Bosch Automotive Creates the Sun Visor 2.0!

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    [​IMG] A slick and simple advance to reduce glare and the related accidents due to it.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – January 6, 2020


    Bosch is readying an update to the sun visor for the rest of the 21st century.

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the sun causes twice as many car accidents as any other weather-related condition due to temporary blindness. Another study indicates the risk of a car crash is 16 percent higher during bright sunlight than normal weather. The traditional sun visor is not equipped to adequately address this safety concern. At best, it blocks some of the sun from your eyes but along with it, some of your view is blocked as well.

    Las Vegas, NV -- Bosch is offering a revolutionary Virtual Visor, a transparent LCD and camera, which replaces the traditional vehicle sun visor completely. As the first reimagined visor in nearly a century, Bosch’s technology utilizes intelligent algorithms to intuitively block the sun’s glare and not the view of the road ahead. See photo. ;)

    The Virtual Visor was honored as a Best of Innovation in the CES 2020 Innovation Awards.

    Bosch’s Virtual Visor links an LCD panel with a driver or occupant-monitoring camera to track the sun’s casted shadow on the driver’s face. The system uses artificial intelligence to locate the driver within the image from the driver-facing camera. It also utilizes AI to determine the landmarks on the face ‒ including where the eyes, nose and mouth are located ‒ so that it can identify shadows on the face. The algorithm analyzes the driver’s view, darkening only the section of the display through which light hits the driver’s eyes. The rest of the display remains transparent keeping a large section of the driver’s field of vision clear of obstruction.

    The creative use of liquid crystal technology to block a specific light source decreases dangerous sun glare, driver discomfort and accident risk; it also increases driver visibility, comfort and safety.

    Sorry I missed this earlier and damn would this be cool addition to ones automobile!!!
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    Some decent polarizing sunglasses might be a bit simpler and cheaper. The Ray-Bans I used to have
    ( back when I could wear contacts ) were fantastic for glare.
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