Volt Gen 2 vs 2010 Prius 168 mile road trip

Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by alster, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. alster

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    Cost for 168.6 mile trip / Volt 2 vs 2010 Prius

    Yesterday my wife and I went to Portland Oregon to go shopping with our 2016 Volt. Miles driven round trip, 168.6 miles, electric used: 57 miles / used 13.6 KWH, had 3 miles left on gauge when we returned home.

    Miles driven on gas, 111.6, with 2.18 gal's used for 51.0 mpg indicated on gauge. Total cost for trip ($7.22), with gas at $2.499/ gal, and electric @ .114/ KWH, 15.5 KWH X .114 =$1.77 (includes charging losses)

    Now we could have taken our 2010 Prius 168.6 @ 52 mpg= 3.24 gal's used for $8.10 for trip.

    Volt savings: $.88 = a savings of nearly 11% in fuel cost.

    This is not an easy trip as we leave at sea level via Highway 26 with 3 mountain passes, 6 in total for round trip, with the highest @ 1642 feet. For the trip I use Hold Mode on Highway 26, and on the way back just prior to the passes I engaged normal / electric mode to equal out the climbing. 3 passes on gas engine and 3 passes back on electric power.

    Highway speeds and some city driving, 55 - 62 mph. Temps ranged from 55 to a high of 70 in Portland area with dry roads.

    I can't remember if anybody has done a comparison (Volt vs Prius) for a trip like this with everything being equal as much as possible.
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  2. Carcus

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    At those speeds and temps, my Civic would be 48 mpg (or higher). Total cost for civic trip would be : $8.74.

    cost per mile/ annual cost at 13,000 mi/year:

    Plug-in hybrid (Volt): .043/$559
    (Prius): .048/$624
    Efficient ICE
    (Civic,1.5t6MT): .052/$676
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  3. Carcus

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    If we figure a BEV at 11.4c/kwh for 2/3 of the miles (home charging) and 1/3 of the miles at 20c/kwh for fast charging -- 3.5 mi/kwh (allowing for charger efficiency losses) then a BEV would come in also at .041/$530

    13,000 mi/year fuel costs:
    BEV (next gen Leaf): .041/$530
    Plug-in hybrid
    (Volt): .043/$559
    (Prius): .048/$624
    Efficient ICE
    (Civic,1.5t6MT): .052/$676
    (SUV, 18 mpg): .139/$1806

    /I think the takeaway would be this: at today's fuel prices, anything more 'electrified' than efficient ICE puts you well into "diminishing returns" territory. (from a purely economic standpoint)
    //If you factor in the "ability to tow" factor, I think you can see why the Europeans have clung to their efficient ICE manual transmission sedans through many years of high tax fuel prices (i.e. $5.50+/gallon)
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  4. alster

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    A pure electric car is great if you have two cars, one that you can go anywhere there is a road or a highway and gas stations, and
    a 100% electric with a limited range. The Volt serves us well. An electric car when you want it to be, and a gas car as well. With only
    a push of a button I can go to gas engine operation or 100% electric power with the Volt. I don't know of any other car out there that
    can go over 50 miles on electric and 45-50 mpg just on reg. 87 octane gas.
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  5. BillLin

    BillLin PV solar, geothermal HVAC, hybrids and electrics

    The 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid is pretty close in EV range though a larger vehicle and probably not as efficient as the Volt on gas. I don't think we know yet what the Clarity plug-in is like in real world driving.

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