NY Auto Show Postponed

Discussion in 'General' started by Jay, Mar 12, 2020.

  1. Jay

    Jay Well-Known Member

    Another victim of coronavirus concerns, the NY Auto Show, originally scheduled to open in April, will be postponed to late August. Bummer. The next generation Jeep Grand Cherokee was supposed to debut at the show and I am really interested. Jeep should consider debuting at a stand-alone event.
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  2. Trollbait

    Trollbait Well-Known Member

    I'm figuring the new model debuts will be switched to a stand alone event this year, if they weren't already planned.
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  3. MaxxMPG

    MaxxMPG Hasta Lavista AAA-Vee Von't Be Bach

    The '21 Elantra makes its debut in Hollywood in an online stream with no audience in attendance.
    The '21 Kia Sedona was to be revealed in NY so that will likely also be online only.

    The actual timing for the NY show will be late August, with the public days winding down on the Sunday before Labor Day.
    I hadn't gotten the credentials for the show and was starting to wonder, and then the reschedule announcement hit the airwaves.
    That timing could possibly work if anyone wants to bump a November in LA reveal ahead three months to August in NY to get a jump on all the leaky journalists who break the story before the big reveal.
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  4. Jay

    Jay Well-Known Member

    I read an article that said that the NY Auto Show brings $330M of economic activity to the area. That's a big loss if they can't pull the show off or if the participants bail.
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  5. MaxxMPG

    MaxxMPG Hasta Lavista AAA-Vee Von't Be Bach

    They claim that the auto show motivates the sale of over 1 million vehicles.
    As someone who drives in the area every day, I suspect that idiots on their phones or on xanax are motivating a million sales by totaling their car and one or more others. People here are beyond stupid.

    Ignoring the sales figure, the hotel industry - usually quiet in April - will lose a lot of reservations with people now wanting to stay at the later dates in August, when hotels are already busy with tourists who fly in during the summer.
    The current mayor is an end-stage pothead with a wife who has lost millions in grant money (nobody knows where it went). They changed the laws to prevent people from going to jail so now those arrested for felonies are back out on the street in under an hour. It's not the kind of place you want to visit anyway, until a point in time after the people decide to take their city back.
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