1947 Tama BEV

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    Before LEAF, there was the TAMA. Well before! ;)

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – June 14, 2017

    1947 TAMA Battery Electric Vehicle


    Nissan posted a tribute to the company’s electrified vehicle roots.

    During the 1940s', around 200 Tachikawa Aircraft employees moved to the newly established Tokyo Electro Automobile Co., Ltd., which embarked on the development of an electric car. One reason for this was the extreme shortage of gasoline at the time. In 1947, the company succeeded in creating a prototype 2-seater truck (1,100 lb load capacity) with a 4.5 hp motor and a new body design. It was named "Tama" after the area where the company was based.

    Its top speed was 21 mph. Next, the company created its first passenger car. With two doors and seating for four, it boasted a top speed of 22 mph and had a cruising range of 40 miles from a single charge. The former aircraft maker employed many unique ideas in the design and construction of the Tama, such as its battery compartments.

    The Tama came in passenger car and truck models, and both were available in gasoline and electric versions. In 1948, Tama Junior, a compact passenger car, was born. Then, in 1949, came the Tama Senior, a medium-size passenger car. In 1951, this company merged with Prince Motor, which in 1966 became part of Nissan.

    The Tama BEV replaceable Pb-Acid battery​

    The battery compartment was in the cabin floor of the Tama electric car. There were two such compartments, one on either side. Each battery case was provided with rollers so that used batteries could be quickly exchanged with freshly charged ones. Thanks to such engineering, the Tama took top honors in the performance tests conducted by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in 1948.

    Under the hood.​

    1947 Tama BEV Base Specs
    • Overall length/width/height (in): 126/50/65
    • Wheelbase: 78.7 in
    • Curb weight: 2,310 lbs
    • Seating capacity: 4
    • Cruising range per charge: 40 miles
    • Motor (36V): DC series-wound, rated at 3.3kW (4.5 hp)
    • Batteries (capacity): Lead-acid battery (40V/162Ah)
    • Top speed/economical speed: 22 mph/19 mph
    1947 TAMA BEV Interior

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    Here's a good video on Jay Leno's electric car.
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    Hi Thunderstruck:

    Is Baker Electric! :)

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    Before Baker was the 1902 Studebaker.

    This one is nearby to me.
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