Dec. 16, 2019 -- Australia could experience the highest temperatures on Record

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    I made this extrapolation only 5 days ago, hoping against hope that I was wrong. However, NBC news does report the following:
    From the article:
    As of Jan. 7, approximately 32,400 square miles, an area of land a little smaller than Indiana, have burned since the blazes began.
    The article goes on to say the square mileage is the equivalent of 25.5 million acres burned. My own calculations would indicate a lesser number, just under 21 million acres. Saying that tho, the 25.5 million acre estimate can be proven true, only with the addition of time.
    Whatever the number, the Australian wildfires are unprecedented, raging & the definition of wild.
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    After first fears that Australian animal deaths were in the hundreds of millions, then rapidly escalating the numbers above that, researchers now state that 1+ BILLION ANIMAL DEATHS have occurred in the blazes of Australia!!! Such tragedy is unimaginable to one being. But this mega-fire tragedy forced upon a billion plus of our fellow beings on this Earth.....I can't write anymore.....
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    At 2:30AM, Oodnadatta, Australia is still 100degF. In the early morning, several other Australian areas are well into the 90's. People talk about a warming climate due to increasing GHGs in the atmosphere which absorb excess infra-red energy & delay its radiation to space. Science & opinion articles examine the hottest times of the day to bolster AGW science. But, the true sharpest mark of AGW, is the AGW elevated coolest temperatures of the early morning, that sign our climate with a man-made global warming stamp of disapproval.
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    Interesting (to me) connection with this story from Popular Mechanics.

    A Vietnam Helo's New Robot Brain Will Help Fight a Different Kind of Enemy


    From the story...

    "The CH-54 did lots of heavy-lifting during the Vietnam War, but wildfires could be its biggest battle yet.

    On January 2, 2020, the state of New South Wales declared a state of emergency as Australia’s bushfires continued their deadly rampage. The next day the Australian state's former fire commissioner urged the prime minister to call in back-up. The country needed more fire bombers from North America and Europe.

    But one machine already hard at work was the S-64E Air Crane, operated by Oregon-based Erickson Inc. Six of its huge helicopters had been already been dousing the fires that put Australians—and the continent’s indigenous wildlife—at risk."

    Read more through the link... Amazing helicopters even without the self-flying capabilities yet to come.

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