Latest Gen Autonomous Bolts Roll Off the Line

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    [​IMG] Level 3 Autonomy possibly?

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – June 16, 2017

    2017 Chevrolet Bolt


    GM announced that it completed production of 130 Chevrolet Bolt EV test vehicles equipped with its next generation autonomous technology at its Orion Assembly Plant located in Orion Township, Michigan. The vehicles will join the more than 50 current-generation self-driving Bolt EVs already deployed in testing fleets in San Francisco; Scottsdale, Arizona; and Detroit.

    GM did not state what level of autonomy the cars have been designed to meet.

    What are those Levels?

    Level 0: The driver controls steering, throttle, and brakes.

    Level 1: The driver controls most inputs while steering (LKA) or accelerating (CC) can be done automatically.

    Level 2: Both steering (LKA) and acceleration/deceleration (RCC) is automated. The driver can be disengaged from physically having his or her hands off the steering wheel AND foot off the pedals at the same time. The driver must be ready to take control of the vehicle.

    Level 3: Drivers are still necessary but "safety-critical functions" under certain traffic or environmental conditions can be left to their own interaction. The driver is still present and must intervene if necessary, but is not required to monitor.

    Level 4: Fully Autonomous where vehicles are "designed to perform all safety-critical driving functions and monitor roadway conditions for an entire trip but limited to the "operational design domain (ODD)" of the vehicle.

    Level 5: Fully-autonomous and equal to a human drive in every driving scenario.

    GM is now the first company to assemble self-driving test vehicles in a mass-production facility when its next generation of self-driving Chevrolet Bolt EV test vehicles began rolling off of the line at Orion Township in January.

    The self-driving Chevrolet Bolt EVs feature GM’s latest array of equipment, including LIDAR, cameras, sensors and other hardware designed to accelerate development of a safe and reliable fully autonomous vehicle.

    GM and Cruise Automation engineers have been testing Chevrolet Bolt EVs equipped with self-driving technology on public roads in San Francisco and Scottsdale, Arizona, since June 2016 and on public roads in Warren, Michigan, since January.
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    Automotive enthusiasts all over the world are excited about this ! When I say "excited" , I really mean "agitated".
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