Nissan Nov. 2019 U.S. Sales Down 15.9% with 92,947 Vehicles Sold - The Brands Downturn in Detail

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    [​IMG] Altima was the highlight in a sea of red ink. :(

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – December 3, 2019

    2020 Nissan Altima


    I’ve got some good news and some bad news… Let’s start with the bad first and clear the docket for better news ahead.

    It has been a very tough year for Nissan as it struggles to crawl out of the wreckage created after former Chairman, Carlos Ghosn, was arrested just a year ago for allegedly underreporting his salary through some Rob Peter to pay Paul accounting tricks. While he denies any wrongdoing, Hiroto Saikawa took over and was almost immediately accused of being overpaid which in turn forced him to step down in September of this year.

    The new Nissan Motor Co. chief, Makoto Uchida vowed just this week to turn the automaker around by reforming the Ghosn directed corporate culture that created unachievable short-term business goals and profits at the expense of Corporate long-term sustainability.

    Just this morning Nissan announced that all U.S. employees will be furloughed for 2-days w/out pay in January to stem the cash draw down.

    With Global vehicle sales in a decline, Nissan has revised its own full year net profit forecast downward to just $1 billion USD. As sales wane, Nissan is just a stone’s throw away from recording a net loss. :(

    Nissan U.S. November Overall Sales

    Nissan reported November 2019 U.S. sales of 92,947 vehicles, down 15.9 percent below the 110,513 sold in November of 2018 on a volume basis.

    YTD sales of 1,240,900 are down a less onerous 7.8 percent from the 1,345,157 sold through the same period of 2018.

    2020 Nissan Sentra


    November 2019 Nissan U.S. Sales Highlights

    Nissan’s Altima achieved a positive result in November with sales of 16,551, up 37.0 percent over the 12,077 sold in November of 2018.

    YTD sales of 190,051 are down a slight 1.1 percent from the 192,082 sold through the same period of 2018.

    Both of these results are reported on a standard volume basis.

    Positives? The aging and uncompetitive current gen Sentra will soon be replaced with the all-new upcoming Nissan Sentra that is far more attractive, more efficient, more powerful, and more feature packed. With current gen Sentra sales down 9.2 percent in November and down 11.2 percent YTD, it should help.

    Although Murano sales are also showing signs of distress, this CUV is still attractive thanks to the boomerang lamps and floating two tone roof, is efficient on the highway, and the interior trim is still impressive to this day.

    2020 Nissan Murano


    A tough year ahead but there are good people running the day in and day out work that needs to be completed and I have no doubt they will work through it.
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    Hi All:

    I read in AutoNews today that Carlos Goshn, former CEO of Nissan, has fled/escaped Japan for for his native home of Lebanon. Wow!


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