All-New 2020 Ford Escape PHEV-37 Preview

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    [​IMG] Based on the sharp looking 2020 Escape HEV comes a stunning PHEV value proposition.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – August 8, 2020

    2020 Ford Escape PHEV-37


    2020 Ford Escape PHEV-37 FWD ($33,040/$35,620/$38,835 + $1,245 D&H + $195 Mini-Spare - $1,500 Rebate for SE/SEL/Titanium) while buyers are eligible for a Federal tax credit of $6,843.

    As consumers begin returning to work and taking trips, demand for gasoline is expected to spike from the decades-low prices of the past few months.

    The all-new 2020 Ford Escape PHEV has now been certified with a best-in-class EPA-estimated fuel economy rating of 43/38/41 mpg city/highway/combined and100 MPGe combined plus an EPA-estimated 37 miles of all-electric driving range from the onboard, liquid cooled 14.4 kWh Li-Ion traction battery.

    The Escape HEV and PHEV are part of Ford’s investment of more than $11.5 billion in electrified vehicles. The Escape HEV/PHEV features Ford’s innovative fourth-generation hybrid propulsion system, which includes an all-new atkinsonized 2.5L I4 engine and ECT. The PHEV is available in the base SE, mid trim SEL and fully loaded Titanium trims.

    In addition to savings at the pump, the 2020 Ford Escape PHEV in base SE trim starts at just $32,980 incl. $1,245 D&H with owners able to cut that price by yet another $6,843 if they qualify for the full Federal Tax Credit and another $1,000 in State incentives for CA residents. Is $25,137 + TTL at retail pricing for a brand new well equipped and hyper efficient Small PHEV SUV worth your consideration?

    The 2020 Ford Escape PHEV in SEL trim starts at just $35,560 incl. $1,245 D&H with owners able to cut that price by yet another $6,843 if they qualify for the full Federal Tax Credit and another $1,000 in State incentives for CA residents. Same question stands for a very well equipped, mid-trimmed $27,717 + TTL Small PHEV SUV

    Moving to the fully loaded Titanium trimmed 2020 Ford Escape PHEV, it retails at just $38,775 incl. $1,245 D&H with owners able to cut that price by yet another $6,843 if they qualify for the full Federal Tax Credit and another $1,000 in State incentives for CA residents. Meaning the fully loaded Small PHEV SUV would cost owners just $30,932 + TTL.

    Those are purchase ready deals and I am not even including any near future dealer discounts of $1,000 or more in most cases!

    Comparing to the 2021 RAV4 Prime AWD PHEV-43 that we just had on site last week, the 2020 Ford Escape PHEV-37 is larger. In defense of the 2021 RAV4 Prime, it offers std. AWD and a longer 43-miles of AER albeit for quite a bit more $s.

    While the 2020 Escape PHEV has a higher EPA rating at 43/38/41 mpgUS city/highway/combined than the RAV4 Prime at 40/36/38 mpgUS city/highway/combined ratings, our drive of the Escape and RAV4 HEVs indicate the RAV4 HEV and Prime to be more efficient in both the city and especially highway.

    Moving inside, the 2020 Ford Escape PHEV offers 104.0/60.8/34.4 cu. ft. of Total Vol./Cargo Vol. behind 1st row/Cargo Vol. behind 2nd row creating room to move and enjoy thanks to the 14.1 kWh pack being located underneath the second-row seats. Battery packaging was designed so well that a mini-spare can be added and it loses no cargo volume compared to the HEV. The RAV4 Prime loses 6 cu. ft. of cargo volume compared to its HEV sibling by comparison.

    2020 Ford Escape PHEV Interior


    Like all CUV PHEVs, the 2020 Ford Escape PHEV has a Level 1/Level 2 AC charging port. On a L1 charger, the pack can be fully charged in 10 to 11 hours. From an L2 through the onboard 3.3 kW charger, expect a 3.5-hour charge time from flat to full.

    Like many PHEVs, the 2020 Ford Escape PHEV can be setup to drive in Auto Mode which will consume power stored in the battery (Charge Depletion mode) with hard acceleration supplemented by the I4 ICE if necessary and transitions to std. Hybrid (charge sustaining mode) until the next charging event.

    In EV Now mode, drivers can operate on only electric stored power.

    EV Later mode allows drivers to hold onto the power storage until they want to use it.

    The final EV Charge mode is not recommended as you can charge the pack while driving and the conversion back and forth creates a lower overall efficiency. :(

    On the safety front, the 2020 Ford Escape PHEV arrives with standard Co-Pilot360 which includes Auto High beams, BSM with RCTA, LKA, Drive Alert, Pedestrian protection and Forward collision warning w/ auto braking, plus a rear-view camera.

    SE/SEL trims can be equipped with Ford Co-Pilot360 Assist+ for an additional $695 which adds Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go and Lane-Centering, Evasive Steering Assist, and a voice-activated navigation system with SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link. That safety pkg. is std on the Titanium trimmed vehicles.

    Additional luxury options

    The Titanium trim can be ordered with the Premium Package for $2,100 which adds a Heads-Up Display, Panoramic Roof (Power Open/Close with Power Shade), and 110V/150W AC Power Outlet.

    2020 Ford Escape HEV Exterior

    There is not a better looking and better value HEV/PHEV CUV available today.​
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    Hi All:

    I read about a possible stop sale of the Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid variant in Europe a few months ago but never thought to look up the details. While looking at local Ford dealerships inventory, the Ford consumer site, and afterwards, the Ford media site a few weeks back, the 2021 Ford Escape Plug-in was removed from all outlets. While the Toyota RAV4 Prime PHEV-43 is currently hotter than lava with $5k to $10k markups over MSRP all over California, last October, Ford pulled the plug on its much anticipated Ford Escape Plugin Hybrid with a delay to possibly later this year as a 2022 model year offering. This occurred after 20,500 European Kuga SUVs with similar plug-in hybrid drivetrains were recalled after seven caught fire while recharging.

    2021 Ford Escape Hybrid


    Ford’s Louisville, Kentucky began manufacturing the redesigned Escape late last year in both gasoline-powered and standard hybrid models. The plug-in model was supposed to launch this spring but Ford has pushed that back as descried above. :( This was a missed opportunity given how fast Toyota dealers are turning over their small supply of RAV4 Prime PHEVs right now. :(

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