Sony a6300 w/ Sigma Prime lenses - Hoya 46 mm Circular Polarizer

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    Hi All:

    I am hoping that the addition of this Hoya 46 mm Circular Polarizing filter will help with my over exposed shots taken in strong day light sun. Not the head on or right behind but any with a 20 to 160 degree offset from the sun front or rear should show better correct color, less haze, more detail, and less reflection.


    To reduce vignetting, I can only really use this on the 60 mm (90 mm equivalent) f2.8 Sigma Prime however. You have to be a ways back to use a 90 mm lens.

    I am also considering a Tiffen .6 Graduated Neutral Density Filter to shoot into the sun with some block of the harshness above while capturing the full pic from below thanks to the smooth gradient. A lot of wasted $s - $89.77 shipped for the kit - as I have to buy three lenses, one including a circular polarizer I just bought. Filters are linked in the pic.


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