Hyundai’s all-new 4th gen 2019 Santa Fe to Include a Turbo Diesel

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    [​IMG] The Hybrid drivetrain was almost a shoe in. The Turbo Diesel is even more tantalizing. :)

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – March 6, 2017


    Hyundai premiered its all-new fourth-generation Santa Fe with the brands latest safety and infotainment, high trim interior, and something else…

    2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Design

    The all-new fourth-generation Santa Fe includes the Composite LED headlamps and DRL design along with Hyundai’s signature Cascading Grille. I have not seen many pics of the all-new Santa Fe but the front overhang appears overly large?

    Inside the Santa Fe has adds improved visibility to the rear with larger rear quarter glass. More importantly, drivers and front passengers will receive electric extendable lower seat cushions with 10 different positions. YEAH!!!

    The new Santa Fe second row legroom is increased by 1.5 inches and the seat is .7 inches higher. The new one-touch folding seats ease passenger access to third-row seats. Headroom in the third row has also been improved by .9 inches.

    2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Drivetrain

    The following table is all we need to know. It will be mated to a wide ratio 8-speed AT as well. :D


    2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Safety

    The fourth-generation Santa Fe features Hyundai SmartSense active safety and driving assistance technologies. These include a Rear Occupant Alert, Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist, Blind-Spot Collision Warning, Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist with pedestrian detection, Lane Keeping Assist, Speed Limit Info Function, and Safety Exit Assist which prevents accidents by sensing when vehicles approach from behind and temporarily locking the doors before being opened, so that passengers can exit the car safely

    On the passive front, the 2019 Santa Fe is built from high strength steel - 57 percent - with high impact energy absorption and minimal distortion to protect passengers in the event of a collision. This has also reduced the Santa Fe’s overall mass.

    2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Ride and Handling

    The new Santa Fe’s suspension and steering delivers a smoother ride feeling by reducing the impact and vibration when driving on rough roads. The suspension has been stiffened and placed vertically to give longer travel length for more ride comfort.

    Road noise is reduced by reinforcing the floor panel and incorporating more materials in the carpet.

    The optional self-load-leveling suspension controls the continuous ride height regardless of the vehicle load through a self-contained damping and levelling control.

    2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Infotainment

    The all-new Santa Fe offers allows future owners three systems:

    An optional 8” infotainment system integrates all navigation, media and connectivity features, supporting both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. To enhance vehicle operation the system includes a rear-view camera with dynamic guidelines and trailer view.

    The mid-trim Display Audio system allows passengers to switch their smartphone’s content onto the system’s 7” display via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The Display Audio system also features an integrated rear-view camera with dynamic guidelines and trailer view.

    The base Audio system incorporates a 5-inch monochrome TFT screen featuring radio, Bluetooth connectivity, AUX-in and USB connection. Additionally, there is a new 7–inch TFT color display information screen located in the center of the instrument cluster between the two dials. Given this is a Global release, I doubt we will see the 5” display here.

    The 2019 Santa Fe also provides a wireless Qi smartphone charging pad. The phone’s charging status is visualized with a small indicator lamp above. To ensure the phone will not be forgotten inside the car, the central display in the instrument cluster will show a reminder when switching off the car. The Santa Fe also comes standard with a USB port and an AUX jack.

    The all-new 2019 Hyundai SUV features a full heads-up display (HUD) with class-leading luminance projects relevant driving information onto the windshield.

    And what do we care about? While I was hoping for the Sonata’s Hybrid drivetrain, the 2.2l Turbo Diesel will provide higher highway efficiency and where should a large CUV be driven? Mostly highway. I cannot wait. :)
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    Nice! Good styling, a diesel, and what I expect will be another good Hyundai interior. Actually I don't think they'll sell many diesels, but kudos for the option. You called out the adjustable seats - as I get older, good, or at least adjustable, seats have become a real luxury for me, something I can live without but notice and appreciate when I have it.
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    Why doesn't someone build a diesel hybrid!! I guess if the new Gas HCCI engines get developed, that would also work!
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    I remember listening to a couple of interviews with OEM reps a while back explaining why diesel hybrids weren't as feasible as they sound. I wish I could recall what the reasons were, but at least at the time it made some sense to me.
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    I'm guessing cost and people's need for the upcharge to be paid for in fuel savings in a short amount of time. I'm okay with paying a little more for cleaner tech without payoff justification but only within reason.

    When buying a car that's available with either gasoline engine or diesel engine, the diesel option seems to have many $$ associated with it. Adding the battery and motors would just compound the problem.

    I liked the idea of the Volkswagon XL1 but not at its expected price.
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    in my experience, diesel engines are more efficient, get better economy and longevity than their gasoline counterparts to a point. Diesels typically excel in long distance, long trip applications. Start/stop, short tripping, low load, running cold a lot of the time (exactly the scenario for a hybrid engine) not so much. I've known people who've used diesel vehicles in those applications and had them fail at quite low miles/hours of use. Combine that with the higher initial cost and it makes them less practical.
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    Maybe I'll start looking. IIRC it was some technical reason(s) and not a marketing/perception thing.
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    Electric motors' low end torque compliment the torque and power curve of a gasoline engine. Since diesels already generate low end torque, adding a motor may not provide the same benefit for the same cost. Another technical aspect against diesel hybrids could be in keeping their emission control systems at operating temperature.
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    There are lots of diesel hybrids. Locomotives, ships, very large mining trucks and mining equipment are all turbo-diesel/electric hybrids. The combination isn't usually found in passenger cars because diesel engines are very expensive and hybrid drivetrains are very expensive. Despite the cost, VW built a turbo-diesel/electric hybrid car, the 260mpg XL1.
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    The Peugeot 3008 could be configured as a diesel electric hybrid, reviews said it was good but too expensive.
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    Yet , lots of folks pay mega$$$$ for cars with literally three times the horsepower they could ever use. I could see paying $50K for a Prius-sized car with (small) turbodiesel and hybrid drivetrain.
    Somehow , I don't think they'll make one.
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    Locomotives and mining equipment are series hybrids because a traditional transmission would cost too much or simply be impossible to install.
    Ships use it because it offers advantages in weight distribution and maneuverability.

    Ford/Mercury had the Reflex and Meta One diesel hybrid concepts that met the cleanest emission bin of the time. The statement was that the cost premium was $9000. The car companies are having enough trouble selling gas hybrids at only $3000 over the ICE only offerings.
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  14. BillLin

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