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    I grew up around a transmission shop, so I learned a lot about cars growing up. Instead of being a "stick it in D and go" person, I actually knew what was going on and what led to better or worse mileage. In high school, I decided to get a Pontiac Fiero instead of the common gearhead cars of the time. Since then, I've been consistently beating the EPA estimates in every car I owned.

    My current cars are a 13 Chevy Volt, 17 VW Jetta and 05 Acura MDX. I also have an 05 Chevy Trailblazer that is sitting in the backyard with some major leaks I haven't had a chance to get fixed up.

    The Volt is my newest addition, and I've managed to get 46 MPG at 80 on trips by playing with the modes and planning for terrain, but I know this car has a lot more potential in it. Not burning any gas around town is definitely a great thing.
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    Welcome, MPG Mom!
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  3. Welcome to the forum
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    Hi MPG Mom:

    Welcome to CleanMPG! The Volt is a fuel saver in no uncertain terms and it sounds like you are enjoying it! :)

    Post a pic or two as well!

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    Congratulations on beating the EPA on every car you've owned.

    Well, yes, the Volt has tremendous potential, but I don't think going 80 is one of the ways to get there. For instance, are you getting 46 MPG average with the engine running and going 80 MPH? That's somewhat doubtful. Or are you saying that with a say 100 mile trip you averaged 46 MPG (MPGe?) with electric + gas?

    In EV mode, you may average close to 100 MPGe, but again, not likely if you're doing 80 MPH.

    I'm just hoping you'll clarify. I'm not trying to downplay your accomplishments. Thanks in advance.

    Edit: from the steady states for a 2016 Volt...


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    Welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome!! hope you enjoy it here.
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    Hi Mom , and welcome !
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    Hey hey hey! Welcome aboard! :D
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