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Discussion in 'General' started by NeilBlanchard, Nov 12, 2018.

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    I got my PEBL about 2 1/2 weeks ago, and so far, I have commuted 6 times in it, and ridden it on at least 4 other occasions.




    I have ridden about 260 miles, and most of the commutes are on two rail trails; which are really great. On roads, it becomes a challenge to avoid sunken storm drains, and potholes, and cracked pavement.

    My PEBL has the largest available battery, which is 64Ah, and is rated to go as far as 100 miles. The PEBL is an electric / pedal hybrid - primarily you use the 750w / 1HP electric motor. It is electronically limited to a bit under 20MPH, and so it is classified as a bicycle. Technically, it is an enclosed recumbent reverse trike - and it is legal to use anywhere a bicycle is used.

    The 64Ah battery is nominally 48V, and that means it is ~3kWh. If you ride it the 100 miles (which would be flat ground and optimal conditions), then that would be over 1,100MPGe. In real life, with hills and wind, I think 75-80 miles would be a good distance to expect. I have ridden it about 58 miles on two different days, and I used about 2/3rds the charge. The lowest voltage I have seen is 46.2 (it bottoms out at 42V and maxes at 54.5V), and this is not linear, so I am making a guess.

    Here's a short video of part of my commute on one of the rail trails:

    It is not a stealth vehicle - the motor is a DC unit, and it has a reduction gear - which is making most of the noise you hear. The PEBL with the base 16Ah (~25 mile) battery weighs 210 pounds, so mine is probably closer to 240 (with optional larger battery, wider tires, wiper).
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    Neil , that is so cool !
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    Thanks Edwin! It is a total rethinking of personal transportation, and it is a long way from perfect, but it has a lot going for it.

    For those in warmer climates, there is also the Organic Transit 'ELF':
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    Hi Neil:

    I love this!

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    I rode my PEBL 87.9 miles over two days, and the battery pack was at 44V. Cutoff is 42V, on the unloaded reading. About half of that was using the high power mode. I weigh about 235 pounds, and there are a fair number of hills around here; including the one my house is on. About half the time, I was in high power mode.

    The starting voltage is 54.4V, and the nominal is 48V. The battery is 64Ah total, so it is roughly a 3 kWh pack. If you count the whole charge, that is still pretty sweet at 34.13Wh/mile aka 987MPGe! (33.7kWh = 1 gallon gasoline)

    54.4 - 42 = 12.4
    10.4 / 12.4 = ~84% so 987 + 16% = 1144MPGe

    Not too shabby!

    I have ridden it about 1225 miles, total so far. I am now using Map My Ride, to log distances.

    In early August, I am planning a 167 mile trip (each direction) - day and a half each way for travel, with 6 days there. First day is about 94 miles (with a brief charge at halfway) and the second day will be 73 miles on one charge.

    Total elevation climb going is over 6800 feet and the total drop is over 6500 feet. The reverse on the way home, of course.
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  6. There is one of those riding by my workplace a few times a week. I like it
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