Memorial Day Appliance Shopping

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    Hi All:

    As I am trying to get ready to drive from San Diego back to the Midwest for the Midwest Automobile Media Association (MAMA) Spring Rally in Elkhart Lake, WI early tomorrow morning, I am spending an inordinate amount of hours looking at appliances beginning yesterday afternoon and all morning today. My wife Marian wants all-new appliances since the dishwasher performed its last cleaning cycle two days ago.

    Thankfully the Memorial Day appliance sales are in full force...

    Samsung 4-Piece Appliance Bundle

    Not to scale obviously. ;)

    Here is what my research has provided so far:


    Install on the refrigerator ($44.98), microwave ($119.99) and Stove ($226.96) = $391.93

    Totals: $3,689.96 + $391.93 = $4,081.89 + Tax delivered and installed

    if we included the Samsung Storm dishwasher vs. Bosch 800 AND if the $300 4-piece bundle discount is available, it looks like this:

    Install on the Dishwasher (free), Refrigerator ($44.98), Microwave ($119.99) and Stove ($226.96) = $571.91

    $3,639,96 + $571.91 - $300 Samsung Bundle Disc. = $3,731.89 + Tax delivered and installed



    The Costco 4-piece Samsung Appliance Bundle ($4,499.99) includes some installation but probably not all and is much more expensive even with install added. The Samsung Range is one sub-model number different - NX58M6650WG (Costco bundle) vs NX58M6630WG (BestBuy) - and costs $300 more than the one Marian selected. Links to both at BestBuy.

    The Refrigerator and Microwave are the same. The Bosch 800 Dishwasher is better than the Samsung Storm.

    All-in, a non-starter given the higher upfront costs.


    IF we were to go with a Samsung Storm dishwasher, Samsung offers a $300 4-piece discount from Lowes, here is the list and the pricing.
    Lowes Install on the Dishwasher ($125), Refrigerator ($Free), Microwave ($110) and Stove ($free) = $235

    $3,636 - Samsung $300 4-piece Bundle Disc. + $235 Install = $3,571 + Tax delivered and installed

    Lowes is the better deal for pricing and especially the low install pricing BUT they do not have the Bosch dishwasher in Black Stainless and we would lose the $300 Samsung bundle if we were to choose the Bosch.

    BestBuy has free install on the Bosch Dishwasher vs the Samsung dishwasher. Minus the $300 discount as well.

    All-in, the Samsung Bundle through Lowes saves $160.89. Any thoughts as I have to make this happen by this evening before leaving for Chicago a little over 5 hours from now.

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    Hi All:

    Samsung dishwashers are not rated by the consumers that purchased them very high so I am having second thoughts about bundling even though the price is excellent. A highly rated Bosch 800 Series $900 dishwasher vs an average rated $650 Samsung unit will end up costing $445.22 more in the end.

    Samsung at Home Depot vs Lowes

    Range: ($898.20) NX58M6630SG - ($899) NX58M6630SG
    Refrigerator: ($1,599.30) RF263BEAESG - ($1,599) RF263TEAESG Dual Ice Maker

    Dishwasher: ($848.70) DW80M9550UG - ($849) DW80M9550UG
    Dishwasher Option 2: ($646.20) DW80K5050UG - ($649) DW80K5050UG

    Microwave: ($288) ME18H704SFG - ($289) ME18H704SFG

    Setup 1: $3,423.19 vs. $3,571 + Tax delivered and installed
    Option 2: $3,329.67 vs. $3,371 + Tax delivered and installed

    Subtract the Dishwasher and Home Depot goes to $2,874.90. Add the Bosch dishwasher from Best Buy and the total is $2,874.90 + $899.99 = $3,774.89 + Tax delivered and installed.
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