Jeeps 2021 Wrangler 4xe is Electrifying!

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    [​IMG] Built at the FCA Toledo North plant in Ohio, the PHEV-25 is scheduled to arrive in dealership showrooms in early 2021.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Dec. 11, 2020

    2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe


    It was just 11-months ago when we were offered the opportunity to drive the most fuel efficient Jeep Wrangler ever produced as documented in the Holy $*%!, 45 MPG From The 2020 Jeep Wrangler? It’s Called “EcoDiesel” story.

    Not to rest on its laurels, Jeep has introduced another efficient variant that promises to be more efficient for the daily commuter. The all-new Wrangler 4xe is a PHEV-25 with up to 25 miles of electric-only operation and the most capable and eco-friendly off-road Jeep ever offered.

    The all-new electrified Jeep carries the moniker Wrangler 4xe.

    2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe Drivetrain

    The Wrangler 4xe’s powertrain is built around two electric motors, a 400V traction battery, a start/stop enabled 2.0L turbo I4 and an eight-speed AT.

    A total output of 375 hp and 470 lb.-ft. of torque and 25-miles of all-electric range is made possible thanks to an engine mounted motor generator, a transmission-mounted motor generator integrated into eight-speed AT, and a large 400V, 17-kWh, 96-cell Li-Ion pack

    The 2.0L I4 uses direct-injection with a twin-scroll, low-inertia turbo mounted directly to the cylinder head, along with a dedicated turbo cooling circuit. I have never found the 2.0L to be particularly efficient but as a Hybrid and even more so as a Plug-in Hybrid, that thought may be completely outdated.

    A liquid-cooled motor generator mounts at the front of the engine, replacing the conventional alternator. A belt connects the motor generator to the engine crankshaft pulley. The motor generator spins the engine for nearly seamless, fuel-saving, start-stop operation and generates electricity for the battery pack. Think of Hyundai’s HSG in its hybrids and you have the complete picture. The Wrangler 4xe is equipped with a 12-volt battery to run accessories like all vehicles today.

    The second high-voltage motor generator is mounted at the front of the transmission case, replacing the conventional torque converter of an automatic transmission. Two clutches work to manage power and torque from the e-motor and engine. A binary clutch (on/off) is mounted between the engine and the motor. When this clutch is open there is no mechanical linkage between the engine and the e-motor, which enables it to propel the Wrangler 4xe in electric-only mode. Again, consider the Hyundai hybrids drivetrain and you have the blueprint locked down.

    When the binary clutch is closed, torque from the 2.0L ICE and the e-motor spins the AT. A variable clutch is mounted behind the e-motor to improve drivability and efficiency.

    The Wrangler 4xe’s 400-volt, 17-kWh, 96-cell Li-Ion traction battery uses nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) graphite chemistry. The pack and controls are mount underneath the second-row seat, where it is protected from outside elements. The Wrangler 4xe’s second-row seat is redesigned, allowing the bottom cushion to flip forward for access to the battery. Jeep made no mention as to where the pack was sourced.

    Encased in an aluminum housing, the pack is fitted with a heating and cooling circuit to keep the battery at its optimum temperature for best performance. The temperature control circuit includes a dedicated heater unit and a chiller that uses the Wrangler AC to reduce coolant temperature when needed. This one could prove to be costly on the efficiency side in order to increase reliability.

    The Wrangler 4xe hybrid system includes an Integrated Dual Charging Module (ICDM), which combines a battery charger and a DC/DC converter in a single unit that is more compact than two separate components, and a next-generation Power Inverter Module (PIM) that is reduced in size. These components are housed and protected from damage in a steel structure mounted below the battery pack.

    Like all Trail Rated Jeep Wranglers, the Wrangler 4xe is capable of water fording up to 30 inches.

    The electric charge port features a push-open/push-close cover and is located on the left front cowl of the Wrangler 4xe for nose-in parking charging. The charge port includes LED indicators of charging status. An LED battery level monitor is mounted on top of the instrument panel, making it easy to check battery state of charge at a glance during charging.

    The cutaway showing component layout.​

    2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe E Selec Modes

    The Jeep Wrangler 4xe hybrid powertrain has three modes of operation, known as E Selec. The driver can select the desired powertrain mode via buttons mounted on the instrument panel, to the left of the steering wheel. Regardless of the mode selected, the Wrangler 4xe operates as hybrid once the battery nears its min SoCe.

    • Hybrid mode blends torque from the 2.0L ICE and electric motor. In this mode, the powertrain will use battery power first, then add in propulsion from the ICE when the battery reaches minimum SoC

    • Electric mode allows the Wrangler 4xe to operates on electric power until the battery reaches the minimum SoC or the driver requests more torque (such as wide-open throttle),

    • eSave initially provides power from the 2.0L and saves the battery for later use. The driver can also choose between Battery Save (eSave) and Battery Charge – charge the pack while driving – during eSave via the Uconnect displays
    The Wrangler 4xe driver information display and the Uconnect touchscreen feature Eco Coaching Pages. The Eco Coaching Pages let owners monitor power flow and see the impact of regenerative braking, schedule charging times to take advantage of lower electric rates, and view their driving history with a detail of electric and gasoline usage.

    Regenerative braking is a key part of the Wrangler 4xe eco-friendly equation. When the driver steps on the brake pedal, the powertrain control engages the maximum available regenerative braking, up to 0.25 g, from the electric motors to slow the vehicle, augmented with the Wrangler’s traditional friction brakes. The regenerative braking feature also extends the replacement period for brake pads.

    With 4x4 engaged, all four wheels feed torque for regenerative braking, maximizing the energy recovery. Electricity due to regenerative braking is fed to the battery pack to maintain or increase the SoC.

    The Wrangler 4xe also features the ability to maximize regenerative energy production via a driver-selectable Max Regen feature. <-- Do not bother with this one pedal like driving mode. Once selected, the Max Regen feature remains engaged until driver deselects it.

    Inside the all-new 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe

    Electric Blue’ Design Cues are standard.​

    The 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe provides an exclusive makeup with an Electric Blue color scheme on the front and rear Rubicon tow hooks that stands out against the black bumpers. The unique blue coloring also traces the Rubicon name on the hood, Jeep badge and the Trail Rated badge. Several Jeep branded Easter eggs also receive the Electric Blue shade. The black hood decal is outlined in the special color with “4xe”.

    Inside, the Wrangler 4xe Rubicon includes unique Electric Blue stitching on the seats and trim.

    2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe

    All Jeep Wrangler 4xe power modes are available when the drivetrain is shifted to 4L.

    Enthusiasts will find that the instant availability of torque from the Wrangler 4xe’s electric motor delivers a more precise and controlled driving experience for climbing and crawling – there’s no need to build up engine rpm to get the tires to move, minimizing driveline shock loading and maximizing control and speed.

    In EV mode, the Wrangler 4xe treads lightly and silently, conserving fuel and allowing occupants to focus solely on the sights and full sounds of nature.

    The new Jeep Wrangler 4xe is available in three models: 4xe, Sahara 4xe and Rubicon 4xe. Wrangler 4xe and Wrangler Sahara 4xe models are equipped with full-time 4x4 systems, front and rear next-generation Dana 44 axles and are fitted with the Selec-Trac two-speed transfer case with a 2.72:1 low-range gear ratio. The intuitive system allows the driver to set it and forget it in any environment.

    An available Trac-Lok limited-slip rear differential provides extra grip and capability in low-traction situations, such as driving over sand, gravel, snow or ice.

    Wrangler Rubicon 4xe models carry the Rock-Trac 4x4 system that includes a two-speed transfer case with a 4:1 low-range gear ratio, full-time 4x4, front and rear next-generation Dana 44 axles, Tru-Lok electric front- and rear-axle lockers. The Wrangler Rubicon 4xe has an impressive crawl ratio of 77.2:1, which makes scaling any obstacle easy. Wrangler Rubicon models also offer improved articulation and total suspension travel with help from a front axle, electronic sway-bar disconnect. Together, these components contribute to the maximum off-road prowess Wrangler Rubicon is known for.

    The Wrangler 4xe includes Selec-Speed Control with Hill-ascent and Hill-descent Control. This allows drivers to control vehicle speed up and down steep, rugged grades with the transmission shift lever.

    Like every Jeep Wrangler, the Jeep Wrangler 4xe models wear a Trail Rated badge with off-road standard equipment including:
    • Skid plates and front and rear tow hooks
    • Wrangler Rubicon 4xe approach angle of 44 degrees, breakover angle of 22.5 degrees, departure angle of 35.6 degrees, and ground clearance of 10.8 inches
    • 17” off-road wheels and 33-inch tires are standard on Rubicon 4xe; 20” wheels are standard on Wrangler 4xe and Sahara 4xe
    • Up to 30 inches of water fording
    2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe PHEV-25

    When someone says where do you want to go today, there is one vehicle that you can say, “Just about anywhere” and mean it! ;)

    The Wrangler 4xe is available in 10 exterior colors: Black, Bright White, Firecracker Red, Granite Crystal Metallic, Hella Yella, Hydro Blue (late availability), Sting-Gray, Snazzberry, Sarge and Billet Silver Metallic. Two Wrangler interior options are available in the 4xe version: Black with Heritage Tan cloth and Black with Dark Saddle leather. It will be assembled at FCA’s Toledo Assembly Complex in Toledo, Ohio.

    I am still in the camp that the 3.0L V6 EcoDiesel will save more fuel over and above the 2.0L given my “Meh” feelings for FCA products I have driven with the 2.0L I4 in them. With the hybridization and for those that plug-in daily, maybe, just maybe FCA has a hit on their hands?
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    This is an important model for FCA if their ambitious drivetrain electrification plans are to be successful. I read the posts on the Wrangler forums and the 4xe is quite well received by guys that really don't care about FE at all. FCA is marketing it by selling the advantages of the electrification in 4wd situations where the low-speed, high-torque electric motors will outperform ICE. It's working; enthusiasm is high. Of course, no price has been announced...;)

    We don't see many turbo-charged hybrids in the automotive segment--not for under $100K anyway. I would love to see the engine/drivetrain offered in the next gen Jeep Grand Cherokee as a hybrid if they can keep the cost affordable. I'm watching this one closely and hope FCA can make these affordable and reliable.
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    Hi Jay:

    I was really really really hoping the EcoDiesel Wrangler would grab the enthusiasts attention but apparently it did not. :( While offering superior torque at idle or just above idle and an absolute step change in efficiency gains, I remember a lot of the journalist drivers at the launch of that vehicle stating it "felt" heavy. Rightfully so as the EcoDiesel and stronger 8-Speed added something like 400 or more lbs to the platform IIRC? I suspect the PHEV HW will add a similar amount of mass. Could that change the enthusiasts minds?

    The huge positive is their will be Wrangler 4xes going back and forth to work via power from the grid instead of oil and that 25-miles will pay huge dividends going forward. That does not mean I do not have questions about the turbocharged 2.0Ls capability. The total output is fine but when on liquid fuel, I hope it is much better than a sub 20 mpg daily driver.

    Regarding reliability, I believe it was C&D that recently released a long term on the Pacifica PHEV and there were numerous failures of the drivetrain. I will try and find the link. CRs rated it at the bottom of all minivans they have driven as well.

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    I remember reading the C&D article on the Pacifica hybrid. The most damning criticism was that the non-hybrid Pacifica got better FE on the road. Ouch. I think we're comparing apples to oranges as the 4xe PHEV is quite a bit different from the Pacifica PHEV. The problem with drivetrain electrification, as I see it, is that it's really hard to make the extra cost pencil out. Maybe if you're driving 10s of thousands of miles per year it works, but for most North Americans, and myself especially, the extra up-front cost and higher depreciation greatly exceed gasoline savings. If it's hard to justify an HEV, then it's impossible to justify a PHEV, and BEVs are a joke. Gas turbo is much more cost effective in NA than HEV for most people.

    Which brings me back to the 4xe. Here's a PHEV that's turbo-charged. Two expensive technologies! Is FCA kidding?! Even math-challenged buyers will balk at the cost. Then put this system on a Wrangler whose buyers aren't looking at fuel economy much at all. Maybe FCA isn't crazy. Maybe they have some magical way of keeping costs reasonable. Market it not as a FE advantage, but a rock crawling advantage to off-road enthusiasts. I'm very interested to see how it turns out. I like the Grand Cherokee but the current low-tech V6 gets mediocre FE. This 4xe setup could be tuned to deliver great gas mileage as a HEV if the cost isn't exorbitant. I can dream anyway.
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    Any word on a gladiator 4xe?
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    Jeep's legendary Off-road Capability Meets Electrification – Pricing Announced!

    Pricing released for the New 2021 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4xe and Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe Launch Editions.


    Jeep enthusiasts get it all with the 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe.

    The most capable and efficient Wrangler will launch with two models, the Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4xe and the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe. The Wrangler Sahara 4xe model carries a starting U.S. manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $47,995.

    The Wrangler Rubicon 4xe has a starting U.S. MSRP of $51,695.

    Those prices do not include the $7,500 federal tax credit, any additional eligible state and local credits, and $1,495 D&H charges.

    The 2021 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4xe and Rubicon 4xe launch editions feature 375 hp, 470 lb.-ft. of torque, a 0 to 60 in just 6 seconds, and a 17-kWh battery for electric-only power.

    The first-ever electrified Wrangler will be initially offered on two trim levels, Wrangler Sahara 4xe and Wrangler Rubicon 4xe, both of which are loaded with additional premium content as standard equipment, including:

    Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4xe Launch Edition
    • 20" alloys
    • Leather-trimmed seats
    • LED Lighting Group
    • Uconnect 4C NAV w/ 8.4: display
    • Nine speaker Alpine audio with sub and a 552-watt, 12-channel amp
    • 2.72:1 Selec-Trac Full-Time 4WD System
    • Dana 44 HD wide axles
    Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe Launch Edition
    • LED Lighting Group
    • Uconnect 4C NAV with 8.4" display
    • Nine speaker Alpine audio with sub and a 552-watt, 12-channel amp
    • 4:1 Rock-Trac HD Full-Time 4WD System
    The Jeep Wrangler 4xe is assembled at FCA’s Toledo Assembly Complex in Toledo, Ohio and are scheduled to arriving at dealers in the Q1 of 2021.
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    Hi George:

    Not even a hint of a Gladiator 4xe, Not yet anyway. I have to believe Jeep is all over that like a wet blanket however. ;)

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    That pricing is not a surprise to me, but I think its going to be a deal-killer for most esp. if they can't claim the federal subsidy. This year Jeep is also giving customers the 6.4L V-8 hemi that they've been clamoring for. I think 4xe guys were hoping for a price closer to $40k. Now they're all gonna jump to the V8.
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    That's what FCA is hoping for.
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    Customers are getting these 4xe Wranglers now and automotive journalists are driving them. It turns out that the 4xe is a bust compared to the Ecodiesel for fuel economy. The EPA quietly downgraded the AER to 21 miles from 25. In hybrid mode, the 4xe gets only 20mpg combined. The Ecodiesel gets 25mpg combined and it's a couple hundred pounds lighter. The 6.4L V8 gets only 14mpg! Despite not being the top ticket for FE, the 4xe is still probably the best setup for rock climbing. The low-speed torque is hard to beat.
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