FCA’s UCONNECT 5 - Possibly the Most Advanced Infotainment System in Any Vehicle to Date

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    [​IMG] Fast and intuitive making infotainment integration into our automobiles as easy as pushing the Start Button.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – January 27, 2020

    FCA UCONNECT 5 Home Screen


    FCA’s Uconnect is receiving a massive upgrade. Already award winning and one of the best infotainment systems available, the all-new Uconnect 5 is easier to use in many respects, is more helpful, and adds greater personalization, making it the most advanced Uconnect system ever offered.

    The all-new Uconnect 5 architecture is based on the Android operating system and is scalable across all FCA brands.

    To begin, the Uconnect 5 performance upgrade starts with much faster processing power with a 50K MIPS chip providing much faster reaction speed, increased memory of 6GB of RAM and up to 64GB of flash memory under a new Android operating system. The all-new Uconnect 5 delivers operating speeds that are five times faster when compared to the previous generation. Faster processing speeds, an advanced electrical architecture and more memory give the all-new Uconnect its lightning-quick response to touchscreen input.

    Additional outputs enable up to four displays inside the vehicle. Screens are available in a variety of aspect ratios, standard, landscape and portrait, offering even more flexibility for future vehicle installs.

    With up to 15 million pixels in Ultra HD, screens can work separately or in harmony, depending on user preference. The all-new Uconnect 5 also represents the most screen area ever offered in an FCA product at up to 12.3 inches.

    A key ease of use is that Uconnect offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. Uconnect 5 will bring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to 100 percent of FCA’s North American offerings.

    BMW recently made news announcing it will be the first to offer an OEM wireless Android Auto and Apple Car Play experience. FCA is right on its heels if not moving ahead. As of now, a wired connection is necessary and thus the use of a wireless Qi charger is moot. That changes with UCONNECT 5. Simply put, drop your phone on a wireless Qi charger or simply leave it in your pocket or purse and go.

    This is a really big deal!!! :D


    The all-new Uconnect 5 features several customizable interfaces with up to five different user profiles. An owner and his or her family members can each build their own profile, featuring preferences for music and vehicle operation. The system also connects vehicle-side systems to a driver’s profile, such as temperature, seating position and mirror placement. Switching between user profiles is simple and can be handled by a single touch.

    The all-new Uconnect 5 allows users to create an exclusive home screen with a familiar feel. Similar to specific icon placement on a mobile phone or computer, customers can personalize the Uconnect home screen with frequently used features for quick and easy access, featuring one-touch operation.

    Uconnect skill for Alexa allows Alexa-enabled devices at home to start the car, lock/unlock doors and more. With Alexa built-in, occupants can ask Alexa to play music, podcasts and audiobooks; add items to their to-do list; check news, weather, traffic, sports and other real-time information; and access tens of thousands of Alexa skills. Responses and streaming audio are delivered through the vehicle’s audio system, allowing anyone in the entire vehicle to easily interact with Alexa.


    The all-new Uconnect 5 features a new voice recognition engine with software, microphone technology and natural voice capability. Statements that would normally be only understood in human-to-human conversation can now be used to communicate with the navigation system, such as “Find an available EV charging station near me.” The advanced voice control system also improves its listening ability in high background noise situations, such as a rolled down window or rain hitting the windshield. Additionally, the embedded FCA voice recognition system has a new "wake up word" available that correlates to the brand of the vehicle: “Hey Chrysler, change the temperature to 70 degrees.” This feature eliminates the need to press a button to initiate the voice recognition system. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto also can be controlled via voice, engaged by pressing the voice recognition button.

    I have doubts about voice recognition of natural language unless it was built by Google through their all-new Android OS. If it was built by outside or outsourced programmers, it is not going to work as well. Just my experience. Uconnect has always been an excellent user experience since 3.0 and I have no doubt this will be the best yet.

    The all-new Uconnect 5 features the ability to connect two Bluetooth phones simultaneously. This addresses many users who carry multiple phones or for passenger interaction with the Uconnect system along with the driver. Either way, Uconnect can manage input from two different devices with the ability to name one a priority over the other for various functions, including navigation, phone, music selection and text messages.

    Navigation -- Uconnect’s all-new advanced navigation is an intuitive built-in solution from TomTom navigation, integrating the latest technology. The Uconnect built-in navigation now includes TomTom’s traffic, EV & connected services, giving drivers the latest information for a safer and smoother journey. Another contention. Garmin and Google’s Android Auto w/ Google Maps are both better than TomTom. Having TomTom onboard could be a negative but at least Google Maps through Android Auto is your main. If FCA charges for the embed on top of UCONNECT 5, I would categorically skip it.

    Similar to personal devices, One-Box-Search makes it easy and intuitive to find a destination (search by voice or text). Unlike personal devices, even without internet connectivity, search and guidance continue to work with the system simply switching to offline map data.


    By 2022, FCA will offer more than 30 nameplates with electrified powertrains, half of which are plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) or battery-electric vehicles (BEV), creating the need for charging stations to be integrated with the maps. Dynamic Range Mapping helps the driver to visualize the vehicle’s range by displaying on the map how far they can drive with current fuel/charge levels. If the range is insufficient to make it to the selected destination, Uconnect 5 will make suggestions for recharging /refueling with a cost comparison. A warning appears on-screen, prompting the user to choose a charging point/fuel station which is available and within range.

    FCA states they are the first in the industry to offer SiriusXM with 360L and is the only automaker that provides owners with a 12-month trial of the next-generation audio listening experience. GM announced they are adding SiriusXM 360L to over 13 Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac MY 2020 vehicles over 6-weeks ago.

    Uconnect 5 uses a cloud-based platform to power connectivity and deliver a full array of services, including the Uconnect Market in-vehicle commerce platform. The feature gives customers the opportunity to conveniently order food, find the nearest gas station, save money on fuel purchases and make dinner reservations, all from the comfort of the vehicle. With the new platform, FCA owners will be able to skip lines and save time by ordering (and paying for) food and beverages, reserve a table on the way to their favorite restaurant or locate and securely authorize pump-and-pay fuel at participating locations. Drivers can also locate and pay for nearby parking and schedule service appointments at FCA dealerships, all while in the vehicle without having to reach for a physical credit card.

    This always sounds great but in practice, ordering while on the road is usually far more complex via a multi-faceted user interface than using the Postmates or GrubHub app for example.

    Uconnect’s app allows owners to start their engine or precondition the vehicles environment via your smartphone. Inside, SOS Call provides external assistance at the touch of a button. An automatic feature calls for outside assistance if the vehicle senses a crash has taken place. With Assist Call, owners can contact the Uconnect customer care team for help with their vehicle or instructions on using a Uconnect system. Stolen Vehicle Assistance can help police track a vehicle’s location and Family Drive Alerts delivers notifications to concerned parents when boundary, curfew or speed limits are broken. Owners can also receive a notification when someone else drives the vehicle while in Valet Alert mode.

    New in-vehicle messaging will notify owners when an oil change is needed. This and other features including a Vehicle Health Report and Vehicle Health Alert. For some updates, FOTA will automatically load the improved software to the vehicle, seamlessly. Other services can be handled at your local dealer with a Service Scheduling feature.

    A Telematics Box Module (TBM) helps move a large amount of data at the fastest speeds available through a built-in cellular network.

    The award-winning Uconnect system has led the industry in content and exclusive features since its inception in 2003 and the fifth generation continues the momentum. Only Hyundai and Kia have offered anything as good in the past. Uconnect 5 appears to securely move FCA into the infotainment lead.

    One of the best infotainment solutions works towards being "The Best" infotainment solution.
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    I drive Jeep Grand Cherokees often with the UConnect 4C system and it is sweet. I was just reading about the new 5 system this morning. I'm confused about whether this is offered as an upgrade to the older systems. Maybe it's just for new models going forward. The TomTom navigation will be WiFi updateable and the UConnect 5 itself is WiFi updateable. That's a plus and the screen is supposed to be UHD resolution. Sounds good if it's not too expensive.

    BTW, I love TomTom GPS! I think it's much better than the Garmins I've used.
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    Hi Jay:

    I am a fan of FCAs UCONNECT since 3.0. It really is good. However, 5.0 is not a user upgradeable solution to UCONNECT 4 systems that I am aware of. The HW has been massively upgraded to make it work as the vids I have seen show.

    Regarding map updates, Google Maps has been doing that in real time for years.

    The near future UCONNECT 5.0 systems in Jeep, RAM, Dodge and Chrysler product screens will be UHD.

    I can only hope it is a $695 add-on for the top level "stuff" and no more. And that the TomTom is not on top of that. I am just not a fan of TomTom's std. portable units and they will offer nothing to the Uconnect 5 system that I have not seen done better by either Garmin or Google Maps.

    One of the best infotainment solutions works towards being "The Best" infotainment solution.

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