Honda Nov. 2019 U.S. Sales Up 11.1% with 133,952 Vehicles Sold

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    [​IMG] CR-V and Civic continue providing positive sales results.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – December 3, 2019

    2020 Honda Accord


    Honda reported November 2019 U.S. sales of 133,952 vehicles, up 11.1 percent over the 120,534 vehicles sold in Nov. of 2018 on a volume basis. With 26 selling days in Nov of 2019 and 25 selling days in Nov. of 2018, the Daily Selling Rates (DSR) was up a healthy 6.9 percent.

    YTD sales of 1,471,604 are up 1.5 percent over the 1,449,713 sold through the same period of 2018, both on a volume basis.

    November 2019 Honda U.S. Sales Highlights

    Honda’s CR-V achieved another record month in November with sales of 33,987, up 7.9 percent over the 31,488 sold in November of 2018. Civic achieved sales of 23,676 vehicles, up 8.2 percent over the 21,890 vehicles sold in November of 2018. Both of these are on a volume basis.

    One glaring downturn was with the Insight as it achieved November sales of 1,579 vehicles, down 13.9 percent from the 1,833 sold in November of 2018. YTD sales of 21,977 are fortunately up significantly over the 10,275 sold through the same period of 2018. The Insight became available to the public in June of 2018 with quantity volumes reaching dealerships in July. :(

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