Recorded Rainiest Seattle January

Discussion in 'Weather' started by litesong, Jan 31, 2020.

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    Looks like you may have a little snow coming your way this week... nothing like the chaos of Seattle (or Portland) in the snow.

    To address the earlier conversation, yeah the cities of the Northwest aren't quite as rainy as their reputations might suggest. It rains a lot of the time, but it doesn't rain that much (most of the time). Example: the all-time one-day rainfall record in Portland is 2.99 inches. Since I've moved from Portland to Minneapolis, I've seen that much in a day ... several times over the course of a single summer.

    And yes, the worst flooding is when it's rainy, not when it's warm and sunny. High-elevation rain melts the snowpack an awful lot faster than the sun does. It can rain all it wants in the lowlands, as long as the snow level stays below 2000-4000'. But those increasingly frequent pineapple expresses wreak havoc when they dump rain on the higher elevations.

    (I've also lived in Seattle, and could wax for hours on the minute differences in climate between Seattle and Portland, but they are mostly pretty similar).
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