Neowise Comet 2020

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    In the old Hubble North 10+ day exposure (with updated exposures) of a very very tiny & “empty” spot in Ursa Major, millions of celestial objects have appeared. Now somewhat belatedly, astronomers have found a Blackhole in a starburst galaxy in the Hubble field, that appears to be “only” 750 million years old AFTER the Big Bang development of the Universe. Designated GNz7q, this galaxy is now a prime target for the James Webb telescope to study in depth.
    The Hubble image was taken of “empty” space “at random”. So the hope is, that GNz7q is NOT rare & many other similar celestial objects (& younger, further back in time?) will be found to be studied by James Webb. At the least, it is a sweet headstart for the James Webb, which itself is a sweet, much gambled “top of the game” headstart telescope. At the most, GNz7q is a spear point to “exactly” one of the main missions the James Webb was designed to find & study. Yeap…..headstarts on top of headstarts. That’s what you like to see in science!
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