New 2016 F150 XL owner in Kentucky

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  1. Hello all,

    Just purchased a flex fuel 2016 F150 XL and I am averaging about 16.8 Mpg. Looking to see what I can do to boost my mpg and get the most out of my petrol. At 32 gallons it is not cheap to fill up. Hoping I can learn some things to help get me further down the road.
  2. Welcome to the forum
  3. Thanks, appreciate it.
  4. Whats the specs on the truck? Engine, 2wd or 4, tires, etc
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    Welcome to the forum, what part of Kentucky.
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    welcome to the forum. What type of driving do you mostly do?
  7. Around Richmond
  8. Mostly driving back and forth to work. It is a f150 xl flex fuel king cab. Engine is a V8 5.0
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    Is it mostly city or highway? How long is the commute? Does you truck have a instant MPG display in the menu? That would be a big help in fine tuning you driving style?
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  10. IMG_1061.JPG IMG_1062.JPG My commute to work is 26 miles via I-75 south, unless they have construction going on. The first 1/4 of the trip is driving through town to get to the interstate. To get home I normally take a country rd. Constant 55 mph speed limit with no stop signs or lights till you reach town, about 3/4 of the total trip home. The truck does have the digital mpg gauge in the display.
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    Nice looking truck. I'm guessing you take a big hit in town that is hard to make up at Interstate speeds. Am I right? Do your best to time lights and conserve momentum in town. Accelerating all that weight takes fuel. Practice DWL and DWB and try to keep your instant mileage as high as possible when cruising. Can you take the back road on the way to work as well to keep your speed down? You may want to look at trying to improve the aero a little without being obvious. Maybe a box cover or a belly pan. Just some thoughts, good luck.
  12. What is DWL & DWB? I have been considering getting a cover for the bed.

    And yes I can take the back route to and from work. I was taking the interstate one way because I thought I would get better mileage that way. It is rated 17 city 22 Highway .
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    Sorry, there used to be a glossary of abbreviations on the site and I was in a hurry typing last night. DWL is driving with load. In other words, trying to keep the engine load as low as possible. For example, if you have a hilly stretch, you might gently speed up on the downhill and then drop speed going up. Watch your instant mileage display to see how your doing. DWB is driving without using brakes, or trying to use them as little as possible. Watch your light timing in your city stretch, let off early so you can coast up to the light and hopefully have it change before you get to it. That's the basic idea. Wind drag increases exponentially with speed so 70 is going to use way more gas than 55.
    Here is a link to some tips. Hope it helps.
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  14. Thanks for the explanation. Can anyone recommend a good place to get the spray bed liner applied, and where to get a cover for the bed?
  15. Craigslist. You'd be surprised how many guys do a 2-3 year lease, load the truck up aftermarket extras, then try to sell the parts for 50% or more off new price. Bought a 2 year old, less than 10,000 mile used bed cover for over half off new. And bought my used 1 season winter wheels for about 75%off new price
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    regarding driving techniques... here's one of Wayne's earlier posts with a whole bunch of great info:

    I'm not so sure that's exactly what's happening. I think it is more like keeping the load HIGH for the given input, but staying steady/low on the input for that hill climb. If my nitpick is correct, I think puddleglum knew what he meant and the semantics make no difference to the technique he described.
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    Congratulations on properly using a word so often misused by innumerates, "exponentially"! Specifically, the exponent is 2 in this case. (Therefore power to overcome aerodynamic drag increases with the cube of speed.)
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