Like Trim with a New “Stealth Look”


    Inside, the Lucid Air Sapphire includes a new interior theme called Sapphire Mojave. This includes new highly bolstered 18-way power sport seats, upholstered in black leather trimmed with black Alcantara and Sapphire Blue contrast stitching. Though designed for spirited driving, the seats still provide ok comfort, with heating, cooling and massage functionality. The headrest showcases a debossed Lucid bear logomark while the dash and doors are finished in Mojave darkwood veneers. The wheel and upper roof structure for the standard Glass Canopy roof are trimmed in black Alcantara.

    Lucid Air Sapphire also features a unique Sapphire-themed on-screen display, with specially configured drive modes and performance settings.

    The Lucid Air Sapphire made its public debut at the Quail Lodge during Monterey Car Week with a starting price of $249,000 USD and $325,000 CAD.

    It was just over 4-months ago when Lucid announced major price increases for the entire lineup. In addition to the price increase, Lucid has significantly reduced the years of free EA DCFC'ing for Lucid Air owners from 3-years to just two for the Sapphire and Grand Touring and only one year for Touring and future Pure owners.

    2022/2023 Lucid Air Lineup MSRP

    Air Pure - $87,400, up $10,000 from the initial $77,400 retail price
    Air Touring - $107,400, up $19,900 from the initial $87,500 retail price
    Air Grand Touring - $154,000, up $15,000 from the initial $139,000 retail price
    Air Sapphire - $249,900

    The performance attributes are beyond blowout hot but from the much earlier promised standard Air for $69,900 after a now non-existent $7,500 Federal tax credit to $249,900 no matter the performance, interior and exterior upgrades seem a little rich.
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    Hi All:

    Drive Unit: Motor | Tech Talks | Lucid Motors

    A record 10 HP per lb!​

    Even better is the total mass including a small differential built within the rotor output shaft reducing mass further.

    Adding, both the stator and rotor design details are world class and built on site at Lucid’s Tucson, AZ facility.

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    Hi All:

    And of course, the ever-present stock price action.

    Lucid 2-year Stock Price Chart through Sep. 16, 2022


    A billionaire investor, Philippe Laffont of Coatue Management, purchased almost 3-million shares in Q1 of 2021 for possibly as much as $30/share. He has now purchased another 4.46 million shares for a reported price of between $16 and $17/share. This guy is the real deal although not all of his - or anyone's, investments work out. Especially given the recent market turmoil - let us call it a rout! - and roll over of almost every company related to tech.

    While the price is well below the 200-day at $24 and change and it is still pointing downward, and just beneath the 50-day at $17.80, that avg is still pointing to lower prices, there appears to be a stabilization of price in the $13.50 to $16 range after the disastrous S3 announcement last month.

    If you have a penchant for holding assets for a few years, I could see a double from this level in 3 to 4 years as that is how long I suspect it will take for Lucid to become profitable now that they are able to build upwards of 50-cars per day. To build out for the Saudi pre-order of 10,000 will bring revenues of up to $1.25 billion USD just by that tranche alone. They have upwards of 37k+ reservations as of the Q2 earnings release but with the large price increases, I can see that dwindle by at least 20 to 25%. With 27k units on order at an average of $115k per unit, that is almost $3.1 billion in revenue generated by early 2024. With a burn rate of ~ $650 to $800 million USD per quarter or $2.5 to $3 billion/year, maybe, just maybe they can emerge out of the initial offering hole they currently find themselves in and become truly profitable just 18 months from now?

    Long term profitability should be helped from the upcoming Lucid Gravity Luxury SUV and a more affordable EV for the masses at some point 3 to 5 years from now.

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    Hi All:

    Lucid along with 4 other all-electrics were honored within the 2022 Wards 10 Best Engines & Propulsion Systems list.

    2023 Lucid Air Dream Editions

    A pair of Air’s running beyond 500-miles on a single charge. ;)

    With regards to the Air, is it any wonder when the Lucid Air Dream Edition R is the longest-range electric car ever built and besting the second-best Tesla Model S Long Range with its own 375-miles of AER by over 100 miles. In fact, all trims and wheel combinations of the AWD Lucid Air avg. more than 100-miles more than the Model S - an average of 484.6 miles of AER.
    • Lucid Air Dream Edition Range w/ 933 HP and 19"/21" wheels - 520/481-miles of AER
    • Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance w/ 1,111 HP and 19"/21" wheels - 471/451-miles of AER
    • Lucid Air Grand Touring w/ 800 HP and 19"/21" wheels - 516/469-miles of AER
    For 2022, Wards evaluated 29 new vehicles with 17 electrified models in the mix, including 11 BEVs, four PHEVs and two HEVs. For 2021 and again this year, Wards also removed the price cap for nominees that had been in place since 1995.

    Wards 10Best Evaluation only allows powertrains that are all-new or significantly improved.

    2022 Wards 10 Best Engines & Propulsion Systems Winners
    • Acura Integra A-Spec – 1.5L Turbocharged DOHC 4-Cyl.
    • Ford F-150 Lightning – Electric Propulsion System
    • GMC Hummer EV – Electric Propulsion System
    • Hyundai IONIQ 5 – Electric Propulsion System
    • Lucid Air – Electric Propulsion System
    • Mercedes-Benz AMG EQS – Electric Propulsion System
    • Nissan Rogue – 1.5L Variable-Compression Turbocharged DOHC 3-Cyl.
    • Stellantis Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe – 2.0L Turbocharged DOHC 4-Cyl. PHEV
    • Stellantis Jeep Grand Wagoneer – 3.0L Turbocharged DOHC I-6
    • Toyota Tundra i-FORCE MAX – 3.5L Turbocharged DOHC V-6 HEV
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