Toyota Nov. 2019 U.S. Sales Up 9.2% with 207,857 Vehicles Sold

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    [​IMG] Hybrid sales continue to take an ever larger percentage of total sales.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – December 3, 2019

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    Toyota reported November 2019 U.S. sales of 207,857 vehicles, up 9.2 percent over the 190,423 vehicles sold in Nov. of 2018 on a volume basis. With 26 selling days in Nov of 2019 and 25 selling days in Nov. of 2018, the Daily Selling Rates (DSR) was up 5.0 percent.

    YTD sales of 2,175,976 are down 1.4 percent from the 2,205,761 sold through the same period of 2018, both on a volume basis.

    November 2019 Toyota U.S. Sales Highlights

    November RAV4 sales of 44,665 were up 26.4 percent over the 35,350 sold in Nov. of 2018. It was the models best-ever November result in history. The RAV4 Hybrid accounted for almost 23 percent of those sales with 10,057 vehicles sold.

    November Corolla sales of 24,752, were up 17.3 percent above the 21,105 sold in Nov. of 2018.

    November Camry sales of 25,608, were up 5.1 percent over the 24,366 sold in Nov. of 2018.

    Prius and Prius Prime (combined) sales of 6,723 were up 11.9 percent over the 6,008 sold in November of 2018. Of those 6,723 vehicles sold, 4,429 were Prius liftbacks or 66 percent of all Prius', 2,286 were Prius Primes or 34 percent of all Prius' sold, and 8 Prius Cs.

    Total Toyota hybrid sales increased 68.4 percent.

    On the Lexus side, the top selling model was the ES sedan with 4,545 sold, up 7.7 percent over the 4,222 sold in November of 2019. Of those ES' sold, 898 were hybrids or 21 percent. ES Hybrid sales were up 84 percent over the 488 sold in November of 2018.

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    Overall, total Lexus hybrid sales increased 51.4 percent, the highest November percentage in history.
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    My take of the (arguably) big One in the big 3 markets :

    Europe: Over 1/2 of Toyota's sales in $6+/gal europe was of a hybrid variety.

    China: Oil poor China is pushing (mandating) EVs, .. China (like the US) has (and is building) LOTS of long distance "interstate" highway" (and, unlike the US a bazillion new coal plants). Unless the battery tech improves soon, .. I think China may have to change the emphasis

    US: Unless you live in the PRC, .. fuel is relatively cheap -- very tough to make an economic case for hybrids (let alone EVs), ... Californians* see it different.

    *I don't have any problem with California doing what California needs to do. I do have a problem with the most UN-green state in the union telling the other 49 how to be green.

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    China's EV policy is also pushing hybrids. A car company needs to offer some BEVs, but all their models will have to be at least a mild hybrid.
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    Hi All:

    [​IMG] Toyota Canada reported November 2019 sales of 19,089 vehicles, up 1.9 percent with both the Toyota and Lexus setting monthly sales records.

    TCI reported its eighth straight month of record electrified vehicle sales (2,785 units, up 36.6 percent) as more Canadians are finding a Toyota or Lexus hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicle that meets their needs.

    2020 Toyota Prius Prime


    The Prius Prime plug-in hybrid electric vehicle achieved sales of 682 vehicles, up 204.5 percent!

    Total Prius sales of 860 vehicles were up 140.2 percent over the 358 sold in November of 2018. YTD sales of 8,159 vehicles is up 56.9 percent over the 5,199 sold through the same period of 2018. The made-in-Canada RAV4 Hybrid achieved November 2019 sales of 1,102 vehicles, up 34.7 percent. Both of these models set November records. TCI’s YTD electrified vehicle sales of 32,903 is up 47.9 percent compared to the same period last year.

    The RAV4, RAV4 Hybrid, Lexus RX and RX Hybrid, which together make up nearly one third of TCI’s vehicle sales, are all made in Canada.

    At the same time, the least fuel-efficient offerings in the Toyota lineup are outselling the efficient hybrid lineup by multiple orders of magnitude. TCI truck sales of 13,229 units, were up 9.3 percent in November, also a new record.

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