Tire Question: What Would You Do?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jay, Oct 5, 2018.

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    With more "go" capability, you have more chance to be going faster than you should in icy conditions. Most of the cars I see off the side of a highway in a snow storm are 4wd/SUVs. Too many people don't have good sense. You're an experienced driver, so if you're fine with your car's rear end coming around on a curve, okay. Just don't kill anyone else. You did fine for 50 years without snow tires but have a new found liking of snow because you have front drive traction with decent tires up front. Do you have 50 years of experience driving with unbalanced traction?
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  2. litesong

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    Tho I love the snow tires for the snow, on the bare pavement, they are quite noisy.... specially the right tire. I note that the tread on the right side is slightly deeper than the left tire. Has anyone noticed if snow tires are noisier when the tread is deeper? What are your observations?
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  3. The Goodyear Winters I put on the truck this winter don't seem any louder than the Michelins I run in the summer. Didn't really notice any noise difference when I ran Blizzaks either, but it has been a few years since they were new.

    The wife has some belle tire winter tires we got on CL on her caravan and they are LOUD.
    We also put some CL find winter tires on the kids Saturn. I think they are Belle tire too, can't remember, but they are loud too.
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  4. litesong

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    Thank you for your reply. My snow tires (one with a little less tread) are studded, which I assume the studs are causing much of the noise. But, my question was whether snow tires with more tread cause more noise than snow tires of less tread. I wonder if more tread should allow the studs more contact on the pavement?
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    I also use winter tires. I would love to spend money to my car lol
  6. litesong

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    Like I said in January, "I had two free true snow tires (w/studs) & had them put on my (Hyundai) Accent fronts". Maybe tomorrow, it's time to remove the snow tires.
  7. litesong

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    With winter passing (fingers crossed), I changed the 195x75x14 inch snow tires/wheels back to my all season 205x65x15 inch tires/wheels. Ahhhh, the tires do sound nicer (than the studded snows), feel a bit smoother & make the Accent more acceptable. I enjoyed the snow tires in the snow & will use them again next year, if the snow visits. Did I say free is nice.
    Pretty soon, I'll change some tires/wheels on the Elantra. Hey, i got tires & wheels to change.... just to change the looks. Yeah, that is nice, too.
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  8. litesong

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    Oh, yeah. Reading thru this old thread, hey I can put snow tires back on the Accent! I got the original sized small tires on the back wheels right now. So if I put the big snow tires on the front, Accent is going to look wierd…….hey, I never cared what the Accent looked like & ain’t goin’ ta worra’ now. But, Accent WILL be at its greatest “silly factor” ever.
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