How some kill time with Google Earth.

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    I hang on another board and one of the games that is played when things are slow is where is Waldo. The location is generally known as the island of Corsica. In most cases 95% of the time the pictures are taken with in 5 kilometers of the city of Ajaccio which is located on the south - west coast of the island.

    So the individual in question posts the pictures below on Wednesday.



    Now tell me based on the information available to you, does this one look easy to solve?

    It took to late Saturday afternoon for one of the members on the board to nail it down.

    Using direction based on the angle of the sun, guessed time of the day and assumed direction of the flow of the stream, the location was pinned down pretty quickly.

    Tell me this isn't scary that an average person could pin it down to the exact freaking rock.

    Step one, narrow it down, the location is marked with the yellow pin on the left side.


    Step two, narrow it down even closer.


    Step Three get it down to the exact spot the woman and her husband were sitting. :p


    The hours of useless entertainment you can have with Google Earth.:)
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