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    I had a CVT that I loved. As the car devalued, I sold the car, not wanting a CVT repair bill that cost more than the car was worth. I got a good deal on a 6 speed auto Elantra, which I also love, but my wife doesn't. Finally, I got a good deal on a 6 speed manual Elantra(same color)...... which my wife & I both love. Edwin..... yeah, get the manual tranny. I love my wife, too........I promise!
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    I had a Cruise Control on my motorcycle. For $4, it was plastic that attached to the handlebar. With a flip, it held the throttle control in one place. With another flip, it released the throttle control for manual control. Worked excellently & was used often. Hey..... did I say, it was $4? Yes, I did say it was $4.

    P.S. Re-reading this post, some might think the motorcycle Cruise Control throttle hold would interfere with emergency throttle control. That was what was cool with my cheap CC. Tho it readily held the throttle control for easy cruising, the throttle control could still be easily used for emergency adjustments, without flipping the CC off.
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