Honda’s All-new 10th Gen 2018 Accord Reveal and Preview

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    [​IMG] Like the all-new 10th gen Civic, the all-new 2018 Accord is a looker without a doubt.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – July 14, 2017

    Meet the all-new 2018 Honda Accord

    From the drive train intro, preview and reveal stories, the 10th gen Accord has finally been released.

    New 10th Gen Accord is Nearing

    Quick Look at The All-new 10th Gen 2018 Honda Accord

    All-new 2018 Honda Accord Reveal

    This morning Honda pulled back the shroud of secrecy through a global reveal of its all-new 2018 Honda Accord. Like the 10th gen Civic reveal, the all-new 10th-generation Accord is new from the ground up and features a lighter and more rigid body structure and new chassis design. What stands out to me is the even larger size – now a true full-sized car with great looks!

    2018 Honda Accord Trims

    The 1.5L Accord will be available LX, Sport, EX, EX-L, EX-L Navi and Touring trims. The 2.0L will arrive in Sport, EX-L, EX-L Navi and Touring trims. The new Accord Hybrid will be available in five trims as a Hybrid, EX Hybrid, EX-L Hybrid, EX-L w/ Navi Hybrid, and Touring Hybrid.

    2018 Honda Accord Design

    The new Accord features a longer 111.4” wheelbase (+2.16 inches), a lower overall 57.1” height (-0.59 inch) and wider 73.2” (+0.39 inch) body, wider wheel tracks (+0.20 in. front, +0.79 in. rear), a shortened overall length (-0.39 inch) with shorter overhangs front and rear, and a lower seating position (-1.0” front and -0.79” back). That last attribute is really the only early fault. We will have to wait and see regarding the interior ergo when it finally arrives.


    Like the 16 Civic sedans, the new Accord is anchored by a thick vertical signature chrome wing front grille stretching over the top of the optional 9-lamp full-LED headlamps and LED fogs to either side. A longer and lower quad feature lined hood also stands out.

    The coupe like profile – no 2-door coupe will be offered – is being pushed to the limits to that of a sleek hatch in actuality. Why mess with success, right?

    Finally, Honda got rid of that spit welded roof to body seam covered by a black rubber covering over the rain gutter and moved to the much stronger and more modern laser brazed roof to body panel seam with the flexible adhesive, primer and body colored paint over it.

    Honda stated the Cd has been lowered by just 3 percent (based on EX trim) to make it the most streamlined Accord yet. Meaning they again chose a more standout design over aero. You cannot say they did the wrong thing given the new Civics’ success.

    A chrome upper Day Light Opening (DLO), chrome and body colored handle inserts, nice looking 19” alloys – I have not seen the 17s up close yet, and a lower rocker panel cutout underpinned by a neat chrome trim piece swopping up into and through the rear fascia is both attractive and distinctive.

    Out back there is new LED light-pipe taillights that look ok along with integrated dual exhaust ports for the 2.0L T equipped trims. The large indented cutout for the centered plate still takes up to much visual real estate. An area that the 18 Sonata refresh and all-new 18 Camry have it beat. The only place they have the all-new Accord beat with regards to the exterior design imho.

    Altogether, the all-new 2018 Accord design from the front, profile, and rear looks hunched down, mean, lean, and ready to attack the segment with gusto.

    I see a sleeker Audi A6...​

    2018 Honda Accord Chassis

    The new body structure is lighter and more rigid, with 29 percent ultra-high-strength steel and an overall 54.2 percent high strength steel (above 440 MPa).

    The Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure with crash stroke front frame, tailor-tempered rear frame members for improved crash-energy absorption, and an extensive use of structural adhesives for increased rigidity, cabin quietness and weight reduction. Total vehicle weight is down between 110 and 176 pounds, depending on trim or 3,060 to 3,191 lbs. Exact curb weights will be released closer to its consumer availability. Torsional and bending rigidity improved by 32 and 24 percent respectively.

    Macpherson struts up front with L-shaped aluminum control arms mounted to an all-aluminum front subframe is new. A updated multi-link mounted to a more rigid, floating rear subframe is standard out back, Fluid-filled compliance bushings at all four corners are said to improve ride comfort. All 2018 Accords also feature an Adaptive Damper System with the ability to adjust shock absorber damping force every 1/500 of a second, providing for a more compliant and controlled ride in all driving situations.

    The new Accord has a 10 mm lower center of gravity. The adoption of lighter-weight turbocharged engines and other body design changes reduce the vehicle's moment of inertia, resulting in crisper turn-in and steering response.

    All new Accords will arrive with a Two-Mode Driving System featuring Normal and Sport settings. The system engages with multiple chassis and drivetrain components, including the new dual-pinion variable-ratio electric power steering (EPS), automatic transmission, drive-by-wire throttle, adaptive dampers and Active Sound Control system, to provide the driver with an expanded range of driving characteristics.

    Along with the first application of structural adhesives, cabin quietness is further enhanced by a sound-insulating package that includes full underbody covers, front and rear fender and engine compartment insulators, alloy wheels with Honda-proprietary resonator technology, sound-absorbing carpet, acoustic laminated windshield glass – plus front door acoustic glass on EX and above – and a new, three-microphone Active Noise Control system.


    2018 Honda Accord Interior

    Moving inside, the new lower seating position is not the only thing that changes. Honda stated the front seats have been moved slightly inward improving hip, shoulder and head room. The longer wheelbase allowed the second-row seats to be moved rearward providing another 1.9” of extra rear seat leg. The 9th gen already offered one of the best seating positions with only the Passat and Sonata having a bit more room. That has now changed as rear seat Accord passengers will be sitting in a place they want to be instead of having to be. This is truly excellent news for future Accord owners with a family!

    The windscreen view has been increased with a lower cowl and A-pillars that are 20 percent narrower and moved rearward relative to the driver. New soft-touch instrument panel features an ultra-thin profile and three-tier design. I think Honda missed an opportunity here by not adding the passenger side center dash insert material as a thin band across the entire top layer separation. It would have added an even more distinctive flavor.

    Although the front seats have been moved inwards a touch, the wider overall Accord allowed an even wider and better padded center armrest and larger console

    New seat padding with variable firmness is said to improve seating comfort and support. I just hope like hell Honda added another .5 to .75” of length to that lower seat cushion for improved lower thigh support and kept the flatter lower bolsters to keep side thigh impingement to a minimum. My leather sofa and recliners do not have side bolstering and I do not want my car seats to hold me into one place that tightly either.

    The driver's seat now has available 12-way power adjustment with height-adjustable lumbar support, with both driver and front passengers can now bask in their lounges with both heated and ventilated front seats and optional rear seat heating with both seat bottom and seat back heating elements.

    An even larger 105.7 cu. ft. of passenger volume (+2.5 cu. ft.) and a whopping 16.7 cu. ft. (+0.9 cu. ft.) of cargo volume - read trunk w/ 60/40 split rear seats, the total volume leads the segment with 122.4 cu. ft in total. The new Accord is one super-sized mid-size reaching well into the full-size marketplace for sure! 16.7 cu. ft. of volume is also the same spec for the hybrid as the Li-Ion pack is now located under the rear seats. You know, lower location providing an even lower CG. 16.7 cu. ft. from a hybrid sedan trunk? Jesus H. Christ!!!

    2018 Honda Accord Infotainment

    A 7-inch driver's central display around the tach and speedo is standard. A new 800x400 7” Display Audio system w/ OPTIONAL Apple CarPlay and Android Auto <-- Another shortcoming to grab $s with higher end trims as sub $14k Elantra’s come with 7” displays and Android Auto and Apple CarPlay std. - is included with a modern floating touchscreen. An optional with the 1.5T and std. on the 2.0Ts 8” 1280x720 display is a clean modern design. And finally, Honda listened to their customers and put back both a Volume/Power and Radio Tuning knobs!!!

    The Accord also will offer the next-generation of HondaLink telematics with new capabilities including emergency roadside assistance, remote locking/unlocking and engine start, stolen vehicle tracking, remote diagnostics, geofencing, speed tracking and more.

    Touring trims with either the 1.5L or 2.0L-Ts also include a new 6-inch driver's Head Up Display with selectable information, including speed, engine rpm, turn-by-turn navigation, and Traffic Sign Recognition. The 2018 Accord also can be equipped with a wireless Qi charger, automatic Bluetooth phone pairing with Near Field Communication technology, 4G LTE in-car Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi-enabled over-the-air system updates.

    Audio systems vary by trim, starting with 4 speakers and 160 watts on LX, 8 speakers and 180 watts on Sport and EX trims, and 10 speakers and 450 watts on EX-L and Touring trims. All models feature USB charging ports (two 2.5-amp ports on EX and above) along with Bluetooth connectivity.

    2018 Honda Accord Drivetrain(s)

    Honda released a few more details beyond what we knew from the early June preview including that the 1.5L direct injected turbo is rated 192 hp and 192 lb-ft. of torque mated to either the CVT or 6-speed MT in the sport trim,

    The new 2.0L Direct Injected Turbo is rated at 252 hp and 273 lb-ft. of torque mated to the all-new new 10-speed AT. In Sport trim, a 6-speed MT is also available.

    2.0L Direct Injected and Turbocharged I4 mated to the 10-speed AT.​

    Sport trims for both 1.5L and 2.0L I4s will be available with the short-throw 6-speed MT.

    The upgraded 40+ percent thermodynamically efficient Atkinsonized 2.0L I4 in the Hybrid is attached to a modified third gen two motor system that Honda promised would top the segment. I have no doubt as their current two motor system tops the segment today. Even against the higher 53 mpg highway rated Camry I might add.

    The Honda-developed electric motors are the first drive motors in the world to use magnets containing no heavy rare-earth metals.

    A new more compact intelligent power unit (IPU), containing the hybrid battery pack and its control systems, is now mounted under the rear floor instead of in the trunk.

    All new Accords will now come equipped with an ECON mode is also available that helps improve fuel efficiency by modifying throttle mapping and HVAC operation.

    2018 Honda Accord Safety

    Along with Honda's latest Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure Honda Sensing is now standard ON ALL Accord's! Honda Sensing includes Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS), Lane Departure Warning, Road Departure Mitigation, Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow and new Traffic Sign Recognition. Additional available driver-assistive technologies include Blind Spot Information, front and rear parking sensors, Cross Traffic Monitor and Driver Awareness Monitor; and all models feature a Multi-Angle Rearview Camera with dynamic guidelines.

    Standard advanced active and passive safety systems include Vehicle Stability Assist with Traction Control, Anti-lock brakes with Electronic Brake Distribution, Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), advanced front airbags, driver and front-passenger side airbags and new driver and front-passenger knee airbags.

    Together the all-new Accord will surely exceed any current and near future regs and crash tests improving your chances of walking away in case the most unfortunate incident occurs. Meaning a Top Safety Pick+ and NHTSA 5-star are all but guaranteed on all trims, not just a high-end trim or optional safety pkg. like most other OEMs provide.

    Production of New Accord Hybrid will occur back at the Marysville, Ohio. Yeah! :)

    The 2018 Accord's 1.5-liter and 2.0-liter turbo engines will be produced at Honda's Anna, Ohio engine plant, and its CVT transmission will be manufactured at the company's Russells Point, Ohio plant.

    The all-new, Honda-designed 10-speed automatic transmission will be produced at the company's Tallapoosa, Georgia facility.

    2018 Honda Accord Early Conclusions


    What else is there to say. It looks fantastic inside and out, the safety equipment is standard across all trims, the efficiency of the Hybrid is going to be better than its already segment leading status. The thing we have to wait for is EPA and pricing. There is a lot of standard equipment and technology and Honda is known to charge a pretty penny for its products right out of the gate. I hope they are competitive with the Camry and Sonata Hybrids in particular as those two hybrid models have undercut the current Accord Hybrid price by thousands.

    Also there was no mention of an Accord PHEV so that may be left exclusively to the all-new Clarity PHEV.

    Pricing and EPA will be released later with a fall release to the consumer.
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    It's nice looking. The chrome front would look much better blacked out. Not really feeling the wheel designs that look like the outside faces have been pressed against a grinding wheel; though they seem to be all the rage on Asian cars these days. Look at these cool Honda Civic Hatch wheels they can get in Europe:


    Why can't we get nice looking wheels here?
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    Hi Jay:

    I am ok with the Touring trims 19" alloys. When it comes to the Sports or the Hybrid wheels however, I am not as enthusiastic about the aesthetics.

    Everyone let me know what you think about the next two pics.

    2018 Honda Accord Sport


    2018 Honda Accord Hybrid


    The lower front profile shot of the Hybrid in particular does not show the new Accord in as nearly as good shape as those taken from the front and at a larger angle off the corners.

    I have been looking at these shots in super hi-res (6,000+ x 4,000+) on and off all day and into the night. I am seeing some of the Previous Gen Sonata in the bowing of the character line from the front of the hood above the headlamps, through the doors above the handles, and into the rear lamps. I would like to see that long character line ran from the bottom or center of the headlamps through the handles and in a more straight line from high to low, back to front.

    Given the shallow angle off the left front quarter of the hybrid, I think the grille pieces should be more integrated into a single vertical all-encompassing face vs. what appears to be three separate steps from the horizontal chrome wing, the large opening of the lower grille and than the chin spoiler. 2 steps are great while the Accord's three step sculpting look a bit busy to me but only at this angle.

    It is hard to decide on an overall grade of the design both inside and out without having seen it and sat in it in person.

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    So if the 2018 Camry gets 53 MPG, the 2018 Accord Hybrid should trump that and get 55 MPG. If the Accord's weight is down to 3,200 lbs for the hybrid base model, and the 2.0 direct injection engine and hybrid system is as fuel efficient as you would think it would be possible. Now the price should be the same as the Camry base model as well. Its certainly nice to see so many hybrid's, and electric vehicles, available today. With the price of gas in most places well below $3.00 / gallon I would have thought there would be no consumer demand, or interest in the car manufactures....
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    Hi Alster:

    Honda has always placed a stiff premium on their hybrids and with a $30k starting price for the base model Accord Hybrid today, they are over $3k higher than the rest of the segments starting prices to a vehicle. I hope they bring that retail price down significantly. We will know hopefully before August is out.

    Regarding the new Accord hybrids mass, it is a guess. Honda said they lost almost 200 lbs on the high end Touring trim. Honda did not say that the hybrid lost the pounds however?

    And the 18 Camry LE hybrids 53 mpg highway number... This is the same as the Prius Two Eco's EPA highway and in my first drive of the Camry, it was not even close to what the Two Eco does on the highway. And I am talking way off the mark. We will need a week with it to find out what the heck is going on but in my short drives, the Accord Hybrid and Niro can topple the much higher rated 18 Camry LE Hybrid.

    I am with you on the offerings even with low fuel costs. Thank you OEMs. Not only do the OEMs need to meet the 2020 regs, what if they did not have them available and oil spikes to $140/bbl or more again?

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    In Europe. --- $5.00/g gas, $0.27/kwh electricity, ... and diesel is on it's way out.

    The mid/full sized(uncompromised trunk space incl.) Accord hybrid at 50+ mpg (for reals, hopefully) is going to gain some interest.

    /with charging efficiency losses, I think you're looking at about 3.5 mi/kwh for a comparable BEV/PHEV, put that up against 50 mpg and the European "fuel" cost comparison (electric vs gasoline) comes out pretty close.
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    I drove a 3,600+ lb Fusion hybrid for a few days. Really had to work at it to keep the mpg above 40. Air conditioning, 'normal' highway speeds, and 'normal' city acceleration brought it down into the low 30's pretty quickly. (AND the trunk sucked). Nice looking, nice driving, quiet car though.
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  8. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Even though I'm convinced this 10th-gen Accord , Hybrid model , is probably an excellent car , it's too big for many European cities.
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  9. xcel

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    Hi Carcus:

    That is the F hybrid system at work. Marian's fully loaded 38/43/40 rated 2017 Sonata HEV Limited with the Tech pkg is hitting its std. 40 to 41 mpg indicated each tank - 39 to 40 mpg actual. It is fine for her, but I was hoping to see another 1 to 3 mpg is all. :(

    Edwin, good point about European cities. The Accord is huge for those locales.

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  10. Jay

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    I like the sport edition wheels much better. As we know, people buy cars with their eyes first and foremost, and the Accord is the prettiest car in its segment. Good to see Honda paying attention to weight and the newest generation lighter than the earlier one.
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  11. Carcus

    Carcus Well-Known Member

    You may be right, certainly in the "old" cities, it's tough to maneuver. But I've seen plenty of articles where crossovers and SUV's are increasing in sales, .. so somebody (the wealthy countryside dwellers?) must have some room.
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  12. Carcus

    Carcus Well-Known Member

    The pricing should be interesting -- it looks to me like Honda could be taking the Accord from 'middle class' to 'upper middle class' -- like Ford did with the Taurus.
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  13. alster

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    I just got back fishing yesterday down in Tillamook Oregon. Took my wife's 2016 Volt Premier, miles 160.6 , 53.2 mpg on gas for 97 miles, and 63.6 miles on electric (12.6 KWH used/still had 9 miles left when I arrived home). Now our Volt is rated 53 miles electric and 42 mpg on reg. gas, at least GM's thumb was not on the scale when it came to EPA figures. Is it just me but it seems like hybrid EPA mpg are most always over stated. Just like the Ioniq Hybrid base model blue drive. I sure would like to see a head to head full blown test drive for mpg against the Prius Eco model, which are similar in EPA ratings. I bet the Prius would beat the pants off the Ioniq, even though the Ioniq is a much better looking car with more room.
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    I'd like to see this comparison too. Hybrid miles are not always overstated, though. I got 70mpg in my sister's hybrid Sonata on a 75 mile trip. Her car is punching way above it's weight. Well, in the summer it is. In the winter it won't come close to EPA.
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  15. Luke

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    Smaller Euro Accord (TSX) was discontinued in Europe few years ago. Too much competition in that segment and Civic size cars are much more popular. US Accord is definitely too big for Europe. Although SUV's sales increased, volume really is in the smallest crossovers. E.g. HRV size.

    Gas is more like $6 in most of Europe but people are used to those high prices for a long time and diesel in most countries is cheaper. I think that is part of reason hybrids hasn't been quite as popular due to diesel fuel price. But maybe that might change with public perception changing. Most people in Europe buy much smaller cars so efficiency gain is bit smaller.
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  16. Luke

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    One thing I noticed with this redesign is change in interior design direction. Honda always had that futuristic looking design. Now it's similar to other brands and not typical Honda. The instrument cluster especially is bland and center console could be easily GM or Mazda. It's not bad but not distinctive anymore. I hope Acura doesn't follow that design and add more personality.

    Otherwise the folding rear seats with same cargo volume is really great and I always had great fuel economy with that system so I expect even better here.
    Looking at official Honda pictures it seems potentially passenger seats are not height adjustable (they are labeled Hybrid but there is no EV button so I doubt it). I believe in past only V6 had height adjustable passenger seats which in my opinion is major weak point.
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  17. all_about_the_glide

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    This week: 4 full sized peeps with all our gear and heavy AC from DC to the South part of the Delmarva Peninsula and back with a side trip to Annapolis and then tooling around DC in brand new rented Fusion Hybrid returned 48.5 mpg over about 420 miles on the display...not sure about actual. The display coach encouraged P&G against the pack. About 60 percent full on the battery down to about 20 percent over and over again. Multiple segments +50 mpg.

    Everyone gave it a thumbs up.
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  18. Carcus

    Carcus Well-Known Member

    Not doubting the fusion hybrid can post some good numbers, especially when P&Ging on a 100 mile stretch of flat highway that's largely posted 55 mph and below.

    Just in my short observation, the fusion hybrid did not seem to have to "durable" of an mpg. Heavy air conditioning (hot and humid), moving along with aggressive traffic -- and the mpg fell apart. ( With air conditioning off and gently accelerating at low speeds (under 45 mph) I was able to get it into the mid 40's)
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  19. all_about_the_glide

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    Not sure it was that much of a cakewalk. 600 pounds of human flesh plus luggage and gear. Plenty of traffic lights on that stretch and cars behind marking easy take offs difficult. Constant AC in plus 90 temps then driving in heavy down pours over most of the last 60 miles then running around in DC hurt. The P&G was at constant speeds or vary slight deviations at crusing speeds of 55 to 65 family was not going to put up with aggressive hypermiling on vacation. P: gas motor on sucking like a pig refilling the pack ; G: until you see the little blue EV threshold graphic appear, then hold it in EV until it drops out and start over. Once I figured out you have to suffer the gas motor then take it out on the pack the MPGs started to climb. I'd worry about the pack long term driving like that if I owned it, but maybe it's built to take it???
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  20. BillLin

    BillLin PV solar, geothermal HVAC, hybrids and electrics

    more on the 2018 Accord via an article on the SAE web site, title "2018 Honda Accord drops mass, adds turbos and 10-speed":
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