Quick Review of the TFY Adjustable Velcro Headrest Tablet Mount

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    [​IMG] It "KICKS @$$", here is why.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – October 26, 2019

    TFY Velcro Adjustable Headrest mount with Kindle Fire HD 10 installed

    Watching “Avengers: Infiniti War” on a Fire HD 10 w/ Netflix via Wi-Fi supplied by a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on the T-Mobile network.​

    After posting about this must have infotainment add-on in the Uber and Lyft rideshare thread more than a few times, it is about time I introduce everyone to the TFY adjustable velcro headrest tablet holder.

    To begin, its costs practically nothing at $14.50 on Amazon: TFY Velcro mounted Car Headrest Tablet Holder. It will hold all Kindle Fire's including HD 6, 7, X7, X9, New Fire 7, HD 8, HD 10, Samsung Galaxy S4, S5e, S6, Tab A, Tab A Kids, View 2, and Apple iPad Pro, Air, Pad and mini. I am using the Fire HD 10 purchased for $165 with no Amazon Ads attached. You can find these tablets avaiable for just $99.95 plus the $15 ad removal periodically. I also purchased a $15 felt case that is open while it it sits in the TFY Headrest mount.

    Here is how I have it mounted in our 17 Sonata Hybrid Limited and had it mounted in my recently sold 18 Elantra Eco.

    TFY Adjustable Velcro Headrest Tablet Mount


    After 50k miles of rideshare this year alone, the TFY Velcro headrest tablet holder does not rattle and holds the tablet very snuggly with the plastic coated and Velcro attached mounting tablet supporting HW on top and bottom.

    When I have the front seat all the way forward and angled more vertically – 95 percent of the time for maximum rear seat leg room, I can easily adjust angle the top of the tablet out from the headrest in approximately 5-degree discrete increments in less than 5-seconds while in the driver’s seat. If someone is occupying the front seat and back seat, I can angle the tablets top back towards the head rest by about 10 degrees to keep the tablet perpendicular to the rear seat passengers’ line of sight.

    If you have children or simply take longer trips with family and friends on board in the back seats, this infotainment add-on not only works, it is practically a giveaway at $14.50 and will hold whatever tablet you own and use with a streaming video source!

    In the TFY introduction video directly above, the installer wrapped it around the headrest horizontally when it I have found that it should be wrapped around the headrest vertically and between the posts for the best long-term mounting stability.

    I always carry a pair of over the ear JVC Flats headphones ($12 on Amazon) onboard in case I need them for passenger use. The Fire HD 10s two downward firing speakers and are ok for onboard audio but a much higher quality headphone solution via Aux jack plugged into the tablet from the side (see profile photo for port) is far and away better. Many passengers simply use their own ear bud type audio solution and either BT in or plug them in if they are Aux jack equipped. Over the ear headphones also reduce road noise and I have seen many fall asleep with them on.

    Having picked up 2 to 4 person families with their children on vacation from locations all over southern California, fire up a Netflix Cartoon and the vacation hustle and bustle tension simply evaporates. I cannot tell you how many compliments, thank you(s), and tips I have received for having this this inexpensive yet high quality infotainment setup running for all my backseat passengers.

    For 10 to 20-minute rides, "Friends" and "The Office" were quite popular. For 30+ minute rides, the BBC Earth Programs with Sir David Attenborough narrating were watched quite often. For the hour plus drives, full movies or simply completing binge watched Netflix series were always hailed with a smile.

    In two words, this system add-on “KICKS @$$”! If you are in need of back seat infotainment for children, other family members, or friends, you cannot do better than this! So much so I own 2 of these, one for my now sold 18 Elantra Eco and one for the 17 Sonata Hybrid, while paying almost double what they cost today!

    I am running Netflix on the T-Mobile network via the included 3G Wi-Fi Hotspot at no extra cost to my $60 all-in (incl taxes), 2-phone Unlimited 4G LTE for 55+ plan. When streaming Netflix ($4.00/month) as my wife, two sons, and myself have the Netflix Premium Plan subscription for $15.99 allowing up to 4 users to watch at any given moment.

    Netflix 2019 Plan(s) Pricing


    Netflix rarely buffers and only in a very poor signal area or at a venue where the T-Mobile network is being overwhelmed. An example would be when nearby a Concert or Professional Sports venue that has just let out. Amazon Prime’s std. video bit rate sometimes exceeds the maximum 3.5 to 4 Mb/sec T-Mobile free 3G Wi-Fi hot spot rate and will buffer once in a while. If you are paying for a 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot, you will never buffer running anything to your tablet.

    All in, there is nothing available that I know of that installs so easily and is as durable for adding an inexpensive, on board, high def video and audio solution as the TFY Adjustable Velcro Headrest Tablet Mount.

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    Hi All:

    While working my way through the Toyota consumer site on what seems like an almost daily vehicle build basis, I came across this accessory buried two swipes into the Toyota Accessories pages.

    Toyota Universal Tablet Mount

    Compatible with virtually all multimedia devices.​

    Online from a number of Toyota dealerships its List Price is $79.00 with sale prices ranging from $62 to $105.

    Manufacturer Warranty: Minimum of 12 Months
    Guaranteed Fitment and does not include accessories
    • Installs and removes in seconds - no tools required
    • Durable material with spring loaded arms
    • Adjustable pivot/tilt for easy viewing
    • May Require vehicle service parts for assembly for specific vehicles
    I may make a request to include one of these on a future Toyota review vehicle to see how it compares to the TFY? It looks more OEM and installing/removal in seconds would most certainly be beneficial.

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    Hi All:

    I have to hand it to the Toyota West Coast PR Manager. She sourced a Toyota Universal Tablet Mount to be included with the Corolla LE Hybrid review we are setting up for early December. I have never seen one, used on, or even seen a review on it but I think this could be a pretty slick addition to ones Christmas Gear list if it works out as well as or better than the TFY. That too is an excellent add-on as well!

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