Hyundai’s 2018 NEXO FCV

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    [​IMG] The NEXO second gen FCV will provide 370 miles range with improved performance and the ability to start in -20 degrees F temps in under 30-seconds.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Jan. 8, 2017


    LAS VEGAS, NV -- Hyundai announced that NEXO will be the name of its all-new, dedicated Fuel Cell Vehicle. Within the same presentation, they announced a bevy of new autonomous Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

    The NEXO is but one of 18 low emission Hyundai’s scheduled for release globally through 2025.

    Blind-spot View Monitor (BVM)

    Hyundai’s Blind-spot View Monitor shows drivers on a center cluster screen the rear and both side views of NEXO using cameras while changing lanes. Hyundai is the first automaker to provide drivers video footage from both sides of the vehicle.

    Lane Following (LFA) and Highway Driving Assist (HDA)

    Lane Following Assist is an all-new technology for Hyundai that automatically adjusts steering to help keep NEXO centered in its lane of travel. LFA can keep NEXO centered at speeds between 0 and 90 miles per hour on both highways and city streets. When paired with Hyundai’s Highway Driving Assist (HDA) which utilizes sensors and map data to ensure safe operation as well as automatically adjust speed in limited environments.

    Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA)

    RSPA allows autonomous parking or retrieval from a parking space with or without a driver in the car. The RSPA system can back a NEXO into a parking spot by itself with a touch of a button from the driver. When faced with any challenging parking scenario, NEXO drivers will be able to park with complete confidence and accuracy. I am nto sure what the challenge is but you know what I mean. :)

    Hyundai NEXO

    NEXO is Hyundai’s second-generation FCV that will be available in select markets around the world starting in early 2018. The NEXO has an estimated driving range of 370 miles, 105 more than the current Tucson FCV.

    NEXO testing has proven that the vehicle can start after being subject to overnight temperatures of -20 degrees Fahrenheit. NEXO boasts cold start capability within 30 seconds which is an industry-leading achievement and the fuel cell system warms up faster for maximum performance. The NEXO also has excellent cooling performance on steep grades with temperatures exceeding 120-degree Fahrenheit.

    Improvements in the air supply system, performance at high altitudes and refueling times, along with overall efficiency and fuel economy put the NEXO in a class all its own. In addition, the NEXO has improved power density and durability comparable with a gasoline-powered vehicles.

    The NEXO provides the following features over and above current FCVs
    • Lighter weight
    • Improved power-to-weight ratio
    • Faster acceleration from 0 to 60 mph than the Tucson FCEV
    • More cabin space
    • Allows the battery to be relocated to the trunk
    • Improved fuel cell system layout
    NEXO’s fuel cell stack and battery are smaller, lighter, and have more net power to supply a more powerful motor while being lighter in weight. Together the design improvements provide 20 percent faster acceleration to 60 mph than the Tucson FCV and the ever important 370 miles of estimated range. It can also be refueled from empty to full in just 5-minutes.


    Length(in.): 183.9
    Width(in.): 73.2
    Height(in.): 64.2
    Wheelbase(in.): 109.8
    Power: 135kW
    Fuel Cell: 95kW
    Battery: 40kW
    Motor: 120kW and 291 lb.-ft. of torque

    0 to 60 mph: 9.5 seconds
    Range: 370 miles

    If I could change one thing … The name leaves a lot to be desired.
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    Hi All:

    The reveal vid from this years CES.

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    Oh look! (1:04/1:47) They were able to integrate 3 hydrogen tanks AND a freaking battery into the vehicle without destroying the 'trunk'.
    But somehow, they just can't seem to make it work for CNG.....
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    Hyundai Begins Sales of NEXO Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle in Korea

    Hyundai just opened up the order books on its all-new NEXO fuel cell electric vehicle in Korea with 1,061 vehicles pre-orders between period between March 19-26, 2018.


    Hyundai also delivered vehicles to both local governments of the city of Ulsan and Gwangju in Korea. Ulsan is home to the “Hydrogen House”, created through joint efforts from Hyundai and Ulsan. In Gwangju, the handover occurred at a newly built DongGok hydrogen multi energy station.

    Hyundai announced a 10-year, 99,000-mile warranty for FCV components to reassure customers of the durability and reliability of their own fuel cell electric vehicles sold in Korea. Hyundai will service NEXO vehicles in all of its 22 service networks in Korea.

    The Nexo is currently retail priced in Korea at $64,0770 USD and $67,146 USD for the for the Modern and Premium trims respectively. With the current $32,550 Korean subsidy, retail of $31,527 and $34,596 is expected.

    Pricing of NEXO for out market will be disclosed closer to the US market launch.
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