GM's eBoost Trailer Brake System Could Shorten Towing Braking Distances

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    [​IMG] Provides pickups that are towing with stopping distance similar to a pickup not towing. With asterisks.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – January 21, 2020

    GM Trailer Braking Infographic

    A modified trailer was necessary to improve results to this level. Hopefully Trailer OEMs are listening?​

    GM has developed an advanced trailer braking concept that has the potential to reduce stopping distances while towing. This is done using existing components, including GM’s segment-exclusive eBoost braking system.

    With eight available cameras and up to 15 different views when trailering, an industry-first trailer label that shows exactly what weight that specific truck can tow, and iN-Command from ASA Electronics compatibility available on the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra light-duty and heavy-duty models, makes the product one to be reckoned with.

    Utilizing the truck’s eBoost braking system, GM engineers integrated a trailer with a similar eBoost system and upgraded trailer hardware components including larger brake rotors, calipers and tires. With eBoost systems on both the truck and trailer and proper software to enable communication, the stopping distance of a truck and trailer improved by up to 20 percent from 60 mph to zero when compared to an identical truck and trailer using traditional electric trailer brakes – that’s about a 40-foot difference. This technology allowed the truck to command trailer braking like never before, using the existing seven-pin trailer wire connector and without the need for any extra connections. The advanced trailer braking also helps mitigate trailer sway by using stability control.


    While the upgraded trailer hardware is not available from OEMs today, it could be in short order. Let us hope the OEMs get the message for all of our sakes. Thanks GM!
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    The "safer" vehicles become , the DUMBER the drivers. Do you think I am wrong ?
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    I agree with you. ALL vehicles should be equipped with Ben Hur chariot wheel spikes & medieval jousting lances for daily commuting. Get rid of them seat belts, air bags, vehicle crush zones, & motorcycle helmets. We need to whittle the work force down to only the most combat fittest & smartest people to handle the work-a-day jobs of a too soft civilization. All good survivalists & Darwinists know that! :eek:
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    I see a lot of speeding trucks pulling trailers. Slowing them down by only 11% would reduce braking distance at least as much---and save fuel, and reduce the chance of collisions.
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    I think reverse Darwinism applies in our world. The smart people in their reasonable vehicles going at reasonable speeds will get killed off by the multiply-challenged people in their FSPs going at high rates of speed and doing other reckless behaviors. Murphy's Law also comes into play somewhere, but I can't quite think of how to convey it.
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    The drunk causing the accident, lives, but the innocent mother & 3 children die. There is some help from society (on the drunk's side), too.
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    First, at the extra 11% lesser speed, an 11% lesser distance is traveled BEFORE brakes are even touched. In affect at the slower speed, brakes are being applied during 11% of the distance at the higher speed, since the first realization that a braking action is needed AND THE TIME NEEDED TO FIRST TOUCH THE BRAKES AT THE HIGHER SPEED. ALSO IN REDUCTION, braking distances would be reduced by the square of the 11% speed decrease: thus, an 11% reduction in speed would decrease braking distance by a factor of 0.792, IN ADDITION to the braking at the slower speed during 11% of the distance at the higher speed in which brakes haven't yet been applied. ALSO added to the reduction factor AND distance NOT SHOWING BRAKING due to the faster speed, would be .792 factor energy decrease NOT being dispersed properly due to a bumpy or uneven road, encountering said bumps, tire, shock absorber or suspension limitations during the faster speed braking action. Yeah, 11% reduced speed, shortens braking distance on poor uneven surfaces by possibly 30% or more.
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    More Murphy's Law:
    In Seattle, lots of innocent people got shot yesterday in a gang shooting. Not sure, but more innocents got hurt or killed than gang members. Over the last year(?), 17% of people killed in gang violence, were NOT gang members. A different application, but repeating from my previous post: There is some help from society (on gang member's side), too.
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  9. its not that hard to properly adjust your electronic brake controller. I'd go from an empty 2000pound cargo trailer, to a 40 foot 10000 pound park model camper (park it once and don't ever move it because its too big). Each required a different setting on the controller.
    Now I watch and cringe when i see someone pulling a cargo trailer and lock up the trailer brakes because they arent set right.
    Whats even worse is all the people with a 7 prong trailer wire hookup on their truck, but NO ELECTRONIC BRAKE CONTROLLER in the truck pulling trailers with no brakes. I've seen it at heard it too many times, 'I dont need an electronic controller' or 'What's that? my truck has the brakes'
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