All-new 7th Gen 2019 Lexus ES 300h Preview

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    [​IMG] The sharp looking luxury marque receives a new larger platform, new infotainment, and the most advanced safety capability available.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – May 30, 2018

    2019 Lexus ES


    The all-new 7th gen Lexus ES comes on the heels of the current offering which I have lauded about its full-size comfort and luxury appointments. The all-new ES builds on its predecessor’s strengths with an all-new chassis and more modern exterior design.

    The all-new ES more spacious, quieter and safer than ever before attempting to attract a new generation of buyers with higher straight-line performance, better ride while also offering better road holding and driving feel, and the very latest active safety technology.

    2019 Lexus ES Exterior Design

    Built on the all-new Global GA-K platform architecture, the new ES follows on the all-new 2019 Avalon’s strengths. The ES is 2.6 in longer, .2 in lower, and 1.8 in wider than before. The wheelbase has been increased by 2 in and the designers reduced front and rear overhangs.

    Like the all-new Avalon, the all-new ES offers two different grille designs. The standard ES 350 and the ES 300h use vertical bars while the ES 350 F SPORT uses a blacked-out pattern consisting of “L”-shaped clusters with cut outs at each corner of the fascia.

    Out back the all-new ES incorporates wraparound LED taillamps while the F SPORT incorporates a rear spoiler, additional rear badging and a dark lower valance. A standard 17-inch and two 18-inch alloys are available on the ES 350 and ES 300h while the ES 350 F SPORT gets standard 19-inch alloys.

    2019 Lexus ES Interior Design


    Like the ES’ before it, the all-new design is even more driver focus while front passengers will feel the new airier interior with the most meticulous craftsmanship ever found within the ES lineup.

    Moving to the rear seat, the seventh-gen still provides the luxury full sized like leg and knee room thanks to that additional 2.0 inches of wheelbase while still offering good headroom as the hip point has been dropped by an inch to make up for the lower roofline of the new more sleek profile.

    The F SPORT uses sophisticated looking fluctuating wave pattern metallic trim inspired by a traditional Japanese sword. The standard ES 350 and ES 300h will continue to offer traditional hand-crafted materials like Matte Bamboo, Linear Dark Mocha and Linear Espresso wood.


    2019 Lexus ES Chassis

    The newly developed GA-K chassis using various grades of high-tensile strength steel reduces weight while offering higher rigidly. The design also incorporates an all-new multi-link rear suspension design, rack-mounted electric power steering and a V-brace mounted behind the rear seat.

    Like the highest trim Avalon, the all-new Lexus ES F SPORT can be equipped with an Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) that includes 650 levels of damping force. Another F SPORT exclusive is a Sport+ mode for the Drive Mode Select system that selects the most aggressive engine, transmission and suspension settings for maximum performance. A new Engine Sound Enhancement feature is also activated in Sport+ mode that adds an additional layer of engine noise that enhances the natural rhythms of the spirited driving.

    The multi-link trailing arms pivot from a higher position to place the pivot axis of the tire rearward for better bump absorption is standard. Think Mazda6 and you have the picture, The shock absorbers are tilted forward, bushings on the trailing arms and arm joints all combine to provide a softer ride without reducing the all-new ES’ handling qualities.

    2019 Lexus ES Drivetrain

    All ES 350s are powered by a 302 hp (+34) and 267 lb-ft of torque (+19) 3.5L V6 with an updates D4-S fuel injection system.

    The ES 350 is now mated to the all-new wide ratio 8-speed Direct Shift AT offering faster launches and higher efficiency at highway speed.

    Where it gets good is the all-new fourth gen Hybrid Drive System we have seen and experienced in both the 2018 Camry, and 2019 Avalon will be available in the all-new 2019 Lexus ES!!! Hot damn!!! :)

    The fourth-generation Hybrid Drive System uses the 41+ percent thermodynamically efficient Atkinsonized 2.5L I4 with a lighter, smaller, and more power dense electric motor and self-charging hybrid system with 215 total system hp. The all-new 2019 ESh has a preliminary EPA estimate 44 mpg combined rating. This compares favorably to the base 2019 Avalon XLE HVs 43/44/44 mpgUS city/highway combined rating but in a much better looking and more aggressive platform.

    The 2.5L I4 includes smaller diameter bores and longer strokes reducing cylinder area and heat loss, a much high compression ratio (14:1), straight intake ports to reduce pumping losses, increased valve angles to promote increased swirl, and laser-clad valve seats.

    A variable capacity oil pump, multi-hole injectors, electric – not hydraulic - VVTi-E control the intake valves and a variable cooling system also contribute to the engine’s impressive efficiency.

    The hybrid system can better mimic the feel and power delivery of a standard gas engine. And like the all-new Avalon HEV, the all-new ESh uses an all-new nickel metal hydride battery that is smaller and mounted beneath the rear seat allowing the HEV to have the same cargo volume as the non-hybrid ES’!

    2019 Lexus ES Safety

    The all-new Lexus ES is equipped with Toyota’s latest Safety System+ 2.0 standard. This is a generation ahead of the Avalon HEV and now aligns with the high-end Corolla hatch’s equipment.

    In three short paragraphs, I describe what took years and millions of hours of work to seamlessly incorporate into the most advanced Lexus ES ever designed.

    How about daytime bicyclist detection within the Pre-Collision System (PCS). PCS has also been enhanced to help better detect a pedestrian at night by increasing the radar’s sensitivity and dynamic range.


    2019 Lexus ES Infotainment

    The ES is the first Lexus product to offer Apple CarPlay. Siri Eyes Free is also standard. Like the all-new Avalon, you and I both know what is missing. Still no Android Auto.

    The ES is also Amazon Alexa enabled, so drivers can use natural language commands to control a variety of functions remotely.

    On board Verizon Wi-fi is also standard, while optional NAVI includes the large and easy to understand 12.3-in wide central display. The all-new NAVI system is also capable of receiving over-the-air updates for improved routing and the latest Points of Interest (POIs). Models without navigation incorporate a standard 8-inch display and Remote Touch Interface (RTI) trackpad.

    The F-Sport’s rear spoiler may be useless, but the ES Hybrid itself looks great.​

    2019 Lexus ES Early Conclusions

    While only a preview, from our recent drive of the 2019 Toyota Avalon HEV in Del Mar, CA, in the city, nothing on the planet other than a full electric will touch the all-new 7th Gen ES’ efficiency. Out on the super slab, nothing has the range, low cost and refueling convenience while crossing Deserts, Forests, Plains and Panhandles anywhere in the world. And it looks cool too!!! ;)

    PS: I am heading to the Nashville, TN short lead in just a few hours and hope to drive it hundred(s) of miles on Friday.
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    Hi All:

    So what was in Nashville, TN that I needed to drive to this week besides listening to the best live Country Music in the world?

    How about an opportunity to drive a brand new 7th Gen 2019 #Lexus #ES 300h #Hybrid!

    Driving impressions are verboten until the 7th but a quick, short, compressed, mini, micro, glimpse via 6.5 minute static overview should be ok, right? I think.

    With a 2" longer wheelbase and 1.8" wider body shell than the outgoing model, the all-new ES will provide future owners with 99.9 cu.ft. of passenger volume and a whopping 16.7 cu.ft of cargo - trunk - volume.

    Besides the new 4th gen 215 total system output 2.5L Hybrid system pushing the 3,650ish lb car to 60 in just over 8 seconds, its preliminary EPA is 43/46/44 mpgUS city/highway/combined rating. As I wrote in the 2019 #Lexus ES preview on CleanMPG the other day, this particular sedan offers the highest efficiency of any luxury model without a plug on the planet. What did it provide on the rolling hills around Nashville? I cannot say for another week but it was good.

    New more luxurious materials and 3-dimensional design cues inside make for an attractive driver and passenger space, and the driving position is ... To much information...

    Here is a quick static preview of the **** ******* ***** ********* ********. <-- Yes, that is embargoed too.

    Availability is scheduled for sometime in early September.

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    I had thought the ES line was based off the Camry? It was in the past? Lexus is killing the Germans in looks in my opinion.
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    Gentlemen, forgive me, but that is one of the ugliest cars I've seen in a long time. Obviously sales will give the relevant opinion on design, but to me, Toyota seems to be following Mercedes down the wrong road.
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    In this case, beauty is more than skin deep.
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    IMO Mercedes and Lexus have done a good job in designing cars in the last years. Maybe "Gentlemen" are not the target buyers :D
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    I like the more conservative designs , like VW and Audi. But I could get used to the gaudy wrapper
    on this car because of its overall goodness. Ugly is only skin deep.
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    I agree it's far from what I'd call pretty, but either I'm getting used to the spindle grille, or stylists are finally learning how to apply the ugly stick fewer times with it. It's actually a decent looking car, a bit aggressive for being an ES, but it looks cohesive and the proportions look "right" for an entry-level premium. Though purely on looks I go Audi all day long, and twice on Sunday, Cadillac second, Infiniti third. The interior looks pretty nice, even if I'm not a fan of the asymmetrical look. I'd be fine with that interior as long as it lives up to Lexus standards.

    Regarding its capabilities, I think what we see here is what Toyota and Lexus have always been best at: the constant refinement of products. You sort of know what you're getting, but the new one is always just that little bit better. It's exactly what I'd have written in the design brief for this car.
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    Hi All:

    The best midsize luxury car available? It is in my book.

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    Hi All:

    From the idwest Automotive Media Association Fall Rally #MAMA18FR in Joliet, IL last month, the 2019 Lexus ES 300h dominated as evidence by this RT efficiency drive. Amazing!

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    Hi All:

    2020 Lexus ES What's New

    2020 Lexus ES

    43/44 mpg city/highway still leads the segment by a good margin.​

    New Standard Features:

    ES 300h Exterior: Standard power-folding outside mirrors on Premium, Luxury and Ultra Luxury
    Android Auto added this Fall!
    Updated Enform trial periods beginning Fall 2019

    New Optional Features:

    Blind Spot Monitor w/RCTA available as a standalone option on Base model (Premium package required)

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