The Amazing Jeep Grand Cherokee

Discussion in 'General' started by Jay, Aug 31, 2019.

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    I have a part time job driving rental cars from surplus locations to deficit locations and other places. Roughly once a week I drive a car from one location to another up to 280 miles away. I've had the job about a year and have driven most of the cars in the fleet which includes Toyotas, Nissans, VWs, Subarus, GMs, GMCs, Jeeps--pretty much any car you'd expect to rent at Hertz. Naturally, most of the fleet is SUVs because that's what folks want to rent. My favorite ride? The mighty Jeep Grand Cherokee! This is coming from someone that doesn't like domestic autos, in general, and Chrysler products in particular (because we had to bail them out twice).

    The Jeep Grand Cherokee is simply awesome from a driver's standpoint. The 3.6L V-6 engine and 8-speed automatic transmission are outstanding and work extremely well together. The chassis and suspension are superb, well-tuned, and provide excellent feedback to the driver. I haven't driven a chassis/suspension setup so well sorted since I test drove a Mazda3 about 3 years ago, except that this Jeep has better steering feedback than the Mazda. This big SUV will hustle through tight canyon turns at much higher speeds than you would ever expect and bad pavement doesn't upset the chassis at all. It's amazing! It's very stable and solid in the straight line sections too. It will effortlessly blow past slower traffic. The Jeep Grand Cherokee will flat-out move with no drama whatsoever.

    The Jeep GC is amazing! There, I said it. Chrysler obviously spent a great deal of time and money getting all the fine details sorted that add up to a great driving experience and it pains me to say so because I don't like the company. The interior? Nothing stands out. Gas mileage, reliability? Don't know and don't care. I'm speaking strictly from a driver's standpoint. I will grab the Jeep GC before any other car in the fleet. Honorable mention: Chevy Traverse. This is another extremely well sorted vehicle from a driver's standpoint that stands out from the other cars in the fleet.
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    Cool job
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    I like it. Our primary route is Jackson Hole Airport to Idaho Falls which is a beautiful 2 hour drive. Cars tend to stack up in Jackson because it's cheaper to fly out of Jackson than IF. We ride out in a van and drive a batch back to IF. Sometimes we deliver the other way. Sun Valley is another frequent destination. Not much money in it at all but I like to drive these nice cars to beautiful places. The van ride is the downside.
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    ~30 years ago when I did some 4-wheeling in the Rockies in Colorado with an off-road group. I was so envious of the guys who brought their pristine Grand Cherokees with road wheels and low profile tires to the trail rides. The wheels/tires were clearly not good for the rock and boulder strewn terrain, but the GCs got through effortlessly for the most part.

    Nowadays, I see a lot of Grand Cherokees in my area, my guess is 99% are for commuting, a different sort of hazardous duty.

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