VW I.D. Buzz - “2017 Concept Truck of the Year”

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    [​IMG] For the second time!

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Aug. 10, 2017

    2017 VW I.D. Buzz Concept - 270 miles of All-electric range battery electric concept Microbus. :)

    2017 VW I.D. Buzz


    For the second year in a row, a VW concept – the I.D. Buzz BEV -- has been named “2017 Concept Truck of the Year” at the 16th Annual North American Concept Vehicle of the Year Awards. The I.D. Buzz was honored from a panel of judges who praised its inventive combination of electric mobility and forward-thinking style based on the throwback Microbus without mimicking it. The award ceremony was held at the Concours d’Elegance of America at St. John’s in Plymouth, Mich., on July 30, 2017.

    The new electric MPV concept is the second model in the three I.D. concept vehicles shown so far. Built on the Modular Electric Drive Matrix (MEB), the I.D. Buzz highlights how electric power can be suited to larger vehicles, offering maximum utilization of space on the footprint similar to that of a medium-size passenger car. With the batteries and the drive system that provide an estimated AWD range of up to 270 miles housed in the floor, the driver and passengers find lots of space for traveling in comfort – along with up to 162.5 cu. ft. of cargo volume inside with the rear seats folded.

    The Buzz carries Microbus design cues but its tech is definitely 21st century!

    How about a retractable steering wheel that senses the driver’s intentions? And the headlights and exterior lighting that can provide communication with pedestrians based on its I.D. Pilot autonomous driving mode. Then you have the ambient lighting inside and out provide a visual signature that make the I.D. Buzz unmistakable and timeless.

    More than two dozen jurors participated in the selection process of the North American Concept Vehicle of the Year Awards. Twenty vehicles, each introduced to North America during this season's auto shows in LA, Detroit, Chicago, Toronto, and New York, were judged.

    The four award categories included: “Production Preview Vehicle,” “Concept Car,” “Concept Truck,” and “Most Significant Concept Vehicle.” The I.D. Buzz beat out other finalists in the “Concept Truck” category, which assessed vehicles with the primary attributes of user-configurable cargo volume and weight capacity. “Most Significant Concept Vehicle” is chosen from among winners of the three other categories and is determined by the car with the highest total score.

    Given this is the second time the I.D. Buzz has been awarded, I suspect there may be a good chance to see this on the road in the not too distant future.

    On a personal basis, I cannot wait to drive this beauty! :)
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  2. BillLin

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    I like it but I am concerned with front crumple zones. There appears to be lots of room between driver/front-passenger and the windshield, so there's probably lots of room under the front dash. I wonder if there could be additional storage in there?
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    VW really needs to build some working prototypes! I like this vehicle and the I.D. as well. They have got a really clean design sense, and they seem to be very practical (save the multiple element head lights).

    The crumple zone on EV's is more effective (all else being equal) because there is no large lump, that has to be worked around. The I.D. Buzz essentially has moved the windshield forward, so there the structure is forward of where it is in most cars. The distance from the front seats to the front bumper is similar to many vehicles. So, it should be fine.
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  4. BillLin

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    I was surprised at how engine-like it was under the hood of a Nissan Leaf. I guess they had to do something with all that useless space. :D It could have been as spacious as the Model 3's front compartment.
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    On one hand i am excited by this, but on the other hand it pisses me off.
    VW teased me once before, back in 2011, with the Bulli concept vehicle. According to VW back then, it was all but a shoo-in for production. I showed my wife and she fell in love with it and wanted one. Then VW , like Lucy, "yanked the football".
    Sooooooo, fast forward 6 years and here we are again. Do i dare to get excited once again at the possibility of being able to buy a VW like this? Or will VW screw me again, so that they can send some more 3 row behemoths here? I would love to be able to put something like this in my garage, and with AWD and a 200+ mile range, it would allow me to whittle my stable down to a manageable level. C'mon VW, make the right decision for a damn change!
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  6. dr61

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    Agree, time to get these on the road!
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  7. xcel

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    VW Moves to Place the I.D. BUZZ BEV Concept Into Production!

    VW management announces production plans for the 21st century Microbus at the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance

    Pebble Beach, California – At the Detroit Show in early 2017, Volkswagen showed the I.D. BUZZ concept car, a fully electric vehicle that taps in to the spirit and vibe that made the VW Microbus such an iconic vehicle — whether with Hippies and families in the Sixties or Surfer Dudes and Van Lifers today.

    VW Buzz I.D. Concept


    VW has made the decision to put the Volkswagen I.D. BUZZ concept car into production and Volkswagen’s CEO of the North American Region, Hinrich J. Woebcken is happy to welcome the car to North America. The Chairmen of the Boards of Management of the Volkswagen and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brands, Dr Herbert Diess and Dr Eckhard Scholz, announced the decision today at one of the most prestigious automotive events in the world — the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California.

    Within the framework of further development, Volkswagen has also set a launch date for the I.D. BUZZ. The vehicle will arrive at dealerships in 2022, after the compact four-door I.D. makes its debut. With the I.D. BUZZ, Volkswagen is mainly targeting markets in North America, Europe and China.

    Just like the concept car that was shown in Detroit, the production model will also have its batteries mounted in the vehicle floor. Because the electric drive components — electric motor, power electronics, and such —don't take up much space, the vehicle has a long wheelbase with short overhangs, allowing for a massively spacious interior and great proportions.

    The I.D. BUZZ won’t just be a passenger vehicle. Just like the classic T2, the I.D. BUZZ will both haul people and haul freight.

    Although Volkswagen's oldest and newest Microbuses will be separated by more than seven decades when the new model is launched, the I.D. BUZZ undoubtedly has the original's genes, as it offers maximum utilization of space on the footprint of a mid-size passenger car. Based on the new all-electric architecture, the production version of the I.D. BUZZ will incorporate many design ideas from the concept car, including multi-variable seating, interactive connectivity and highly automated driving.
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  8. xcel

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    Hi All:

    From the floor of the #LAAutoSHow, the VW I.D. BUZZ was on the show floor.

    2022 VW I.D. BUZZ Bus

    I cannot wait to drive this!!!

    Notice the accelrator and brake pedals? ;)

    Rear passenger interior.​

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  9. BillLin

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    The interior looks so spacious, and ready for reconfiguration. Slide and rotate the rear console forward? Slide the rear bench seat forward? Perhaps a seat-back/headrest visible in the rear for jump seats or a 3rd row? The under dash area looks so uncluttered. I don't know if I can stand it. ;) I hope this does well. Maybe smaller and lighter than the Pacifica? That should help efficiency, whatever the drive train, and more urban-friendly.
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  10. xcel

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    Hi All:

    A rumor I read about earlier today is the ID. Buzz or "Bus" is going to be delayed yet again...

    Probably to short of range more than likely?

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  11. Dorean Clarke

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    When will it be released? Would like to know more details about it.
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  12. Trollbait

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    Production of existing models have been cut back due to that chip shortage.
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  13. xcel

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    It has been 5-years since the prototype was introduced and, in that time, there has indeed been a lot of Buzz. VW has stated that the US reveal is coming in 2023 with a production variant ready for the consumer sometime in 2024. And I cannot wait! ;)

    In the meantime, here is another short story regarding a key supplier.

    Continental Supplies a Host of Technology and Components

    2023 VW ID.Buzz

    Almost ready for your next over the road adventure.​

    Continental has been closely cooperating with VW many years and played a significant role in the design and development of the ID. Buzz.

    Continental made important technological contributions in virtually all areas of the cult van – from the software and central computer architecture to the brakes and the sophisticated thermal management system for cooling the batteries.

    Continental supplies a variety of high-performance components developed in-house for the ID. Buzz, including the In-Car Application Server. The ICAS 1 forms the central data hub in the vehicle and acts as an interface between the ID. Buzz and the digital world. Developed by Continental in close collaboration with its subsidiary Elekrobit, the central high-performance computer, which also supplies the operating system, allows new software functions and security updates via an OTA wireless connection. At the same time, it offers range-optimized route planning and locates charging stations for the electric microbus, rendering “electric” traveling more convenient.

    Continental also developed the plug-and-charge function for the ICAS 1, whereby the server’s software can authenticate the registered vehicle at supported charging stations when the charging cable is plugged in both at home and abroad and takes care of the charging process and payment based on the stored charging contract.

    Continental also contributed its technology expertise to the thermal management system, tires and interior materials of the ID. Buzz. The vehicle is fitted with Continental’s EcoContact 6 Q summer tires which are mounted on 19 and 20” alloys. Thanks to their low rolling resistance, the tires save energy and provide the ID. Buzz the longest possible range. ContiSeal technology is also especially suited to the requirements of the ID. Buzz. In the event of punctures caused by objects with a diameter of up to five millimeters, it reliably seals the tire tread, preventing around 90 percent of tire damage. <-- Possibly not a fan due to the excess mass here… For tire replacement and use during the cold season, Continental’s entire range of winter and all-year tires is also available.

    EVs place particularly high demands on thermal management systems, with several cooling circuits needed for the batteries to ensure extended ranges and long battery life. Continental supplies the battery sensors and coolant lines for the ID. Buzz. When selecting the combination of leather-free materials installed in the passenger compartment, such as Acella surface material for the door inserts, Continental was able to draw on its experience with the AMBIENC3 concept vehicle, which was developed based on a VW T2 microbus. As a surface specialist, the technology company is thus driving the change from purely functional vehicle interiors to trendy, mobile living and workspaces.

  14. xcel

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    VWs ID. Buzz is Simply Galactic


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