2020 Toyota Corolla Goes Hybrid!

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    [​IMG] 52 years since its introduction, the most efficient Corolla in history is almost ready for U.S. consumption!

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – November 28, 2018

    2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid!


    Los Angeles, CA -- From the 2018 LA Auto Show, Toyota introduces the refreshed 2020 Toyota Corolla but this time as a hybrid with a 50+ mpg combined rating!

    While the Big 3 have or will soon be leaving the C-segment, Toyota’s 2020 Corolla Hybrid runs head first into the gap by adapting Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive directly from the hyper efficient 4th gen Prius.

    The hybrid powertrain and battery in the new Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) Corolla platform have lost little cargo or passenger volume vs the std. Gas model while offering a 60/40 split fold down rear seat.

    The new hybrid system combines the very familiar akinsonized 1.8L I4 engine with two motor/generators through an electronically controlled planetary-type continuously variable transmission (CVT) transaxle. Combined system output of 121 horsepower yields enough performance to meet anyone’s daily needs.

    New Battery, Older Chemistry

    The Ni-MH battery pack employs a newly developed technology called Hyper-Prime Nickel to boost battery performance in a smaller and lighter package.

    A preload differential torque during low loads and low differential rotation is distributed to the left and right wheels, yielding improved stability. At mid-range and high engine loads, the preload differential functions as an open differential. I need more detail on this however…

    2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Exclusives

    The Corolla Hybrid rolls on 15” alloys w/ low-rolling resistance tires. The new multi-link rear suspension improves both handling and ride comfort.

    A 7-inch Multi-Information Driver Display (MID) includes the speedometer and hybrid system indicator/real-time battery charge status indicator. Drivers who like the visual appeal of seeing engine rpm can choose to display a tach.

    2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Infotainment

    The 2020 Corolla Hybrid includes standard Entune 3.0 Audio with an 8” touchscreen; six speakers; Apple CarPlay; Amazon Alexa; Entune 3.0 App Suite Connect; Safety Connect; Wi-Fi Connect; Scout GPS Link Compatible; Siri Eyes Free; auxiliary audio jack and USB 2.0 port with iPod connectivity and control; AM/FM; MP3/WMA playback capability; voice recognition training and tutorials; hands-free phone capability; voice recognition; music streaming via Bluetooth; customizable home screen, and weather/traffic information via Entune 3.0 App Suite. And it is still missing Android Auto. In other words, Scout GPS sucks Toyota!!!

    2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Safety

    The Corolla Hybrid features eight standard airbags and Toyota’s Star Safety System, which includes Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control, Traction Control, Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Brake Assist, Anti-lock Braking System, and Smart Stop Technology. All Corolla models come equipped with a standard backup camera.

    Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 is also standard and includes PCS (Pre-Collision System), Full-Speed DRCC (Dynamic Radar Cruise Control): capable of low-speed following up to speeds of about 24 mph. The Corolla can stop when the vehicle ahead comes to a stop, maintaining an appropriate distance to it. LDA (Lane Departure Alert) w/ Steer Assist: Designed to give the driver audible and visual warnings and, if necessary. It also detects excess weaving within the driving lane that might indicate driver distraction, inattention or drowsiness. LTA (Lane Tracing Assist): LTA is a lane centering function that will make constant steering inputs to help the driver keep the vehicle in its lane. AHB (Automatic High Beam) and RSA (Road Sign Assist) round out the system.

    Toyota’s promise to create hybrids that do not look like hybrids are beginning to show their face. Camry, Avalon, ES 300h, and RAV4. Add the Corolla to the list and they have covered just about all the bases.


    With an on-sale date this coming Spring, I cannot wait to drive this new super sedan! :)
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    Hey , this isn't quite as goofy-looking as the outgoing Corolla. Nice.
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    "While the Big 3 have or will soon be leaving the C-segment, Toyota’s 2020 Corolla Hybrid runs head first into the gap by adapting Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive directly from the hyper efficient 4th gen Prius."

    Which is what confounds me about the 'big 3'.

    The corolla hybrid is the perfect commuter car turn beater that will be around for 200,000+ miles that mom and dad are going to send Bif and Kat off to college in. Bif and Kat are going to have some brand loyalty going forward into their adult car buying lives. Now the 'big 3' start looking like the 'shrinking 3' -- isn't that how it works?

    /add, and even if better/cheaper BEVs are around the corner -- 50+ mpg is hard to beat from a practical standpoint -- even with $4+/g gas. Now throw in time to build charging infrastructure and time to build consumer confidence in said BEVs -- you're talking decades away from market share dominance.
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  4. priusCpilot

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    A bit too bland for my tastes. This will compete with the insight but let see which is better.
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  5. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Without driving either one.............. Insight wins.
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  6. Carcus

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    I agree, but the Corolla has 3 strong points vs the insight:

    1. Price -- I'm guessing $2,500 difference (comp equipped), maybe more between the two cars. (if Toyota can price this @ $21,500- ish, they ought to sell quite a few.)
    2. Reliability -- Toyota's Nimh hybrid reputation is second to none, I think Honda is good now -- but they are still a little tainted from their first effort in hybrids
    3. ACC -- A big feature in my book. I've driven Toyota's and have been impressed/ have not driven Honda's but I don't think they are up to the same level.
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    The ACC in my Civic is not good. The changes between cruise / acceleration / deceleration states are too abrupt. And it accelerates and brakes harder than I would like.
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  8. Trollbait

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    Margins are tight on 'smaller' cars. The Corolla outsells the Cruze and Focus by two to three times. Keeping the Corolla around is easier to justify in terms of money flow than the others.

    Then the Focus and Cruze aren't really going away. We will be getting a crossoverish Focus hatchback that, honestly, looks just like the current one with roof rails. Then the plant that makes the Cruze hatchback isn't being closed, and for all we know GM could be moving sedan production there.
    I thought those would be adjustable, or is it just following distance?
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  9. seftonm

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    The only thing I saw how to adjust was following distance.
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  10. xcel

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    That said, another possible reason we are finally seeing a hopefully much less expensive Corolla Hybrid is Insight sales over the past few months have been pretty good. While not stellar, they are enough to make a dent in the slowly declining sales of the Prius here in the U.S. Especially October's result.

    2018 U.S. Honda Insight vs Prius Liftback Sales

    October - 2,140/3,772
    September - 1,844/4,370
    August - 2,212/5,230
    July - 1,972/4,531
    June - 274/4,786 <-- Short launch month for Insight

  11. Trollbait

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    I think any hybrid that comes to market puts a dent in Prius sales. Let's face it, the Prius' heyday was because of higher fuel costs and there not being much other choice, not because the masses actually liked the car.
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  12. Luke

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    Hi Wayne, any site where to get these numbers? hybridcars.com used to have their monthly sales breakdown for hybrids/PHEV/EV but seems they stopped.
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  13. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    I believe the Prius sells in times of cheap fuel partly because of Toyota's stellar reputation for quality.

    Buying anything else , except perhaps an Insight , would be like rolling the dice , for me anyway.
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  14. Luke

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    I see now those 2 numbers are still easy to get since they are separate models. But Honda Accord Hybrid or MDX Hybrid are not specified anymore and not sure if anyone has that data.
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  15. xcel

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    Hi Luke:

    I used to complete them on every monthly sales release but once GM went to a three month sales release schedule and the entire effort seemed a bit out of sorts to report Ford on down and the Hybrid and Electric section missing Volt and Bolt sales results.

    I have asked Honda in the past for the Hybrid breakouts after they stopped publishing them earlier this year and they refused. No sense in beating a dead horse and wasting my time any more.

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  16. Luke

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    Honda only mentioned over 5K sales in November '18. So that would likely be between 1-2K sales for Accord Hybrid (5,000-1,833-1,903) which is surprisingly small % of total Accord sales given small price premium. But Toyota typically does bit better with hybrid sales %. I'm guessing since people know they offer these models, and I noticed some people are unaware that Honda even offers some of these models. RAV4 Hybrid should be still at top of hybrid car sales surpassing Prius.

    UPDATE: I found Toyota at least does break out sales numbers: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-rel...rts-us-sales-for-november-2018-300758918.html

    Seems combined Prius sales are actually bit higher now than RAV4 hybrid (5,492 vs 3,907).
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  17. Trollbait

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    Yeah, but the Prius c isn't really a Prius. Might as well count the Corolla and Camry together. I am surprised that there is still Prius v around to be sold. Then the Prime isn't a like comparison for hybrid sales.
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  18. Luke

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    I missed at end of link they do break out those numbers. Prius+Prime outsells RAV4 but excluding Prime it doesn't. But then again YTD 2018 it does. Either way close and certainly change from just few years ago. Maybe a RAV4 Prime might do well... Toyota originally didn't even wanted to do PHEV's.
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  19. Carcus

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    We can now answer the age old queston:

    Q. “Just how much of an mpg gain is the “aerodynamic/futuristic” shape of the Prius worth?”

    A. -4%

    EPA Highway MPG
    Prius Hybrid: 50 mpg
    Corolla Hybrid: 52 mpg
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  20. BillLin

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    Are you talking about the more efficient shape of a sedan (debatable, but I've seen sedans do very well aerodynamically so I'd probably concede that) or something else. The 2020 Corolla and 2019(?) Prius aren't quite the same. The EPA gives the Prius a couple extra cubic feet in passenger room and puts the Prius in the mid-size category versus compact of the Corolla. I wasn't able to quickly look up curb weights to compare.

    The MPG figures at the EPA site are interesting as well. You can see the difference between the different Prius models. The Prime is basically the same shape and heavier, but it still does fairly well for highway rating. I doubt the wavy rear windshield helps that much.
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