Cadillac’s First Fully Electric BEV

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    [​IMG] First of GM's Next-Generation BEVs.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – January 13, 2019

    At this year’s NAIAS in Detroit, Cadillac revealed its first BEV. This will be the first model derived from GM’s future EV platform. GM announced that Cadillac will be at the vanguard of the company’s move toward an all-electric future.


    The Cadillac EV’s name and additional details will be revealed closer to launch. Overall, Cadillac said it will introduce new models at the rate of roughly one every six months through 2021.

    GM’s future BEV platform will be flexible, allowing the company to respond quickly to customer preferences with a relatively short design and development lead time. The Cadillac portfolio will eventually benefit from a variety of body styles that can be spun off this architecture.

    The most advanced components within this platform are the drive units and battery cells, both of which are being designed for maximum usability throughout GM vehicle lineups in different countries. The EVs can be configured in front-, rear- or all-wheel drive, and the output of their battery systems will be adjustable based on vehicle and customer needs.
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  2. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    This is not a car. It's a concept. AKA compliance vaporware.
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    Hi Edwin:

    They will make it. The question will be at what price. GM loves to overcharge for their BEVs/PHEVs and I doubt this one will be any different. Remember the $75,000 Volt.... I mean Cadillac ELR? They were discounting that one by $30k before its first year was up.

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    The ELR was rapid response to Tesla. Overpriced, yep, but it did have some Cadillac goodies, like the magnetic suspension, that models in the same price range had. They should have followed through with the real response to Tesla sooner.
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  5. xcel

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    HI Trollbait:
    The ELR suffered from the same problem the Volt did. Not enough passenger volume or rear seat leg, knee, and head room. Cadillac thought it could get away with rebadging an existing Chevrolet platform - like they have done for almost a century - and came up woefully short. I can only hope they do not make the same mistake but it is in their genes. Equinox or Traverse Electric anyone?


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