Tips for a non-hybrid, auto-trans vehicle?

Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by Appletank, Oct 24, 2019.

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    In my experience, you want to accelerate a little harder in an automatic step transmission(never had a CVT or DCT). Most of the tranny's inefficiency is when power is transferred through the torque converter. That is happening during acceleration and shifting. Once at a steady speed, the transmission will engage a direct connection with the engine to improve efficiency. So taking less time to reach your target speed might yield better overall fuel economy.
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    I'm surprised, that there has been NO post here, since Dec 3, 2019.

    I'm driving a 2020 KIA Soul, with the 2.0L engine and the IVT Transmission. (Intelligent Variable Transmission).
    This IVT is a far cry from the older CVT, which does not seem to have "Gear Change" even if it IS simulated.
    My IVT feels very much like the 6 speed At I had in my 2013 KIA Soul. Anyway, it does have a manual shift feature, and in that mode, the IVT can be shifted up to 8th gear, which seems to be an Overdrive Gear.
    In 8th gear, and with Cruise Control ON, and maintaining 70 MPH, on the Interstate Hwy, I can get MPG in excess of 40 mpg.

    I feel it only fair to reveal that I also run my tires (one size larger than OEM) at 42 psi. And, I also use a K&N Air Cleaner on my engine.

    I really Love this little car, and she's capable of some really good MPG.

    Cheers Mates!
    The Doctor :cool:
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    Possibly, using your technique & adding my technique could gain even more efficiency. First, find your auto tranny’s shift velocities at very low accelerations. Second, use your extra acceleration up to the “first shift velocity at low acceleration”. Third, ease off the throttle till the transmission shifts. Four, apply your extra acceleration (but don’t let the auto transmission shift down). At the “second shift point at low acceleration”, ease off the throttle till the tranny shifts, Repeat all this, up through the gears. Work hard(& lightly) NOT to let the auto tranny shift down, which defeats the process.
    The whole idea is to think of each upper gear as top gear, catch the next higher gear at the lowest acceleration & speed possible, then think of the next gear as top gear, & balanced with your idea of the torque converter, should be a sweet song of efficiency.
    One problem with the whole thing is, many trannies in lowest gears, shift up at low accelerations & velocities & its tough to coordinate the throttle at the low speeds & many close timed shifts. But, I like the inter-related ideas, at least in the top 3 gears of my 6 speed auto.
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